The Reality Behind American Education: What “Let’s Party” means and where it came from

It doesn’t happen often, but I read something the other day that set my mind ablaze with a sudden revelation that is beyond dispute. I have explored at this site the idea that KGB spies during the Cold War had infiltrated intelligentsia in The United States with the idea of spreading communist philosophy to the free market country of America.  (CLICK HERE TO SEE ACTUAL FACTS ON THIS)  Recently when Obama poked fun at Mitt Romney for referring to the Russians with the old Cold War suspicions, it struck me as curious, then I remembered that Obama is a member of that intelligentsia group, and is marching to the party line invoked over decades to steer the shallow minds of generations into gradually accepting global communism which the Soviet Union had planned on the outset of their Revolution in 1917. Many people think that it is only their generation that matters, so they forget history and neglect to connect the dots from the past to the present. But what I read in Ayn Rand’s 75 year old novel We The Living it shocked me to my very core. One of the trends in Petrograd, Russia in 1924 during The Purge in the newly formed, U.S.S.R was to break down the traditional family structure and to encourage the youth to “PARTY” in an attempt to psychologically break the youth away from their parents and look to service of the State as their guiding light. By encouraging evasion through drunkenness, and stripping away the morality that the parents taught their children, the Soviets hoped to create through communism a society of dedicated collectivists who would put the state before anything, even family. The reason this shocked me is because the same thing has been happening in The United States, especially after World War II climaxing in the 1960’s. The Soviets were intent to spread communism to every corner of the globe—especially The United States and they planned to do it slowly over time as articulated wonderfully in this video by Bill Whittle.

I have always felt that the term “Let’s Party” was a subtle attack on America culture, but I didn’t have context to make the statement verbally. I always despised any history of The Soviet Union and glimpses behind The Iron Curtain didn’t even become possible until the late 1980’s largely due to President Reagan’s battle with collectivism that went a long way to breaking down the Berlin Wall in 1989. Today’s youth have no memory of these events, and their parents have been eroded away into caricatures of their former selves after years of “partying” designed to strip away their “ID” and replace it with “collective salvation.”

It is not by accident that it is public education and colleges where this culture of “partying” emerged along with much of the Karl Marx philosophy that has infected Americans for nearly 9 decades now—slowly over time—with the intent to global communism. Even I thought the communist threat was over when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union broke up into the economically impoverished country of Russia once again. But what happened is that communism went underground, and it came to America through the Department of Education and filtered through to the education unions, and directly to each and every student in The United States attending a public school or a university. The great Soviet threat of communism had never went away, and was in fact stronger than ever—and for the most part every single American is tainted just a bit with the corruption of communism, as it was intended in 1924 Petrograd.

When a young person or even an adult says, “Let’s Party” they are carrying out a plan created for them in the former Soviet Union to strip away their individuality and mass their minds into collectivism. The strategy was used on their own people to unify the country behind the state through the destructive ritual of non-thinking evasion perpetuated through drunkenness. The Soviets knew that if young people slept loosely with other mates, that it was good for collectivism since they abhor property rights. Communism is not a culture of having, “my wife,” or “my husband,” or even my “girlfriend.” Communism seeks to destroy all forms of possession and much to their own demise it destroyed the benefit of ownership which contains in it the value of all things.

Without ownership there is no value and in America the neglect of ownership has destroyed the American family, destroyed our education system, destroyed our once great economy, destroyed our tendency toward innovation and it has done it slowly over a long period of time. Partying has become so accepted in American culture that if one does not partake in these mindless activities they are looked upon as “non-social” and “undesirables.” Such terms existed in 1924 Petrograd to describe people who did not “party” their way into social standing within the collective of communism, and for me this is a shocking revelation. Stunning even, because for my entire adult life I thought that the term “Party” was invented as a result of the counter-culture of the 1960’s. Now I know without question that the Hippie Counter Culture that emerged in the 1960’s and 1970’s was the direct result of a massive KGB attack designed to destroy America from within.

