See the Movie ‘Won’t Back Down’ : End the rule by teacher unions over education

In case you haven’t heard by now, teacher’s unions all across the nation are in an absolute conniption fit over the release of the new film Won’t Back Down directed by Daniel Barnz and staring Viola Davis, with Maggie Gyllenhall as parents and teachers who stand up to an evil, vile, and selfish teacher’s union. The union is run by Evelyn Riske, played by Holly Hunter—the union president of a failing Pittsburg school. Teacher unions took to the streets at a premier of the film declaring that the movie is a “corporate” attack on the fundamental worker rights in America, which from the union standpoint is to fight for a living wage by running a massive government monopoly that directly extorts tax money from the public using children as the manipulated bargaining chip. The Blaze recently did an article on this subject over a specific protest that occurred a week before the film’s release on September 28, 2012.

If you belong to a trade union public or private, you are a part of an organization that has its roots in communism. The history is irrefutable. I have covered this topic in greater detail in many other articles especially the one from yesterday. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. There is no reason to play patty cake with the issue any longer, we must call them what they are. Unions = communism. End of story! Liberal advocates no longer call it communism in the United States, they call it progressivism. In Europe, because communism started there and they are not protected by The Declaration of Independence or The Constitution they call it by the name of socialism, communism “light.” For instance, France just elected a socialist president who immediately declared that the bourgeoisie pay their fair share of taxes, up to 75% of their income, as determined by the preliterate of democracy. Unions in America are functioning from this core idea which was founded in communism, the idea that the bourgeoisie must surrender their assets to the proletariat (the working class) all in the name of fairness.

But in America with the exception of labor unions, the people reject such ideas unless it is disguised to trick them. Many union members, particularly cops and firefighters believe they are flag waving patriots when in fact they are communist advocates through their IFA memberships because they play Xbox all day at the firehouse instead of reading books about history. They don’t want to think such things because they are paid well; it’s an inconvenient bit of information that is a reality nobody wants to consider. So they get mad at those who point out the truth. If you support organized labor, you support communism, because they have the same ideas about how the world works.

The unions have pushed for years communist ideas about how business should be entangled with a community embedded with powerful unions who support progressive/communist causes. I have personally tried to work with my local school to bring their costs down through my school board, and they have clearly sided with the powerful teachers union, and no matter how many elections we had, or how much public debate we engaged in, the school board refused to budge off their defense of their teachers union. Protecting the teacher’s union are hoards of immature, neurotic parents just a few short years out of their post partum chemical fluctuations who are a terribly insecure lot of humans. They want what’s best for their children of course and they allow emotion to dictate their political actions. When the union members tell mothers at a PTA meeting that their child needs a socialized teacher with a Master’s Degree in education to teach the children about “global awareness,” the parents don’t question the information at all. The PTA parents just repeat like a parrot what the union tells them. I have tried to deal with those types of people reasonably, but they don’t listen—they just behave like mindless robots what the radical unions tell them to utter and I am personally done trying to reason with them. For an example of the type of person I’m talking about check out the former PTA mom who wrote her opinion of the movie Won’t Back Down at the link below.

My current opinion about teacher’s unions in government schools is that they should be eradicated completely. They have no right, or no place embedding themselves into our children, or the tax money of our communities. Until teacher unions are removed from public education, our society will continue to be under-educated, education will be too expensive, and education will never improve because unions will not allow ANY reforms. For the most recent proof, all one need do is look at what the Chicago Teacher’s Union did to the government of Chicago. Those teachers of socialist and outright communist supporters didn’t give a damn about the kids or their parents who had a schools shut down because of the very greedy labor strike. The proof is in the actions.

