How to Save the American Economy: John Galt and Thorium Reactors

Two things I noticed immediately from the film critics of Dark Knight Rises, and now of the upcoming Atlas Shrugged Part II, is that the media in general is belittling the kind of super energy power supply that is featured in those films. CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE. In Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne has funded essentially a thorium reactor that will power Gotham City with the cleanest and most powerful energy yet devised on earth. In Atlas Shrugged Part II John Galt has built a special engine that is capable of running off static electricity, literally pulling electrons out of the air much the way lightning forms in nature. Both technologies are based on scientific fact yet are presented in superhero films as a solution to the world’s energy, financial, and environmental impact issues surrounding sustainable power. There is a good reason for that belittlement–because anything that is not coal, solar, wind, oil, or any other established technology, is a threat to the financial roots those technologies have established in human culture.

Even the liberal press who leans in the direction of environmental concerns find the kind of energy supply shown in Dark Knight Rises and Atlas Shrugged as science fiction regulated to childhood fantasies. What they fail to disclose is that their opinions are formulated around the millions of dollars traditional power supply companies have spent on congressman, senators and lawyers through lobbyists to protect their monopolies. The media are victims of a protection racket propelled by the political establishment to cover for the money that lobbyists spent on legislators to shape public opinion. All the parties involved in the racket are committed to their own doomed futures with a foolish pursuit of the kind of power that is produced by traditional sources in order to protect the jobs, the flow of money, and the long-term contracts that have been set up by the emergence of electricity.

But, the concepts shown in Dark Knight Rises and Atlas Shrugged are not science fiction, but rather are science fact. Thorium in fact is a source of nuclear power that was developed as far back as the middle of the Twentieth Century and President Nixon was firmly committed to developing it as a way to inject a lot of life into the American economy. But politics got in the way and threw roadblocks up at every attempt. When Three Mile Island happened in America, and most recently Fukushima in Japan the media and political scallywags seized upon those tragedies to frighten a timid public away from nuclear energy—so to preserve the public need of dirty energy by which many millions of current jobs rely. No politician in their right mind would dare act against the job losses and union jobs of those working in the energy sectors of the American economy which would be threatened by the kind of change thorium reactors would bring to the energy industry. It would be equivalent to introducing email to the United States Post Office service. The result to traditional mail is that it’s going bankrupt because it simply can’t compete with email. Thus the same would be said of thorium reactors compared to coal-burning power plants or solar energy.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor technology is truly a revolution in clean energy production. Thorium is such a dense energy supply that a lifetime of energy use can be held in the palm of a hand. LFTR reactors are small and can consume nearly 100% of its fuel while current reactors only consume about 2% before the fuel becomes waste. LFTR’s process heat can turn coal and natural gas to methanol, and can be used to harvest shale oil. It can turn trash into synthetic gasoline and diesel fuel. LFTR’s can help cure cancer, provide true national energy independence, desalinate salt water and create countless jobs and national prosperity. The only thing that is preventing LFTR energy in America is over regulation of the nuclear industry created by the government in response to a panic addicted media all in the preservation of existing power sources protected by lobbyists.

Imagine being able to build a LFTR power plant in North Africa along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only could it produce enough power to take care of most of the northern countries, it could also turn sea water into drinkable service bringing irrigation canals to draught infested regions saving millions of lives and improving the lives of millions more. Because of LFTR technology no place on earth would have to go without water and no human being would have to die of thirst. It would enrich the lives of every human being on the planet.

There are many people in politics who do not wish to see American dependence on foreign oil go away, because they profit a great deal from that arrangement. They also do not wish to turn deserts green and feed the world, because then there would be no altruism from which they could act as middlemen of kindness. They do not wish to eliminate nuclear waste as LFTR does because then opposition to nuclear power by the public would be removed. They do not wish to turn trash into fuel, because then there would be no environmental danger to protest against, giving their fruitless lives less meaning. These types of people do not wish the world to be truly better. They wish to keep energy dependence alive and well because a dependent population tends to look toward a leader, and they fantasies to provide that leadership, even at the expense of other people’s freedom.

If America could rid itself of its fearful lobbyists and the politicians that eat from their hands stepping forward and embracing LFTR technology, the entire economy of The United States would change for the better. Such a decision would affect each and every citizen of America with new energy that is found in North America in great abundance that is clean, powerful, and clearly the next step for the human race. What is holding back our society from the millions of new jobs LFTR would create is a corrupt political system and a toothless media more committed to progressive politics than the kind of future LFTR could bring not just to America, but the world.

