The Skeleton Key to Civilization: How to live a good life

Caution, this article uses heavily the term “evasion.”  Frequent readers here at the OW know what that term means.  But for those who are new a definition may be required, so CLICK HERE for a refresher. 

Yes, the world under the influence of evasion seeks to destroy those who seek independence from the collective. The superstitions of the collective are the great, mysterious demon gods that so many animal and human sacrifices were made to serving the religions of the world. How many hearts still beating were removed from a human body in sacrifice to the gods in hopes that rain would come, or how many animals were slaughtered around tribal dances, in hopes that the great spirits would spare their society from hunger, or famine? In politics the same minds as those ancient high priests of death and mayhem speak of sacrifice to the collective society through a thinly disguised yearning for power over the masses. It is through evasion that crimes against humanity are committed, and they are concealed from logic by the banality of sacrifice.

For each modern politician who declares that we must all pay our fair share, they share with their primitive ancestors the belief concocted through mental evasion the shrugged responsibility for the poor contents of their minds. They seek through collectivism to hide their worthless, lazy intellects drunk for power from the eyes of the world behind veils of blood induced from the tendency of sacrifice. Behold the tyrant of death who calls for great forfeit so that society can advance. They fail to mention that their words are ushered in on the backs of foolishness and that their wit is made up by the achievements of others.

Behold the evasive collectivist who proclaims that their land has been robbed of its wealth when they see productive minds take oil from their ground and turn it into power. They scream at the gods for justice against the looters rather than chastise their limited ability to innovate because they did not invent any technology themselves, and were powerless to do anything with the resources around them but gaze at them slack faced. All these societies have in common a belief system that celebrates collectivism, and to merge so many minds together unto a unified society evasion dominates the culture. The byproduct of evasion is non-thinking leading society to await the direction of their leader. But the leader doesn’t know anything because they practice mental evasion so they sacrifice a goat, a human being, or the wealth of a conquered enemy hoping the gods will grant them wisdom and fortune from the mysteries of circumstance.

But the wisdom never comes, and eventually every society that is built upon collectivism dies out in decline. When it is studied why cultures fail, it is not because of drought, food shortages, or even conquest. Those are only symptoms of collectivist evasion. Societies fail because of collectivism driven by a majority of the population adhering to mental evasion loots off its strong and assumes ownership through theft what they could not produce with their own minds.

This is contrary to everything we are taught as human beings. We are taught that sacrifice, teamwork, and consensus are the engines of the world but we were taught wrong. The teachers in this case were the same collectivists who in the past were the high priests sacrificing to the gods. The last refuge of such vacant minds is to cry out for help, because that’s what collectivists do, they wait for someone else to solve problems, they wait for someone else to lead them, they wait for someone else to invent. In a collective society nobody is really in charge except for the looters who use evasion to dominate society through democracy—majority rule. If a majority practices mental evasion, then the society will be ruled by evasive collectivism.

An example of evasion is when a couple goes out drinking after dinner so they can become intoxicated before engaging in sex. Seeking out alcohol with the intent on becoming drunk is a form of evasion. If the sex is bad, the couple can blame their intoxicated state on their bad decisions, or their bad sex. They are in the act of surrendering their logical minds to the animal impulses of their pituitary glands. The intoxication is evasion, and whenever it is pursued the person pursuing desires evasion. When a society is made up of a majority of its people who practice evasion as their primary drivers, a society cannot succeed and must adopt collectivism to survive, and once this happens the society will fail within a few hundred years of its implementation.

