Don’t Go To College: Save your money for something that matters

Except for the specific sciences, the pronouncement that a college education is not only a detrimental act against one’s own finances, but is a crime against the potential of all individuals can now be made. I say this knowing a great many friends and family members, who possess masters and doctorate degrees, yet it is clear that the value of those degrees are virtually meaningless in the context of a capitalist society which is why many who pursue such degrees consciously, or unconsciously seek to undermine capitalism and support communism.

For me the final straw was listening to the teachers of Chicago declare that they deserved a drastic increase in their pay due to their value to society as displayed by the number of professional teachers who possess advanced degrees. In fact this is heard continuously by all teachers whether it is the local kindergarten teacher of a local public school or the college professor brown-nosing their way into a tenured position at the university of choice. College as it was conceived and sold to America, and the world during the socialist yearnings of Woodrow Wilson as president of Princeton University then of The United States desired to make young men as much unlike their fathers as possible. He desired to remake America’s youth into the vision determined by the progressive elite-the pretentious Victorians of New York and greater New England. Then came Franklin D. Roosevelt who brought to America even more socialism with his learned eye toward Europe where his older cousin Teddy had carried so much prominence. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia had the eyes of the world glued upon the ideas of Karl Marx, and the media in America were enchanted by this new form of government that could allow “evasion” in human nature to produce a good and fruitful middleclass—led by academia of course. Then there was the former school teacher and ever-present womanizer Lyndon B. Johnston, a president who envisioned The Great Society straight out of the orgie porgie in the great novel, A Brave New World. He brought unprecedented levels of socialism to America as KGB communist infiltrators began to penetrate the American education system paved on the backs of Roosevelt’s work twenty years prior.

All the characters mentioned pushed in great abundance to the American public that in order to succeed in life one needed a college education and America began to build its economy around the institution of education and like mindless drones, millions upon millions of Americans bought into the theory because college to them was a wonderful invention. It could allow a human being to purchase their success in life. The belief that was sold to the American public was that the value of a college degree was equitable to the investment into higher education, and the truth is that college has turned out to be just another Ponzi scheme where the first investors reaped all the benefits, while those who entered at the bottom, found that once the system became saturated with investment, that they were left holding the bill. College is the failure of the social tampering instigated primarily by the American presidents mentioned and it has been a social failure. As the Chicago teachers settled their strike with Chicago’s mayor—which was a trick all along as reported months ago here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom as a scheme to show that unions across the country could still strike and get what they wanted, encouraging massive protests all across the country as outlined in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto—millions of college age kids are leaving college with nearly six figures in dept, and without a good paying job to support them. They are the victims of the great social lie that concealed college as one of the greatest scams ever concocted on a mass public.

The product of college is that by practicing evasion, a degree–especially an advanced one–will purchase a successful future. This is a lie. As discussed here at the OW evasion is one of the greatest failures being conducted by the human race. The idea that young people can attend college and participate in binge drinking, which is social evasion—experiment with uncommitted sexual relationships, which is relationship evasion—and can subscribe to the collectivist theories of the extremely left leaning instructors who teach because they cannot do in real life, which is a complete evasion of reality–it is no wonder that the college experience has been an unmitigated failure. Colleges have sold a lie, that people can purchase success by practicing evasion. Such a scheme only works in public sector jobs where tax payer money can be looted to supplement their financial ineptitude which is the case of the public school teachers in Chicago who are so foolish to believe that they are entitled to such outrageous sums of money because they are members of the academic elite—a promise given to them with their belief in LBJ’s Great Society that so many baby boomers found themselves seduced by.

College is a waste of money, because the products of the university system falsely believe they can evade responsibility in life with the purchase of tuition. The result is millions of young people hitting the marketplace of America with no real skills and lacking the can-do spirit that made America great. They believe they paid the price of college tuition and upon graduation arrived at success, when in fact they have done nothing to earn it. Success can only be found with hard work, and that is something that money cannot purchase. The hard work dictated by a socialist—communist loving college professor do not count in life any more than a back yard game between children matters in the grand scheme of things. The professor’s college tasks are simply an illusion to help sell the college scam. The skills the professor provides are of little use in the real world marketplace and sadly millions are finally starting to figure it out……………………..all too late.

The great lie that college will make a person successful, as it was sold to America was out of a desire to believe a human being can practice evasion and still have a successful life, and this is terribly untrue. The architects of The Great Society, such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnston believed they could create a society of government workers who would be promoted through the ranks by the amount of money they put into education, but they ignored the “quality” of the education. Like everything the progressive does, value is lost to them, so money has no meaning. How money is made is a complete mystery to them other than their ability as politicians to confiscate it legally through taxation. So their assumption has always been, the more expensive the education, the better. They also believe that the more expensive the teacher, the better. This simple thought process has destroyed education, and ruined the lives of millions of Americans, and has brought the nation to its very knees. And it was all done by design—just ask the former KGB agents who helped create these beliefs within Americas own political parties through progressivism/communism policy in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. It’s all spelled out in the old book The Naked Communist—line by line, conspiracy theory free.

Colleges only have value in a communist society where the mind of mankind has been turned off, ambition is controlled by the academic elite, and values are governed by the state. This is why so many college students and teachers at universities are open socialists who protest against capitalism. Those who have wasted their life savings sending their child to one of these socialism factories are guilty of buying into the lie that evasion can produce success with the power of the dollar. It is not true. It has never been true and it will never be true. Education must be detached from the communism aspect of teaching evasion before success can ever be obtained. Colleges in the years to come will be forced to realign their cost structure to center around the sciences. The days where most of society goes to college are over, because the colleges have failed to do what they were commissioned to do—educate students. Instead, they elected to become cogs in a wheel of communist thought created by minds who believed the methods of communism as practiced by the Soviet Union were evil, but the communist ideas of shared sacrifice and living for the common good are noble. All of communism is bad, and vile. Any idea rooted in collectivism is destined to fail as all cultures who have practiced it over time have failed over and over infinitely. And college the way it has been hijacked for the last 100 years committed themselves to the communism of Karl Marx overwhelmingly, and they are responsible for much of America’s current economic failures.

Parents who wished for their children great success by sending them to college have only thrown chains upon those young heads and shoulders. The well-intentioned parents believed they could purchase a good life for their children by allowing themselves and their offspring to mentally evade the reality of living. Yes, what I am saying here challenges most of the foundations that all of society is built upon, but it must be challenged, because society has been, and currently is wrong in its approach. Like any addict, the addicts of evasion must admit that their trust in college to create good, well-balanced, citizens is a failure. And those thinking of attending college need to hold their money and starve the beasts out of existence. Universities must be forced away from communism and into competition with the denial of tuition money, and tax payer funding. They must be forced to live in a free and open marketplace where their ideas of communism will be tested against the opposition of capitalism. Many of those evasion factories called colleges will fail, and go out of business. But time cannot stop that now. Colleges must be forced to acknowledge their true social value instead of their marketed value that is hidden behind sports programs and scientific discoveries that are only in their infancy. And all that begins by not feeding the beasts of communist thought any more hard-earned dollars and letting it crumble under its own incessant hunger.

Beware of the politician who declares that college is the answer to a good life. Beware even further the politician who says that education spending needs to be increased so the value of education will also increase. These are characters that are practicing communists even if they reject the title. Their actions define them. And in their plots of misery, served up with spoonfuls of tyranny, they have led a majority of America down a path that only a few have survived unscathed. And it is up to those few to help the others come to the realization that they have been scammed in a great Ponzi scheme that has only enriched the “education class” at the expense of future technological innovation and economic growth.

Rich Hoffman

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