‘Dark Knight Rises’ makes $1 Billion at the Box Office: Cass Sunstein quits The White House

Dark Knight Rises joined the billionaires club of films during the first week of September 2012. I knew when I saw the latest Batman film that I was seeing something special, but to understand how important it was for Dark Knight Rises to cross that elusive threshold only 12 other films in movie history has achieved, perspective is required. CLICK HERE FOR MY REVIEW.

Dark Knight Rises just opened in China and Italy which should be noted are communist and socialist countries, and as stated in my review, Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman is extremely pro-capitalist. I consider Dark Knight Rises to be a novel in film form that is almost as powerful as the work of Ayn Rand. So for China to even let a pro-capitalist oriented film be released in their country is a good sign of things to come, but especially this particular film, it is quite shocking to see that Dark Knight Rises made $31 million during it’s opening week. In Italy which is the size of most American states, the film earned $9.1 million. It was these numbers that pushed Dark Knight Rises up over the $1 billion dollar mark which is quite extraordinary considering the shooting incident in Aurora could have nudged Warner Brothers into a politically correct over-reaction tempting them to pull the film from theaters out of respect for the victims, for a later release date. The shooting did affect the opening box office numbers of Dark Knight Rises, and American audiences could have rejected the film because of the negative press surrounding the tragedy.

Speaking of nudging, in Cass Sunstein’s book Nudge, he addressed how government types can manipulate population patterns with suggestive influence and regulation. It is because of people like Sunstein who worked for the Obama White House as a regulation tsar that people like me think the Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora, Colorado was a “false flag” operation. For more on Sunstein and his book about using the power of government to “NUDGE” society into desired behavior patterns created by the political class read this New York Times article:


James Holmes shot up a theater dressed like “The Joker” at a midnight showing of the new Batman film on July 20th 2012 and miraculously seemed to have no background the press could dig into. Within weeks the story disappeared from the news cycle, even though it was a tremendous and sensational story. Oddly enough, just two weeks later, Cass Sunstein decided to leave his dream job with The White House leaving a lot of scratching heads in his wake. Rena Steinzor, president of the Center for Progressive Reform and professor at the University of Maryland said of Sunstein upon the announcement, “Cass Sunstein is the most well-connected and smartest guy who’s ever held the job, But he’s also done untold damage.” Isn’t that very interesting?

Progressives desire with all their hearts and souls to ban all firearms from society, and I do think many of them are crazy enough to hatch a “false flag” operation, in conjunction with the American CIA and FBI. Holmes disappeared off the radar very fast and what is known of his past leads to the conclusion of a “false flag” operation. CLICK HERE FOR MY SPECULATIVE THEORY. One can only hypothesize as to whether or not Cass Sunstein would directly or indirectly attempt to “nudge” society into gun control with another tragedy similar to the Columbine Shooting during the opening of a very “capitalist” oriented film that was slated to release worldwide even in countries under the direct governance of Socialist International. What we do know is that just after the shooting in Aurora, Cass Sunstein left his job and the lid around James Holmes and his background was sealed tight, almost as tight as the circumstances around the Timothy McVeigh bombing at Oklahoma City. If someone were to read Sunstein’s book and consider what he was willing to admit to in its publication, then it can only be wondered what possibilities exist in secret meetings with experts in human manipulation and social tampering, which was part of Sunstein’s job as regulation tsar.

But it didn’t matter; because Americans went on to see Dark Knight Rises anyway. They put their fears away and went to the theaters to see the second most popular film of 2012 behind only The Avengers. Any fantasies social reformers had in the depths of their government manipulation attempts evaporated as millions upon millions of movie fans went on to the theater to see Dark Knight Rises. The film went on to make over $434 million domestically. In the international market Dark Knight Rises garnered an additional $577 million so if the Colorado Shooting was a “false flag” operation, it failed. And to the betterment of American life, Cass Sunstein is no longer the regulation tsar working directly for a very socially intrusive White House.

I might not think anything about Cass Sunstein leaving his job so quickly after the Batman shooting if I did not watch public school employees doing the same kind of thing locally when they get into trouble over some issue. It seems to be the M.O. of all government employees to simply transfer around from job to job to avoid investigations into their crimes. School principals, teachers, and superintendents do it all the time, so why wouldn’t Cass Sunstein? They are all the same type of person, meddling government types who seek to socially alter human behavior with the desires of the political ruling class.

Americans and world-wide citizens pushed politics aside, along with their fears of being shot and went to see Dark Knight Rises regardless of everything that was against it. And America was able to export a film with a pro-American message to socialist and communist countries planting the seeds of freedom in those oppressive countries. Only American culture can produce characters like Batman which is adored by people all over the world as is in evidence by the type of film Dark Knight Rises is. It’s about freedom, not the manipulative controls by people like Cass Sunstein and Barack Obama.

It gives me great joy to see that Dark Knight Rises hit the billion dollar mark because it is about more than money. The last film that hit that number besides The Avengers, which is ultimately also about freedom, and is about characters only produced by the mind of Americans, was Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW OF THAT ARTICLE. What all these movies have in common is the characters push back when they are “nudged” within the plotlines of their respective stories. And following the antics of their heroes on the silver screen, audiences are now pushing back with the dollars they spend at the box office. They are not allowing themselves to be “nudged” with fear into staying home and avoiding a movie because of the “violence” it inspired. This time, unlike times in the past fans have reacted by buying more guns, getting their concealed carry permits, and have put their money where their mouth is and given to Dark Knight Rises an honored position in the billionaires club of all time box office results. And the members of the progressive community who hoped that Dark Knight Rises would fall on its box-office face so more “progressive” films would have a better world-wide audience had to watch with their faces buried in their hands in disgrace.

Rich Hoffman

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