The anger that is generated when collectivists come in contact with strong individuals who do not practice evasion is one driven by fear, and guilt. The collectivists internally know that they are practicing evasion, and they wish to surround themselves with others who also practice evasion to hide their weaknesses from themselves. When they come into contact with an individual who is not evading life in any form the evaders hiding their crimes behind collectivism become terrified like apes screaming at a lightening bolt during a powerful storm. They cast their fists to the sky and call on the gods to strike down those who are not like them, and rebuke all to live lives in fear of the great unknown. But the collectivist never strives to know because there is responsibility in knowing, which is why they are always waiting for someone else to tell them what to do, and how to think, because they have shrugged off the responsibility of thinking through evasion. Each generation of their lives declines because evasion is the mental food they consume, and it dictates their culture until they are reduced to the fundamental basics. This is why primitives in Africa and on remote South Pacific Islands live in small minimalist huts led by a tribal leader, who is but an appointed high priest—a liaison to the gods. It is the high priests job to pray to the gods for the benefit of the entire society, because the rest of the tribe are content to evade responsibility for their own lives and place their fates in the hands of others. This is why they always fail and their societies are always in decline no matter how much money is thrown in their direction. Their collective societies crumble because of evasion.

The individual who takes control of their life and refuses to evade their minds are naturally successful, but to the evaders, are like gods upon the earth. Evaders look upon these people and see one head, just like them—two arms, just like them—two legs, just like them—and they wonder why those people are so much better than they are, which is why they throw their hands in the air in protest, and attempt to rule those individuals through the mob of democracy. But the individuals strong in their resolve not seduced by the temptations to evade their own minds see clearly that the evaders are not fit to rule or make any decisions so they conduct their lives free of the fools.

Evaders make decisions based on mystic superstition. Notice the evader who looks up their astrological signs and makes decisions about their day based on the alignment of the stars. The evader has surrendered their fate to the heavens, and does not take responsibility for their actions—because to them all acts are just “meant to be.” What about the evader who seeks out the palm reader, hoping to learn about the fate of their future, the hope is that a mystic will provide the guidance on what to do next, and how to achieve decisions to initiate the act. These are all acts of evasion—of non-thinking and are detriments to the mind, and the individuals who serve as hosts.

Ironically it was Plato, the Greek philosopher who brought the dialogues Timaeus and Critias to life in 320 BC discussing the mythical civilization of Atlantis, and deep inside the mind of many are the suspicions that mankind was at a point in the distant past more technologically superior than we are today, that humans could levitate large stones with anti gravity devices, and could even travel to distant points in space and return. But collectivism emerged in the major civilizations and brought all major nations into a gradual decline, which lasted until the Renaissance in Europe, which paved the way toward the American Revolution where individualism was once again celebrated after the collectivism of Europe, was escaped from.

In America filled with strong individuals, the engines of the world found their voices once again, and civilization advanced by leaps and bounds beyond the reach of the sacrificial prone high priests. Collectivist Indian societies in America found themselves crushed beneath the will of individuals fleeing the collectivism of Europe, and for a time America returned to the world the fleeting bright light of a possible future that was stamped out between 20,000 BC and 4,000 BC where Sumerian civilization began to revert through collectivism toward the sums of human evasion, a crumbling society corrupted with superstition and wild speculation toward a life that is beyond their grasp due to lack of personal leadership.

Collectivist societies fail 100% of the time. It may take 200 years, or 500 years, but they all fail eventually and they all practice the act of evasion that is the specific trait of collectivist promoters of human behavior. Evasion is the killer of society. It is the cancer that ironically destroys the collective also. Yet when a society functions under a premise of collectivism, it is evasion that is the common trait, because in order to participate in the collective, evasion must take place—individuals must turn off their minds.

Like a cancer collectivists even against their own best interest seek to destroy those who do not join them in the act of evasion. Just like the ape who screams at lightening streaking across the sky, the collectivist evader sees in the non-evading individual a strength they fear, a hint that the world is not in the hands of some hooky beings who run the lives of all by chance and a divine plan. The collectivist fears the individual because the non-evader is not ruled by the stars, or sacrifice to some blood thirsty god residing in the sky above the Yucatan Peninsula. The thinking individual is completely self-reliant, and lives their life like those lightening streaks dancing across the sky—possessing infinite levels of energy and creative potential that to the non-thinking evader is reserved only to the gods of superstition.

Rich Hoffman

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