The Huffington Post Fears ‘Atlas Shrugged Part 2’: Meet more Ellsworth Tooheys

The Huffington Post and many other left leaning progressives are in quite an uproar now that the preview for the Atlas Shrugged Part II film has been released.  In the following article they attempt to belittle Atlas Shrugged as a silly story that is copying off of The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers, and is simply below the “high standards” of the progressive community.  These are the same kinds of people who think “Hangover II” is “highbrow” entertainment.

News flash Huffington Post, Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers have made in just 4 months $2 billion dollars at the box office, so the formula that Atlas Shrugged is following is a profitable one.  Not that money means anything to the average progressive—since they seek to steal other people’s money in the form of taxes so they don’t have to make any on their own.   But as far to the original material of Atlas Shrugged, the book was written in 1947, before most of the snot nosed young writers at The Huffington Post had parents entering puberty. 

But I predicted this reaction, and if you’ll CLICK HERE dear reader, you can see that I told you so.  In fact, I spell out the whole approach that the progressive community will take the closer that the Atlas Shrugged release date looms in its October opening.  There will be many more articles just like this Huffington Post article hoping to shape the public perception of the film because the message of Atlas Shrugged is a progressive nightmare.  And they know it, which is why they make an issue of Paul Ryan stating he will be one of the first ones in line to see the film. 

I’ll be there right with him.  In fact, I may go get in line right now.  They more, “THEY” (progressives) hate it, the more I want to see it!

Rich Hoffman

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I Love Wealthy People: The engines of the world fleeing parasites

I love rich people. The view shown in the picture to the left is from the front porch of our dinner hosts over the weekend where my wife and I had to travel quite a long way to get to. The homes on that particular street start at the lowly sum of $500K and go up to around $7 million. The neighborhood where that street resides is in a very interesting community where everything the residents could want exists on the real estate development in a self-contained community, nearly free of the outside world. In the center of all these plush streets is a mini town built just for the homeowners complete with restaurants, office buildings, a doctor, art stores, clothing stores, just about anything one might find in a regular town. In fact, the entire neighborhood has the feel of living in an all-inclusive resort. The green space in front of the home in the picture is a large park where all the surrounding homes can use for throwing Frisbees, playing on the gym set, or hosting an outdoor picnic. Such green spaces are located throughout the development and everything is within walking distance. For the homeowners of this very dynamic neighborhood their feet and bicycles will take them everywhere they could hope to go. They could if they wished never leave this self-contained paradise that is built with vast amounts of individual wealth.

What I’m not crazy about is that the developers obviously built the entire complex to satisfy the human need for community interaction. It reminds me a bit of what Four Bridges in my home town of Liberty Township tried to do with the selling points of the community being in close proximity with like-minded neighbors who could form their own mini-society. But Four Bridges doesn’t come close to this new development in that distant location. In Liberty Twp the only thing that comes close to this concept is the projected stages of Carriage Hill, which in its final phase years down the road might resemble this self-contained wonderland for the very wealthy.

I told my dinner hosts that I didn’t think I could handle living in such close proximity to so many people. I like to get my paper at the end of my driveway without making eye contact with people who might want to interrupt my thoughts with intrusive conversation of an idle nature. But if you must engage people, these are the types of people you want to speak to.

I associate with people in my day-to-day life on all economic levels, so I am qualified to speak on the matter; rich people are more interesting than poor people and are much more pleasant to speak with. It’s nothing against poor people, but their social conditions are certainly by-products of their internal mental workings, and when you speak with them, you often find out why rather quickly. With “rich” people the conversation usually centers on what restaurants they are opening, what new business ventures they are undertaking, what their future plans are for a host of new ideas. Poor people talk about tabloid issues, what movie stars are sleeping with whom, what’s on TV at 8 PM, and how they wish they were rich people. The rich people are the engines of an economy, and the poor people are the tires that the engine uses to get the vehicle of the economy where it needs to go.

Karl Marx, one of those poor and destitute souls by his own internal failures, created this modern notion that the “rich” are evil for being the way they are, and that they owe the poor something of themselves all in the name of fairness. Karl Marx and the entire Democratic Party that follows him to this current day were wrong in virtually every philosophical argument in their lives which has its foundations with Immanuel Kant. They have misidentified the value of human nature and placed it on the backs of the poor while expecting the engines of the world to give freely out of the goodness of their hearts.

Politian’s like “poor” people have the tendency to loot off the “rich” to sustain their existences. Politicians will look at the demographic numbers of the wealthy and expect donations by smoozing them with their company, and government employees such as teachers and administrators will seek through their public unions to loot off the backs of the wealthy using the politicians to falsely increase their own social values. But it doesn’t work because the government employee, the politicians, and all the little satellite groups who crawl behind the wealthy licking their shoes with praise while holding a jealous metaphorical knife behind their backs spend their personal time talking about soup operas, and supermarket tabloids because the mind of these people is underdeveloped.

The neighborhood of our dinner hosts was in many ways like Galt’s Gulch from the fabulous book Atlas Shrugged. It seemed to me that the homeowners of this very pristine community were attempting to build for themselves a private paradise so that they wouldn’t have to associate with a looting outside world. At the outdoor Asian restaurant that evening located on one of the community streets, it was crowded and flourishing with bright-eyed faces happy, intelligent and at ease. The level of comfort seen on their “rich” faces is not what’s seen when the same people eat at the same kind of restaurants in a community that is saturated with residents from government housing, with multiple demographic types created by progressive social tampering.