The union protestors at the showings of Won’t Back Down are upset that a movie is being done that exposes them for what they really are. They will call it propaganda, but what is it that “they” do when they use our children and the fates of their futures to sell communism to a public too busy and too shallow to know any better? Won’t Back Down doesn’t have a social obligation to show a bunch of teachers sitting down with parents to collectively discuss anything, as the PTA mom in the article above wished for. Won’t Back Down is not about pandering to the political left, it is about going after the money that is left on the table in Hollywood by giving people on the political right the kind of movie they want to see. What the teacher’s unions and other communist advocates who have captured the message in Hollywood are afraid of is that this film Won’t Back Down is not the only film being released out of the film industry that is going after the money left by producers who have for years made movies only for the political left, with the intention of converting those otherwise conservative minds to a message that runs counter to their logic. Atlas Shrugged Part II is coming out in a couple of weeks, and the very popular film 2016: Obama’s America has done wonderful box office numbers on track with Michael Moore’s socialist propaganda films of the last 20 years. All those films have a conservative message intended for the conservative movie ticket buyer who has been left out of the entertainment business for nearly 40 years.

When people wonder why Obama is so high in the polls, it’s not because he has a superior message. It’s because his political party rooted in communism has captured the thoughts and minds of America through Hollywood, so that only one side of the story—the sensitive plight of the proletariat worker being exploited by the evil bourgeoisie–was told time and time, and time again. Films and books that offer other viewpoints have been crushed out of existence by an aggressive Screen Actors Guild Union who takes up the same positions in the movie business as the teacher’s unions do. And if the SAG Union doesn’t do the trick then the Writer’s Guild of America will. Believe me, I know from personal experience. I’d rather walk from a deal with the rights to my story intact than to join a union, not because of the people involved, but because of the process that it takes to sell the story under the union rules. They are all on the same team and they all have their roots in communism, which I personally despise and I despise progressives even more for attempting to hide the truth of what they are by changing their name. They are even worse.

The protests against the film Won’t Back Down is not because the movie represents the views of Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, or any other corporate interest. The protests are over discouraging other filmmakers from exploring these topics so the unions can continue to control the message they are advocating which is the bourgeoisie class is against the proletariat as Karl Marx outlined it in his book The Communist Manifesto. In America, at least half the country has rejected that message, and filmmakers are beginning to see that there is a lot of money to be made by making films for those people. That is why Won’t Back Down was made, and why it will do good business. And behind it are a bunch of other films with conservative messages that are on the tables of producers’ desks waiting for the box office numbers to come in off these conservative films being released in the third and fourth business quarters of the Hollywood product. The unions are hoping those will come out flat, so they are protesting in an effort to keep people from going to the movies because they know their futures depend on keeping people in the dark as to their real intentions.

So if you want to see the public unions out of your life as much as I do, you’ll go see this movie not just once. I would encourage you dear reader to vote with your wallet and give Won’t Back Down your weekend business. There would be nothing better than to hear the complaints coming from the bell bottomed, cackling hens on Monday in the teacher’s unions crying over the success Won’t Back Down has had at the box office. Because the writing is on the wall, and things will change, so long as movies like this one continue to get made to be released in an effort at competing with all the George Clooney/Sean Penn socialist propaganda films that are being made in Hollywood with a message that reflects more accurately the beliefs of the entire country instead of just New York City and California.

Rich Hoffman

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6 thoughts on “See the Movie ‘Won’t Back Down’ : End the rule by teacher unions over education

  1. This should be a double feature with Waiting for Superman.
    That would send the bell bottom cracking hens into a full on hissy. Now THAT would be a good time!

    So many good movies coming…Runaway Slave, Atlas II, and I’m pushing hard for Occupy Unmasked to show here. I bought the dvd, but will wait to watch it. Watching The Project now…part 2.
    Can only handle one nightmare at a time.


      1. Forgot about another really important one.
        Last ounce of Courage
        I’ll be seeing this with a bunch of friends at this Sundays matinee. That just got put together last night. It takes a lot to get me in a theater. This one did it.
        I’ll let you know.


  2. I was shocked when I saw the trailers for this movie. Wondering if they read the script upside down, as the liberal teacher “educating” kids that their conservative parents are evil is typically the norm. It’s like half the country is in a coma and if they would just open their eyes at this moment, they would see the Bridge on the River Quai is for the enemy and not built as a monument for ourselves and “progress”. I like the fact that Hollywood is evolving before our eyes and just maybe this is the new counterculture, which is really ironic because it used to be the norm.


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