Shifting Gears: No more sugar-coating

There comes a time when an endeavor is stopped in its current form due to the achievement of objectives, or the mundane performance of stagnation. In my case, stagnation is not the villain. Even by my standards, I have written a staggering number of articles with the intention of help elevate the mind of the reader with news they were not, or could not get in the general media. By all counts I have achieved my objectives. The antagonists who first poked me into this journey have been crushed by intellectual merit, and the populace has noticed. The political landscape in southern Ohio has changed in part due to this blog at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom and now decisions must be made on how best to continue.

I am no longer the only game in town doing the job of citizen journalism. I have covered issues from corruption in my local school to the psychology of nations in order to frame properly the toils of our day. And I have been able to do this from thinking way out in front of the quality train, which is where the news is. I see and understand things by nature well before the people in the caboose do, so at first the things I say and do may not be understood until the caboose travels over the same landscape as the engine where I reside. The longer the train, the greater the difference, and time it takes for the caboose to arrive at the terrain judgment of the engine. But I am no longer the only person in the engine room. Joining me are several new minds who I’d like to introduce at this time.

I have always enjoyed young people, and have mentored many. I do not worry when I see there are people who wish to duplicate or improve upon whatever I am doing. I do not feel I must cling on to my post and preserve my monopoly, because if I felt that way, it would defeat my original intentions. To do so would be to suppress innovation and improvement for the lackadaisical ownership of domination, which points to most human problems. It is my job to continue leaning way out on the horizon to see what nobody yet can, and am happy to pass those skills along to whomever wishes to learn, because ultimately that’s how everything improves. In the world of blogging, and citizen journalism there are three young people all about the same age who have read what I was doing and wanted to apply their own skills to the task.

The first person is my son-in-law. For much of the time that I started Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom he chomped at the bit to get on the battlefield and help. But he couldn’t because he was not yet an American citizen, not until January of 2012. At his citizenship ceremony he took to heart the swearing-in and oath to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic. Out of the hundreds upon hundreds who obtained their citizenship on that day, none more than Paul Townsend took the oath more serious. Within days of that ceremony Paul made plans on how he could help America find itself again, so he started the blog site below which should be visited.

About a year ago I did an article about Josh Charles, the young scholar who is just a year or two older than Paul. Josh is responsible for writing with Glenn Beck the New York Times Bestseller The Original Argument so he had success of his own, which I covered. He contacted me when a friend of a friend of a friend let him know what I said about him and we have maintained a friendship ever since. Josh is the next generation of David Barton and he is currently working on a voluminous body of work that will seek to translate biblical text and American founding documents in much the way he did with the book he did with Glenn Beck. For constitutional minded Americans, Josh Charles is the man to get behind. You can find him at the link below. He just started a blog which for his intellect, he should for the sake of himself, and the thousands of people who will directly benefit.

While on the radio with my friend Matt Clark the other day promoting my new book, he also informed me that he too had just started a blog. Matt is about the same age as Josh and Paul, so they all have in common a young person’s desire to make their mark in the world by expanding on what they are witnessing. Matt, maybe more than even Paul or Josh has read Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom intently. I found Matt because I used some of his videos on occasion to make a point, and over time we just continued talking more and more. Matt is a very intelligent young freedom fighter who is a young Glenn Beck type. He already has the mentorship of Doc Thompson in the radio business so it’s only a matter of time before Matt gets his shot at being the next generation syndicated talk show host on par with Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity. Within a decade of this writing, Matt will be a household name. Matt informed me while I was on the air with him that he had also just started a blog, because he had seen to what effect mine had been useful. You can see his work at the following link:!/blog

In addition to those new blogs, there have been many others whom I have interacted with over the last couple of years who have also started their own forms of citizen journalism.

Two years ago when I started Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom none of those above links existed, but now they do, and they are growing in influence. It is my hope that they will each attempt to surpass what I have managed, because my intention is not to retreat back into the caboose of life on the heels of great success. But rather to lean even further out in front of the train to push myself knowing that these new citizen journalists are covering ground that I don’t have to any longer. This frees me up to tackle issues that are more specific to my skill sets which reside further out on the invisible horizon.

So I will be approaching my work here at the OW in a slightly different fashion. I view the endeavor as shifting into a higher gear instead of traveling in the low one that I have been. I am able to do this because there are so many people who have joined me at the front of the train and have that ground covered more than adequately. My new task is not to just be one more person saying the same thing as twenty other people, but to say what only I can see, before everyone else gains the sight.

What my readers here can expect is a lot less sugar-coating than I have in the past. They can expect more of my overman theme which involves much more self-reliance emphasis and the destruction of institutional machines that only manufacture corruption. The article I put up yesterday will be more in line with that direction. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW. I will leave the soft hitting to these new citizen journalists, and on the national level to people like Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones. This new gear that I am in must take the readers of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom to places everyone else feared to go, to places that nobody is yet talking about and it will be the task of this site to provide the sign post of warning so that the minds of mankind can be prepared.

Rich Hoffman

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11 thoughts on “Shifting Gears: No more sugar-coating

  1. You can’t see me but my shit eatin’ grin is starting to hurt. Low road?? Sugar-coating?? LMAO! The naysayers already think you’re lunatic fringe. They’ll throw up their lattes if you get them any more sideways.
    Soft hitting Alex? I can’t get on board with that, so prove me wrong.
    Those of us who eat government for breakfast, are full of piss and vinegar when our feet hit the floor, and are watchdogs of the Republic, are hungry for just such a move.
    Bring it on!!!!!


  2. Warrior you have opened the door of truth to many. Facts cannot be denied and truth is justice. I look forward to learning from you . My mind is open and my hope is that people will learn what they have refused to acknowlege in the past. That “education machine” was a true work of art. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can save our nation from the “forward” moving deviants.


    1. How does it feel to know that you were always right, back when they tried to hang you on a pike as a kook? You we’re fighting this fight when Reagan was still president. LOL But it’s time to stop playing around.


  3. Rich,

    I’ve been saying for two years the time for polite political discourse is over. The progressive/communist left is playing for keeps, and the only thing that stands between us and another Nazi Germany in the USA is education (not the progressive public screwel kind, but studying and re-learning the constitution) and speaking our minds. That, and the 2nd Amendment. Well, mostly our firearms to keep them honest.

    Let’s ratchet this up a couple of notches and get after them!


    1. I spent the day with a group of people who a few years ago would have been very at home on the finest golf courses in the world. Today, every single one of them is carrying a gun, and they all have concealed carry, and are proud of it. That is the result of the Obama presidency.


  4. Rich, forgive me if I giggle a bit at this, I never ever have viewed you as one who sugarcoats anything, you are one of the gutsiest people I know! I’m definitely looking at all the links, my dear friend but OW is #1 in this household!


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