Progressives will declare that people are people no matter what they are or what they do. But they are wrong in that assessment. People are of the quality of what they put into their minds. Rich people, although not 100% of the time, put information of much greater value into their minds, and their lives are richer because of it. Rich people read books, watch documentaries, care for their lawns, their clothing, their food, their bodies, because the quality of their minds lead them to a higher form of living. Poor people put garbage in their minds and they get garbage out. Governments, progressive/socialists—attempt to even the playing field by trying to convince the poor that they can put garbage into their minds and can get gold out. But the gold does not come from the work and merit of the poor; it comes from robbing the rich with taxes.

The government worker—the teacher, the firefighter, the cop, who retires at 55 years old with large pensions and unused personal days might take with them from the public treasury a half million to a million dollars. But they would not be “rich.” They have money, but they are not affluent. They have money because it was given to them by a looting politician, by looting government workers, by a looting regime abiding by a progressive political platform. They are not equal to the entrepreneur, the CEO, the restaurateur, the factory owner and other ‘rich’ who are the engines of an economy. Money does not make them equal to the ‘rich’ man. Money simply allows them to shop at the same stores. Real wealth is in the mind. You can take all the money of a “rich” man and he will still find his way back into wealth because his mind is productive, and therefore he has value to the economic engine. He will never be poor.

But the people who live in the above mentioned community are ‘rich’ for the most part, and they moved to this distant location to be away from high tax cities, high tax schools, high tax townships, public housing, public busing, laundry mats, check cashing drive through windows, and street corners inhabited by kids born by welfare mothers with no fathers to raise them. The ‘rich’ want to sit on their nice porches and read their books as children with two parents guide their bicycles down the road in front of the homeowner and all that’s required is a friendly wave of acknowledgment. It was clear to me as I studied the quality of the homeowners in this immaculate community that they built the neighborhood for all the same reasons as John Galt built Galt’s Gulch in the famous book Atlas Shrugged–to be away from the looters of society as much as possible without quite giving up on The United States all together. The community has the feel of a group of people who wish to still continue to be engines of the American economy without the drag of being ripped to shreds by a society of the looting poor, who became that way not by their own misfortune, but by the quality of what they put into their minds.

I noticed as I scanned the dinner crowd in the town square a few among them who are openly progressive types, people who were former public employees who have cashed in their chips and wish to pretend they too are just as valuable as the rest of the ‘rich’ people in that unique community. But they are easy to spot, you can see it in their eyes—there isn’t much going on in their minds but gossip, happenstance, and collectivism. No question those are the types of idiots who will attempt to embed themselves on some type of homeowners committee in the neighborhood. But for the most part I would place my bets on the table that at least half of the thousands of homeowners in that particular community have read 20 or more books within the last year. I would also bet that at least a third of those wealthy people have read the classic book Atlas Shrugged, and were thinking the same thing I was, that their neighborhood was a kind of Galt’s Gulch. For them it is the last step before taking the plunge that was described in the video above, by the author of Dollar Vigilante. You can read the Dollar Vigilante at the following link:

I like this guy!

The progressive vision for not just America, but the world is an evil one rooted in collectivism. The poor do not need to be looked down upon, or ridiculed. I would say to any of them that they too could become wealthy or “rich” simply by changing the kinds of thoughts they have in their minds, the types of films and television they watch, the music they listen to, and the books they read. If they improved that one simple thing, they would find that their lives would greatly improve. Progressive Democrats and even Progressive Republicans are simply looting politicians buying votes from the poor with stolen money from the ‘rich.’ Much of what the Democrats represent on their political platform is based on legalized theft, justified by being the facilitators of compassion, and they are completely wrong. The wealthy have done everything they can to move away from these looters by taking their money far out into the suburbs, away from the high taxes of city councils and county commissioners who seek to steal it, and disperse it to those who pour garbage into their minds by the bucketfuls and expect gold to come out in return. There are all across America many such Galt’s Gulches and the ‘rich’ are chastised, for being “anti-social,” “elitist,” and too “high brow” in showing their desire to live in such places, away from the government trolls and strong-armed government statesman looking for a hand-out of looted money through taxation.

I would say to the wealthy, especially those moving out of America to giant platforms at sea, to communities like the one the Dollar Vigilante spoke about in Argentina that you can’t run forever. I would encourage you to not yield to the mobs and allow them to continue pushing you all over the globe in retreat of governments. While some of the wealthy attempt to buy-off the looters of government with huge campaign donations, it only exacerbates the situation and allows them to believe they too are valuable to society because their propped up value has been artificially inseminated by your money. The best thing to do is to keep your money from their hands and let them starve on the vine. Force them into one term office runs instead of career posts, but keep your money to yourself and let them wither away by the quality of their minds. Don’t flee them! Vote down their tax increases, vote them out of office, and stop apologizing for being “good.”

The people I visited in that pristine neighborhood aren’t planning to run. In the wake of the NDAA act signed into law by President Obama on the first day of 2012 my dinner hosts showed me their collection of newly purchased AR-15s with thousands upon thousands of rounds of ammunition. In fact, much of our dinner conversation centered on the topic of just how it would feel to resist the military when they came to seize our property under martial law by the NDAA provisions. What would be the trigger that would cause one of us to be the first to act against our own tax payer funded military. We all agreed that it would be a hard decision, but holding those collections of AR-15’s I could see that the thought process was already beginning. And as I learned at dinner, most of the people living around my hosts were all arming themselves in the same manner. And they have a right to. They have done nothing wrong but work hard, make money, and try to live their lives. It is the progressives who believe wrongly that they have a right to the money of the wealthy, and that they will seize it with a legal system created by looters, for the benefit of looters, to the ends of the looters till all the money and the people who make it are depleted from planet earth casting mankind back into the shadows of the Neanderthal primitive and their hairy, smelly deodorant free bodies.

Rich Hoffman

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