West Chester Trustees Hurt a Business: George Lang speaks out in defense of capitalism

George Lang of the three trustees in West Chester Township was the only one who stepped forward when Scott Sloan of 700 WLW wanted to dig deeper into the story of the Liberty Tax Service scandal. In 2010 a $500 ticket was issued to the tax service company at their West Chester location because of their tendency to dress up employees in costume to advertise their businesses along roadways near their establishment. In this case an employee was dressed up in a Lady of Liberty outfit which looked like the Statue of Liberty and this was apparently in violation of the West Chester zoning regulations regarding signage. Kyle Garth, co-owner of the Liberty Tax Service protested declaring that a human being cannot be a sign and that it did not violate any laws in West Chester, and that the zoning commission was taking away his No. 1 marketing tool, and that the restriction was killing his business. In West Chester, as in most communities the zoning commission works directly for the trustees. In this case, it is Cathy Stoker who is one of the three trustees in West Chester and has been in place for half a century, Lee Wong who is fairly new and leans distinctly progressive in his thinking. Then there is George Lang who is most certainly a capitalist and has done a very good job of helping to lure in much of the business that is bringing so much prosperity to West Chester over the last decade. When asked to come onto the Scott Sloan Show to answer questions about why West Chester zoning laws was so unfriendly to Liberty Tax Service, only George Lang came on the radio to comment. Listen to that broadcast at the video below, it’s quite good:

There is a growing sentiment that is emerging, which can be heard in that broadcast. Politicians like Lee Wong and Cathy Stoker believe that it is they who create the wealth of a community and once they gain the power of a name plate, that a thumbs up from them or a thumbs down will dictate the fate of thousands. There is a weary feeling that most Americans have toward politics where this tendency is recognized, but not completely accepted due to the inconvenience of the knowledge. Acknowledging the political reality of a tendency toward corruption is the reason why nothing every gets fixed, because it requires more good people to get involved, and most good people have better things to do than involve themselves in politics—leaving the occupation to thieves, bandits and psychologically deficient minds.

Out of the three trustees in West Chester only George Lang comes close to being the kind of politician who the system was intended to host upon its inception. He’s a self-made man who is not working as a politician to make a living off of public service. I don’t think he even knows how much money he gets to be a trustee because the number is so unimportant to him. The same cannot be said of the other two. Most politicians seek to make worth from their devalued lives with the thumb of an emperor who can decide if a business succeeds or fails by the power of their support. Most politicians have no idea what it takes to start a business or what an imposition it is to pay taxes because they are social parasites and are not motivated to create anything, only to live off the efforts of others.

Two out of the three trustees in West Chester have supported the ridiculous idea that human signs advertising their businesses along roadways are cluttering up the look of the community and should be fined for their crimes against aesthetics, a leisurely perspective ordained to the minds of the political class who attempt to use tax money to mold society into their own Fisher Price play sets carried over from their youths. They forget that there are very intelligent and capable minds that are really doing all the work, and providing the blocks the politicians are playing with to shape society into their simplified visions. The politicians forget that they do nothing to make a community great but sit back and take credit for the efforts of others.

It was wonderful for a change to hear George Lang during his interview on 700 WLW acknowledge the businessmen who make West Chester such a great community. Most of the time public school levy advocates, trustees, zoning employees, philanthropists, community foundations, and other collectivist oriented organizations forget that it is individual business owners like the owner of Liberty Tax Services who provide all the revenue in taxes and general business that allows all the groups mentioned to even exist. Without the business owners who attempt to try their hand at a new idea and manage to raise the capital to begin a business, the groups mentioned would only be able to gather around a campfire and wait for someone to bring them something to do. Politicians are simply people who wait for someone else to do something, and then they take it upon themselves to critic the work done by others with new legislation.

The two trustee politicians in West Chester with their zoning board who support the aggressive sign restrictions against businesses would have nothing to do if no business owner attempted to start a company in West Chester. There would be no reason for their existence. Politicians are like children who think they run a household because they simply live in the home and the parents allow the child to dictate their own terms. But if the parent chose, they could clamp down on the child in a moments notice and eradicate the child’s illusions about their importance within the household.

Sadly many business owners find themselves pandering to the children of politics. They find themselves supporting school levies out of philanthropic pressure from social looters who attempt to bring meaning to their static lives around the metaphorical campfires of an economy. The business owner like the parent finds themselves giving in to the screams of the children of politics who squeal like babies at how big or small a sign is, or whether or not a blind man should command tax money for a cross walk so he can participate equally in society by slowing everyone else down to the level of the handicapped. The politician cries out for fairness the way a child cries for a box of candy by throwing a public fit putting the parent on the spot in a grocery store to create embarrassment until the parent yields shielding their face from onlookers. Politicians do the same type of thing threatening publicly through fines and fees that if a business owner does not play ball and pad their pockets they will embarrass the business owner till they yield.

Many of the business owners that George mentioned in his interview find themselves participating in countless community activities designed around philanthropy in order to appease the screaming children of politics like Cathy Stoker and Lee Wong from sending their goons working in the zoning commission after their businesses in an attempt to loot millions from their pockets. The message is that if Kyle Garth, co-owner of the Liberty Tax Service wishes to do business continuing to use employees to stand in front of his establishment dressed up like the Statue of Liberty, then he should take some of his profit and give it to “philanthropic” causes. He should have attended the dinner party at The Savannah Center in West Chester and mingled with the right people so that the politicians would take notice of his philanthropy and know that he had done what was socially expected of him. Then, and maybe then, the zoning commission might leave him alone to run his business, after the looters of sentiment had received the proper sacrifice from his earnings.


George Lang going on 700 WLW is no small miracle because he is tightly entwined in the kind of culture mentioned above, and because of what he said, there will be ramifications. Privately, business owners will thank him for sticking up for their livelihoods, but publically they will knock champagne glasses together and write large checks to appease the political looters so the goon squad of zoning does not come after them in an attempt at destroying them. But Lang is not a timid politician by nature. He was a successful businessman before becoming a politician, so he knows he can do other things besides politics and be successful, and thank goodness he did, because the interview on 700 WLW with Scott Sloan was a rare and sacred segment. Such a window behind the scenes of politics does not come often, and Lang should be thanked for having the courage to do so.

As for Liberty Tax Services, they may become one of the many businesses who leave West Chester because of the over restrictive zoning regulations, which it appears are the most aggressive in the country. For that bit of social engineering the silence from the other two trustees speaks volumes about their part in creating those policies that are directly responsible for ending the dreams and efforts of many businesses and the risk takers who dared to attempt an entrepreneurial concept. When a business can’t even advertise their company with an employee they are paying $8 an hours to do so, then there isn’t much hope for economic growth. The practice being employed against Liberty Tax Service is micromanaging of economic growth. It’s picking and choosing who succeeds and who fails not based on the strength of their business, but the amount of philanthropy that the business owner is willing to commit to. That in essence is why the zoning laws exist, not to keep the township free of clutter, but to ensure that the looters of politics maintain their ability to drain the pockets of the productive behind the façade of goodness.

Rich Hoffman

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