Glenn Beck at FreePac Cincinnati: The reason the media is terrified–a whipmaster is born

Around 20 thousand freedom fighters descended upon the Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati just two days before President Obama spoke at Playhouse in the Park, just down the road, barely filling up the hillside with a few thousand derelicts it took four days to give free tickets to. I wrote about my personal experiences at FreePac in a previous article, as I was there working the booth for Atlas Shrugged Part II just outside of the door to the main arena where Glenn Beck was speaking on stage in the video below. Beck was the last speech of a long day and the crowd was very revved up in battle cries that rocked the world of the traditional media. If you listen carefully a short way into the video you’ll hear one of my “very loud” friends and frequent readers here yelling at Beck while he was trying to speak. “WE LOVE YOU GLENN,” screamed Vicious. For me, the door was open and I could see the stage from where I was working, passing out thousands of t-shirts for the upcoming release of Atlas Shrugged, and the most important part of the speech I thought was when Beck made it clear that Ohio was the battleground of this upcoming election, and that if we lose Ohio to Obama and his minions of communist avocation, then we will lose the country. The stakes have never been higher, or more sinister.

You can see more pictures from that day and specifically Beck’s speech at the Blaze link below.

I didn’t talk about this event immediately here at the OW because my involvement with the Atlas Shrugged movie was my primary focus and I thought there would be more coverage of the event from the general media. I kept waiting for the television stations, radio and newspapers to discuss why 20,000 people had raised quite a ruckus over the weekend of September 15th 2012 just weeks away from one of the biggest elections in American history, outnumbering grossly the President of the United States own visit just mere hours after we packed up and left the Duke Energy Center to implement what we had discussed that day leading up to the Beck speech. But nobody covered it. I waited for a few days, and if I hadn’t been there and seen it for myself, an innocent bystander might not even know that such a large event happened at all, which was what Beck was warning the crowd about.

My daughter had her baby, my first grandson just a few days after this momentous event. In fact while I was handing out shirts by the hundreds to eager hands and smiling faces, each who had paid $20 dollars to be there, my wife was texting me letting me know that my daughter had entered the early phases of labor. So I was half concerned that I would have to leave in the middle of this event to get to the hospital like a proud grandparent should. Of course family rushed in from all over the country when she did go to hospital a few days later and while we waited for the baby to be delivered, my father-in-law who is a highly educated man, and a school teacher of many years who holds several advanced degrees said to me as soon as he saw me in the waiting room, “Beck is now on the Dish Network!”

My father-in-law was of course excited to hear what Beck announced to the crowd at FreePac, that The Blaze had just signed on with The Dish Network to carry The Blaze TV. For owners of The Dish, they will be able to see Beck on their television sets the way they used to when he was on Fox News or CNN. The mainstream media as Beck mentioned in his speech is scared to death—terrified actually, because Beck was supposed to have been buried when he was pushed off his Fox News show due to his aggressive coverage of the billionaire George Soros, and regulated to an online subscription service. But, Beck is more popular than ever using his unique skills of comic minimalism to convey extremely difficult subject matter so people can see what has been happening to the world around them–imposed through the schemes of intelligentsia. Beck is more popular than ever and is well on his way to becoming a media tycoon the likes of Rupert Murdock, or Ted Turner. Within a few short years Glenn Beck will be more powerful, have more money, and create more unusual content than any Hollywood producer, television network or newspaper owner. Glenn Beck is succeeding because his product is superior to the competition, and the media knows it. And they can’t stop him—because they have tried, and tried and tried.

They have tried to practice evasion and pretend that 20,000 people did not attend FreePac in Cincinnati on September 15th, or that Beck didn’t fill the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium just a month and a half prior. Or that he filled the mall in Washington D.C., or brought thousands and thousands into the bitter cold of Wilmington, Ohio to hear him speak for ten minutes. In fact his trip to Wilmington caught the attention of Hollywood as The Avengers was filmed at the old DHL facility going on to become the largest grossing film of 2012 and putting Wilmington on the map as a premier filmmaking epicenter with low tax rates and first rate facilities needed by the modern film industry. If I didn’t attend many of these events myself, I might not know they happened either, but I did, and I do.

It was ironic that as my grandson was born, the epic quality of a moment like that seemed to be on par with the scope of the times. Much of my father-in-laws conversation with me in the hours leading up to his birth were centered on what a tyrant Obama was and just how bad global politics currently is—and how relieved he was that out of the darkness Glenn Beck is on the march to have a network of his own that will compete directly with Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, ESPN and everyone else. The media has good reason to be scared out of their minds, which they could have avoided if they had done their jobs in the first place. But in their absence people like Beck has done the job and people love him for it, especially my friend, Vicious, who just couldn’t seem to contain herself.

When the grandparents from both sides of the family were called back to see our grandson for the first time, I grabbed the special present that was made by a whip maker friend of mine especially for the little boy. For anyone who knows me, they know that my commitment to Western Arts, specifically the bullwhip is very important to me. I have used them for most of my life with the exception of my first 12 years. As a grandfather’s present to his grandson I wanted to make sure that he didn’t have to ever amend such a statement, but could someday in the distant future, in a time long after my freedom fighting friends have destroyed the present evil of communism, the threat of radical religion, and the corrosion of modern collectivists who have infiltrated the media and attempted to push away the memories of yesterday’s American heroes like John Wayne and Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett that valor and individuality would have a place in the world again. The media has tried with all its might to make heroics into old fashioned, out-dated, un-enlighten ideas about American individualism. That’s why 20,000 people paid $20 to see Glenn Beck speak in a giant arena and the Obama administration struggled to give away a few thousand tickets to fill a hillside. My grandson deserves to trust that I’m giving to him a world that will allow him to be everything that he can be, without apology or compromise.

The nurses in the hallway took a step back and wondered what I was holding in my hand, which was the bullwhip custom made for my new grandson, and they weren’t sure how to feel about such a sight. When I saw my daughter she sort of laughed when I held the little boy for the first time and made sure the very first thing that he put his hands on was the handle of the bullwhip, which for him will become a symbol of his individuality within the context of our future relationship. That bullwhip will come to maintain mythic significance in the coming years, and around it he will learn about how to obtain, and defend freedom. Among those first lessons will be an understanding of the constitutional rights that we all exercised at FreePac in Cincinnati, a willful exchange of ideas and to let those concepts fight it out for the truth. That’s what FreePac was all about. But for me personally, and the gift I’m going to give to my grandson specifically, the art of the bullwhip—because when the other political side loses–they resort to force, and that’s when the whip becomes that extra bit of insurance in the pursuit of freedom. Collectivists really get pissed off when they cannot force everyone to adhere to their rules of engagement, through intimidation, societal ostracization, or group manipulation. Since they do not have the truth on their side they tend to then turn to violence.

The gift to my grandson is that he will never have to fear another human being, because his skills will be so superior, he will be able to prevent any harm from coming to him no matter what an aggressor chooses to throw in his direction. Starting with the bullwhip, the young man will be equipped to handle anything—which will free his mind to think freely, and for him to live his life even freer utilizing fully the great gift that comes from The United States Constitution. As he grows up, it gives me great pleasure to know that when he’s my age, and thinking of doing the same thing for his own grandson that there will be a legacy started by the kind of people who attended Freepac in Cincinnati, leading Glenn Beck to own entire networks which will provide the news of the future to young men like my grandson and the families he will preside over and defend with the crack of his whips.

Get ready kid………we’re going for a ride.  And we’ll start by watching this movie about 10,000 times. 

Rich Hoffman

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