The misery of a failed economy, of world hunger, of people dying of cancer, of dirty energy and environmental hazards are self-inflicted because the potential of LFTR technology is available right now and has been for a number of years. But it has been concealed in order to protect the old way of doing business from the new way. What has happened is equivalent to the car companies at the turn of the century being prevented from emerging as a business because the makers of horse carriages lobbied congress to create laws to prevent the car companies from buying tires. The power of the energy lobby has been to protect how money was made yesterday, not in developing how it will be made tomorrow.
When film critics attempt to belittle an emerging technology it is not because they find it offensive, or silly. It is because it threatens the system they serve as a member of the accepted collective. They are acting as agents of attack against any threat to their primitive knowledge, because they wish to preserve the static intellectualism that they have built their lives around. When critics come out against the new Atlas Shrugged film it is not that the movie is bad, or the film narrative is poor. It is because they represent in real life what the fictional character of John Galt is attempting to warn the world about.

In the book Atlas Shrugged John Galt creates a society for those brave enough, and smart enough to comprehend it deep in the mountains of Colorado. He calls it Galt’s Gulch—otherwise known as Atlantis. It is a paradise on earth where he his friends flee the parasites of The United States resisting the inventions of the truly brilliant and creative. That society is made possible by John Galt’s miracle power generator, very similar to the LFTR technology discussed in this article. I have reported here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom many technological achievements that are being held up by an overly regulated nation such as cures for cancer, flying cars, and extraordinary botanical growth methods which point to a world of tomorrow what we could have today if not for the degrees of collectivism invented by Karl Marx which is behind almost every modern political action. It is because of Marxist subscription to social collectivism that wonderful technologies like Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor’s have been placed on the shelf to protect the infrastructure of yesterday and the jobs created by that faded dream. The pain and suffering our society is anguishing through now, the mindless war for absolutely no reason but to keep politicians in power and crony capitalism thriving through lobbyists is completely avoidable and senseless. It’s a self-imposed pain created by the masochists in love with Marxism—with huge government bureaucracy, and a political class drunk on tax payer funded power.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor technology is not being discussed in the mainstream news because it threatens the monopolies of the past. Even though every politician wishes to get elected on promises they make to fix the problems of our day, deep in their hearts they never want the problems to actually be solved. They crave environmental issues, unstable conditions in the Middle East, nuclear melt downs with radiation that kills thousands because it leaves society scrambling for a leader to save the day, which never comes. So long as there are problems in the world, the politician has a job to do, and Washington—along with every parasite who lives off the money flowing down K-Street strives to keep that system intact. LFTR technology actually solves many modern problems, and that is why it is being shoved under the carpet, and kept from the public’s eyes.

So when the movie Atlas Shrugged Part II comes out understand that the plot of some brilliant man who invents a new form of energy which could save the world and give rise to a new day for the human race, but instead retreats to the mountains of Colorado to selfishly keep it for a small group of capitalists, that it’s more science fact than science fiction. Technology like what John Galt fictionally invented in Atlas Shrugged is actually quite real, and the methods which prevent that technology from benefiting mankind is just as real as the fictional tale claims. The critics who will pan the movie as ludicrous and immature—even selfish are the thieves who are keeping the world prisoner to their Marxist philosophy of collectivism in service to the political elite at the expense of innovation and human prosperity. The by-product of this philosophy is misery by the truck loads and mountains of broken dreams stamping out forever the light behind the eyes of every child with the courage to question their surroundings and crush the spirit of all the children who didn’t leaving an adult population of mindless drones and school levy supporters.

Rich Hoffman

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9 thoughts on “How to Save the American Economy: John Galt and Thorium Reactors

