Why Collectivists Fail: The football example and more Obama failure

To understand what is meant by any collective social philosophy is one of evil, I must point you dear reader to your local workplace.  When it is proposed in any place of business that the “group” must work together and that there must be a “collective consensus” you are witnessing a company that is failing, and using “team building” exercises to hide the fact from the prying eyes of financial minds who determine profitability. 

Do you ever wonder why nobody seems to be interested in doing a good job, or why nobody in a company is ever responsible?  Do you ever wonder why nothing ever seems to get done even though the solutions are clear to you?  Do you wonder why everyone in your workplace seems to walk about like zombies just passing time between the start of a day and the end?  Those symptoms are all reminiscent of a collective social policy in a workplace and point directly to a demise of that company within years.  If the company is very large, it might be able to buy it’s time with decades, but without question, the company will fail eventually when the unprofitable tendencies can no longer be covered up. 

Collective thought is so appealing to the weak and lazy because it evades responsibility.  Nobody is directly responsible for anything which is beneficial to the members of the collective, but this is detrimental to any form of productivity.  Anything that is done in a company that is considered productive is the result of an individual who takes responsibility for a task.  It may be a salesman who has obtained enough profit margins in their contracts that the collective employees can all mooch off of to make their livings but if you trace back any act of productivity, you will find an individual who took responsibility for the action of producing.  I challenge any reader here to report to me a circumstance otherwise, because it will not be possible.  I know as I write this that 100% of the time, it will always be an individual who took action outside the parameters of a collective group that accounts for the productivity of a company, and if a company does not have enough of these individuals who will shoulder a bulk of the responsibility for decisions that directly affect profitability, the company will fail. 

This is counter to everything that our current education system teaches.  Our society is taught that encounter groups, and other consensus building exercises are good, and they are not.  Those are collective illusions designed to make people “feel” they are more important than they really are so they can justify a pay check.  But they do not produce the “risk” that it takes to create the pay that gives the check value.  When a collective endeavor is said to be successful it is because they “collectively” listened to a solitary leader who set their tasks up like a commander on the battlefield and gives orders to their soldiers who blindly follow without the responsibility of thought.  It is not the collective group that achieves a victory; they are simply tires on the wheels of success that can be interchanged with new tires when old ones go bad.  There is nothing about the members of the collective that makes them special, or directly contribute to productivity—but as serving as vehicles for the vision produced by the individuals of responsibility. 

With that in mind, government is exclusively made up of members of society who subscribe to a collective philosophy.  There are no leaders in government, no responsible members who take responsibility for actions.  It was not President Obama who lost billions of tax payer dollars on Solendra.  It was someone else, driven by mysterious economic conditions being manipulated by Wall Street.  It is those crazy profit driven thieves on Wall Street who caused the president to fail, according to him. 

I use Obama as an example because the world perceives him to be the most powerful man in the world, but he only appears that way to those who think with collective reverence.  In reality Obama is nothing more than a typical factory worker complaining about management in a break room.  As a person, he has never evolved into a leader willing to take responsibility for his actions, which drive all his subordinates toward success.  As a member of government, in a mythical peaking order driven by popularity through democratic opinion, he is the king of the non-productive.  But in the real world he is just another parasite riding the back of someone who acts on his behalf. 

This is why all collective systems are evil, because they allow looters to steal the benefits of successful people without the risk of responsibility.  In short, members of the collective reap the benefits of risk without having to take any chances. And like a typical laborer, they believe they are the ones who created success.  The most notable aspect of this phenomena is at a football game where the term “WE” is used a lot.  When a running back breaks 6 tackles to run into the end zone on a scoring drive it is based on the individual actions of the running back.  To a lesser extent the blockers on the field with the running back may play a part in that success, or the coach that called the play, but it is limited to those players of actions who took responsibility for carrying the football down the field for a score.  The players on the sideline had nothing to do with the running play yet they might proclaim “WE SCORED!”  Fans in the stands who are simply watching the game will hug each other even if the person standing next to them is a perfect stranger and they will say “WE SCORED!”  But the reality is that only the running back scored.  Everyone else looted off his individual actions for “collective benefit.”  This is why public schools love “team” sports because it exercises the practice they are preaching the loudest, that collectivism rules the world.  The evaded reality is that the game of football is all about the individual actions of the players on the field who take responsibility when the football is in their hands.  If they shrug that responsibility they tend to lose the game, and all it takes is a few players to make such errors for the game to fail for everyone, just like in business. 

Collectivism is the worst thing to ever happen to the human race.  It allows the weak to believe they are strong, and promotes social evasion as the standard of living.  It must be eradicated from public consciousness otherwise the human race will fail.  We’re not just speaking of nations failing, we are discussing the entire human race, so dear reader, this is not a light comment meant to be discarded five minutes after it was witnessed.  Success in collectivism is just another smoke and mirrors game and it’s time to turn on the lights and declare it the failure it has always been.  Any organization that taught their collectivism, such as labor unions, are detriments to the economic value they are responsible for.  If they have any measure of success it is not due to their consensus building exercises, it is because an individual somewhere upstream from them made the right decision and took responsibility for it that is key to any success. Any other definition is simply wrong and cannot be made to appear as anything but, unless mountains of lies are presented and accepted through the act of evasion. 

Rich Hoffman

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