Why the Federal Reserve Should End: Tampering with an economy to justify “collaboration.’

I recently had the privilege through the West Chester Tea Party along with support from many other Southern Ohio Tea Parties to attend an Empower U event featuring a speaker from the Federal Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio. I found this particular meeting necessary as the Federal Reserve had within the week approved the infinite printing of money through quantitative easing, which has been discussed here in previous articles. This quantitative easing is a dangerous slope and could very easily lead to severe inflation in The United States if the Federal Reserve is wrong about their third recent attempt at stimulating the economy with the printing of money not back directly by gold. Such meetings are extremely boring from a modern entertainment perspective, but are absolutely necessary to understand as the impact of economic success or failure affects virtually every human being on planet earth. To read my previous work on quantitative easing and how it applies directly to public school funding beliefs, CLICK THE LINK BELOW. There’s a video toward the end that explains quantitative easing for those who have not heard the term before.


To see the actual lecture, here it is. It is long, so grab a snack, and pay attention.

Listening to the speaker from the Federal Reserve in Cleveland I could see from the man many flaws in the creation of The Federal Reserve. In our nation, the Fed is a recent invention that has grown in relevance along with all progressive creations such as income tax, support of The United Nations, creation of Social Security, public union attachment to public education, and of course the creation of the Federal Reserve system in 1913. I never thought too ill of the Fed because I grew up with Allen Greenspan running it, and I always thought of Greenspan as a financial genius, so I didn’t have reason to look too deeply into the matter. From my perspective, Greenspan was a direct friend to the philosopher Ayn Rand and loved the book Atlas Shrugged, so as politicians like Ron Paul claimed that the Fed should be ended, I didn’t feel it necessary to expand on that sentiment—that is until I met a representative of the Fed in person. After hearing one speak and realizing that he was one of the sharpest tacks in the box, the Fed’s view of America and their role in capitalism was severely mistaken and is doing much to harm the economy of America, not help it.

The Fed is a creation of the government intended to provide financial stability for the citizens of The United States. Through banking manipulation the Fed is commissioned to prevent recessions and depressions so that our economy has safety nets to catch our investments should they fail. My original thought of one chairman such as Allen Greenspan, or Ben Bernanke running the American economy with dynamic intellectualism was shattered after I actually saw how the process works. As it turns out, The Federal Reserve System is simply a collaborative force of pencil-necked economists who are weary of taking chances. They are not risk takers by their nature, and represent a timid version of the human species committing the most diabolical, and crippling aspect of human thought—collaboration. When it is heard that one “collaborates” what is actually declared is not leadership, but the opposite of it. Collaboration means nobody is responsible and it always leads to failure. No company, government, or education institution finds cutting edge success through collaboration. They may find stability and predictability, but always at the cost of innovation. This is because they are in the back of the train in relation to Robert Pirsig’s Quality Metaphysics. CLICK BELOW FOR REVIEW.


This explains why American cities have not grown, but in fact have declined after the economic booms that took place in America right after the entry into the 20th century. The Fed has injected itself in central control of the American economy and that means central control of the American people. The Fed by its very nature prohibits laissez-faire capitalism and this is why most of a city’s skyscrapers were built at the turn of the century to the World-War Two period. The march toward laissez-faire capitalism in America experienced up until the Teddy Roosevelt presidency from the time immediately following the Civil War was as close to pure economic potential that America had ever achieved. After the creation of the Fed, sever restrictions on potential growth of the economy had been implemented out of a Federal Government desire to prevent violent, unpredictable declines in investment cycles. The Fed has become more of a speed limit to the American economy instead of an assistant to prosperity. In a large part, the suffering that is currently going on is the blame of the Federal Government because it’s government schools prepared all the minds involved to accept collaboration over individual achievement, a Federal Reserve that tampers too much with the free market system in America with the faulty belief that a “mixed” economy with various forms of political opposites can work—which it can’t, because there is only one right answer. The Fed attempts to facilitate the political interests of socialism as presented by the Democrats, crony capitalism as presented by the Republicans, and maintaining a façade of free market concern for the independent thinkers like Ron and Rand Paul. The Fed through collaboration among each other plays the “hot potato” game of responsibility because of all these forces and ultimately finds themselves not in service of a pure economy but one driven by the hands of bureaucrats for the reason of protecting the economic caboose where all the Federal Reserve Chairman reside studying spreadsheets and sipping their coffee from Starbucks.

The Federal Reserve should be disbanded for the same reasons that government schools should be replaced with private enterprise. Any organization that promotes the use of collaboration, as opposed to individual achievement will fail, and is on the wrong path. 100% of the time this occurs and can only be covered up with the mindless consumption of tax dollars to shuffle the problems around to the extent that nobody can ever focus on those problems leading to the vast array of problems outlined wonderfully by my son-in-law in his article, “Stand by for Action.” Click the link below to see for yourself.


The Fed is a waste of time, money, and potential economic growth. It is doing more harm than good as it stands in the way of the danger and innovation that makes a society great, and proud. There is no respect in safety, in hanging out in the caboose of the economic train studying things that have already happened and trying to predict where an economy is headed. The best place to be is always in the front of the train where America’s entrepreneurs hang out. They see things coming well before the Fed does or any government pinhead and it should be entrepreneurs who drive the economy, not a bunch of numbers geeks who get as excited over interest rate variances as a Star Wars fan does over a costumed Ewok. The Fed is simply another government expansion program that has failed, just as the public education system has failed, and has left much ruin in their wake so that the government can display false employment numbers because they created one more useless “cubical” job in a government tampered economy. Employees in such cubicles take their rightful place at the back of the train and play on the internet all day while their only productive contribution to the American economy is a false labor statistic provided by The Federal Reserve.

Rich Hoffman

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