  1. There was a long article on Thorium in Christian Science Monitor of all places which was echoed over at American Thinker a few weeks ago. I can’t remember the whole context but the gist was the pros vs. cons. It was along the lines of your sentiments.
    You could keep the 1200 jobs in Ohio and W. Virginia that Ostalin will rid in Dec. of this year and even those in PA. But keeping with the population “explosion as of today as the media reported all the new babies”, (BS)you could never recover even close to what we were just 10 years ago. The gap between the tree huggers and the drill baby drill is widening and no one is saying BOO. Now, you and I know it’s part of the plan and most of us will not be prisoner to the mindset of the monopoly….but I hesitate to think anything will be done before energy “nessesarily will skyrocket.” Shit’s moving so fast.
    Neither Atlas, Dark Knight or Thorium will ride in on a white horse at this late date if our current energy deteriorates as it is and the plants are closed. I read an article on Forbes (I think) about what it takes to refire an even exsisting plant once it’s shut down per the EPA. It’s mind-bending. Might as well burn it down and start over for the cost.
    Sorry to be such a joy kill. Bringing America to it’s knees is coming and “it’s” winning over the 49% who suck on lobster while shooting heroine on our dime and the teachers who think Che the revolutionary is their demi-god.
    I rambled. It happens.


  2. I don’t think the majority of the country realize what’s happening in the utility industry, as Cyd said. The EPA (starting under Bush, accelerating under Obama) has not only made it impossible to open a new coal-fired plant, they are regulating the existing plants out of existence. Duke Energy is about to shut down two of its major power plants here in the Cincinnati area, and there is nothing to replace these losses. I was told that the cost to retrofit the units at these plants was as much as building a new one from scratch. This is all to get the emissions down just a couple of percentage points, even after all the strides that have been made in coal-fired plant cleanliness and the billions of dollars already spent on scrubbers and other technology at these plants.

    The only place left to fill the energy demand is buying electricity “off the grid” from other utilities, at a much higher cost, which will be passed on to the ratepayer. Eventually so many plants will be closed down around the country that there will be nowhere else to get the energy to meet the demand. There’s no new nuclear plants in the pipeline, and wind and solar cannot come close to filling the gap. What to do then? The Smart Meters will make it very easy to selectively turn off some customers during peak demand…”rolling blackouts”. This is what third-world countries do when they can’t meet energy demand.

    Also, Rich, I’m SHOCKED you didn’t mention “Mr. Fusion” from “Back to the Future” 🙂


    1. I wanted to find a way to slide it in but the topic is just so negative. Back to the Future II was showing a life in 2015, just three years from now, but yet we are still dealing with stupid old forms of energy. Pathetic. It does make me angry.


  3. Phil, as always you are a wealth of info on this subject. I appreciate you.
    My meter reader stopped by last week (the same one I’ve had for 8 years) and I was cleaning my rifle on the back patio. She had never seen a long gun in pieces and we began our conversation. She told me that the “Buy out” plan for Duke employees had begun. She has 22 years. Her and others are not bending but will be forced beginning in 2014. She wished I had gotten through to them but even with my certified letters and opposition…I will be herded for energy on their terms, just like the rest of you.

    I have changed my homeowners insurance policy however so if my home catches fire because of the surges that might happen, I’ll be a millionaire…per Duke.


  4. Cheap abundant energy independence would solve so many national and international problems. I’m with Phil on ‘Mr Fusion’ from ‘Back to the future’ I want a flying car! Skyways would be far better than silly turnarounds on roads such as bypass 4 😉


  5. You’d better sit down for this one Cyd. Some people might not also know that Duke Energy just completed a “merger” with Progress Energy. Yes, Progress. Even though Progress’ CEO was supposed to take control of the new Duke Energy, the deal was reneged on and he was ousted at the 11th hour in a highly criticized move my Duke’s CEO Jim Rogers…a noted climate change/cap and trade guy. They just announced that they would adopt Progress’ logo…but with a color change from orange and yellow to shades of blue and green. Does it look familiar? Agenda 21 anyone?


  6. Cheap abundant energy will never, ever come to fruition for the masses IMO. It would wreck both machines. It’s always been there for those that can afford to get off the grid and have not been conditioned by the current lifestyle. The thought is fun and our private entreprenuers have gone a long way. That will be squashed like a bug by regulations as not to upset the Goo’s apple cart. Can’t let anything like that catch fire…in any country…no matter who’s in charge.
    Phil, Thanks for the warning. I heed those when they come from you! I’m not even sure what to say. I’m not surprised and think cap and trade is cotton candy compared to what’s coming. It’s the nexus for the plan however and that’s going swimmingly so far. I’ll share that with our National AG21 Coalition….but like I said, shit is moving at light speed.
    Three squares in a bee hive. The only thing that would be your own would be your thoughts….unless DARPA gets to ya.


  7. Thank you Phil. Per your email I have now just gone ahead and added Duct tape to my staples of Xanax, Vodka and the Lithium drip. I’m good.


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