While the world focused on nuclear weapons on both sides America used economic superiority to crush the Soviet’s by simply out-pacing them in finance. The Soviet’s however infiltrated the American education system with KGB plants to subvert the American resolve away from capitalism. The primary mechanism used was labor unions, since unions are by their very nature collective organizations seething with communism. In this way the Soviets were able to use school teachers and college professors as their primary weapons against America. This is why so many in the education industry support anti-capitalist financial policies, because they were created through intelligentsia to be advocates of Marxist communism in a KGB plot to destroy America and spread global communism that is now disguised as the “Green” oriented environmental movement.

The KGB was able to do this by implementing a tendency in education institutions to have the students “Party” and engage in collectivism through sex, degrading episodes of human exhibition, stripping away the idea of individuality to be replaced with group cohesion. To this day every block party in every neighborhood has its roots with the KGB as drunken neighbors root for their favorite college football team and save all their pennies to send their children to the school of their favorite team. Like moths we send our youth to the light of education to be incinerated not by an electric zapper in the lure of a pretty light, but the breakdown of individualism through “partying” into collective beings that no longer have the courage to act on their own without group consensus.

Ayn Rand is hated by collectivists because of books like We The Living. The book’s characters are fictional, but the circumstances are historically real, and were lived by Ayn Rand herself. Kira is simply a version of Ayn Rand as an 18-year-old girl trying to escape Petrograd and the clutches of communism that was destroying the world around her. She came to The United States and reported that the Soviets were fresh on her heels and was in fact already in our trade unions, in our government, and especially in our schools. She wrote books that people understand are truthful, and reflective of her experiences. But We The Living was written in 1936 about events that took place in 1924 through 1926. It is over 75 years old and was written well before the modern language or terminology for things we accept today were put in place. That is why it shocked me to see that the term “Partying” was commonplace in Petrograd in 1924 as the communists were using this trend to pull the youth away from the traditions of their parents in a collective grab for their very souls in service to the State. As I look around America comparing what happened in the Soviet Union in the 1920’s through the 1980’s, The United States is on the same—exact path—even down to the terminology. And it was placed into our culture through our education system which we fund with tax dollars. The Soviet KGB implemented the ultimate weapon against America, they convinced us to fund our own destruction through an education system that they penetrated with their communist influence, and the damage has been incredibly severe.

The chances are people like Obama know that this has went on, however he is only a few years older than I am, so he may not know much beyond the fact that he has been taught to think a certain way by those KGB agents who used his professors to deliver him into his current line of thought. To him, the Russian people of today are not the communist threat of yesterday because the Iron Curtain has been lowered. But the flow of capitalism is not going into the country, as we were led to believe, but communism is flowing out through an organization called Socialist International, which has taken up the torch of spreading global communism to every corner of the earth as the Soviets in 1924 intended to do to first their own people, then the entire world. That resolve has not been reduced over time, but has only increased; switching from a quick strategy to one that is implemented over a long period of time. Collectivists do not care about decades since their identity is not individually based, so goals obtained in their lifetimes do not matter to them, since service and sacrifice to the great State are their focus. This is how they were able to do it, and it all starts with the concept of “partying.” The goal of “partying” is to get youth to practice “evasion” and to separate them from the moral teachings of their parents. It is this simple practice that threatens America most in a plot that was hatched as far back as the 1920’s in the far away land of the U.S.S.R.

For confirmation of what I just said read the book for yourself. We The Living is a fantastic book that takes readers behind the Iron Curtain in a way that I can’t recall ever being done before. It is because of the experiences in this book that Ayn Rand hated communism so intently, and why her later works reflected this hatred. And she had good reason to hate it—because unlike her peers, she never accepted the practice of partying and evasion to numb her mind to the threat of communism. She saw it for what it really was, and could therefore see it clearly as it was implemented in The United States over time—very, very, slowly—starting in our schools with our own children.

Rich Hoffman

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