‘Tail of the Dragon’ on Amazon.com: A wonderful review from a new reader

It took a few weeks after the initial release of my new novel to get the sales links up for Tail of the Dragon at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com, but they are now up, and slowly reviews are beginning to come in from people who have bought and read the book. I do a lot of work here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom that I do out of a love of independence and because it’s the fight of our day—and I charge nothing for the service. I do it because I want to, and because I know people want, and need the information. But it makes me feel very good when I learn that people thank me for my work by purchasing one of my novels because it tells me that the people who read here value my efforts and they wish to back it the way we determine value in our society—with financial support.

More than money though comes comments like the very first one that went up on the new Amazon link. I was delighted to read that someone picked up Tail of the Dragon and read it, and understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish as a writer, and wrote a review that invoked much passion. Upon reading the comment, I did not expect such articulation, and it means a lot to me to see such words composed on behalf of Tail of the Dragon.

While it’s true that I wrote Tail of the Dragon to be a good ol’ throw back to the fun car chase stories out of the 1970’s, intended to appeal to anyone who played with Hot Wheels cars as a kid—both men and women—I always write with an extra layer of meaning for those who wish to look with deeper eyes. For those who don’t I would say that Tail of the Dragon is a very entertaining work that demands a second read just because the pace of the novel is very fast, and very intense, which is very much on purpose. But I personally enjoy the added layers of meaning in anything I read or write. I always look deeply into every subject, even if it means walking across the street. So it gives me great pleasure to see that one of the first readers who bought Tail of the Dragon off Amazon was able to see the added meanings that I placed within the storyline.

Even better is that the review appears to be from a woman, which gives me great hope that the audience for Tail of the Dragon will be diverse and not gender specific, which has always been my hope. Women typically aren’t interested in car crashes and high speed, mountainous roadways, but they are interested in the kind of men who are. The plot of Tail of the Dragon explores the reason, and that insight was not lost on the reviewer, which for me is the highest compliment. The review can be seen below:

“I just finished this book this morning and it evoked such feeling that I wrote this review immediately. This book speaks to what the “American Spirit” is. It’s not tangible or even fully describable, but we all know it when we see it. I think most of the people in this country have become scared and miserable because we suppress it. We are so worried about offending someone or becoming socially exiled that we fight against the light that shines within. We turn that light off so that we can conform and become socially acceptable to the masses. What is lost in this is our individual greatness. This greatness in each of us is what has fueled American ingenuity and progress throughout history. It created American exceptionalism. Now, we are all expected to be equal. No one is better than anyone else. We are all supposed to take our place and shut our mouths. It is this mentality that will put out the American fire. The fact is that we are NOT all equal. Some people ARE better than others. And that is okay. This is what makes us great. By attempting to level the playing field and give every person an equal chance, we bring down those who are great. The sky is no longer the limit and we all fail equally together. What Rich Hoffman has done in this book is materialize in fictional characters what all Americans, whether they admit it or not, wish they could do; throw caution to the wind and “flip the bird” at the proverbial “man.” His characters speak true to the corrupt collaborative nature of today’s politics and offers a view into how the tides could change if we defy today’s culture. Bravo and well done!”

The link to the Amazon site and the original review is:


Comments like that make all the hours and thought that go into a novel worth the time and effort. If a hundred people told me that they didn’t like the novel, it would not matter because I know that there are people like that reviewer out there in the world who can read a book like Tail of the Dragon and see clearly the emotions it evokes, and that gives me great hope for the human race.

It is not good to always do what one tells you to do. It is good and healthy to thumb your nose at the law from time to time. It is healthy to worry first about the contents of your spousal relationships and not give a damn what societies opinion is of it. Those and many more are the types of themes explore in Tail of the Dragon and while I explore many factual diatribes here at the OW just learning facts and figures won’t help alter the course of the human race, which is needed due to the problems of the day.

What is needed is a focus on stories that powerfully exhibit individuality over collectivism, because the human race must relearn the art of independence. And it is the task of the artists to provide content that starts the thought process in that direction. As a writer to receive a review like the first one at Amazon.com it means more to me than any amount of sales receipts, because it tells me that one person in a large ocean of curious minds understood my deeper meanings set against a middle-aged couple in a fixed up old Firebird running for their lives not from the law, but toward freedom at any and all costs.

Thank you!

I learned recently that Amazon.com will not allow comments unless a recent purchase has been made from their website. Not sure why they do that, but that’s the policy they are working under. If you dear reader have read Tail of the Dragon and would like to leave a review, and find you are having a hard time at the Amazon site, it is because of this policy. However, Barnes and Noble.com does not have such a policy, and your comments would be greatly appreciated. You can find the comment section of Tail of the Dragon at the Barnes and Noble link below:


Rich Hoffman

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