If You Vote for a School Levy—–: The machine of diabolical idiots

With the school levy season now in full bloom during the fall 2012 election cycle, I must make my position on tax increases for public education perfectly clear. When I was a spokesman for No Lakota Levy I would agree with Darryl Parks at 700 WLW and proclaim that if you vote for a school levy, you are stupid. Such a term is acceptable within the realm of political rhetoric. Well, the more I have learned about the school funding issue, the more I realized that those words were not harsh enough. The situation is far worse, and the people involved are more than stupid. It is this realization that led me in a different direction from the rest of my levy fighting friends who simply don’t want their taxes to go up. My feelings about public education has evolved over time into realizing that the union “machine” that runs the public schools needs to be removed completely from the business of education for the sake of all children. My new stance is that our society must figure out a way to free ourselves of that money eating, progressive political device called public education that is turning the minds of our children into mush, and enriching many political looters with the value of our real estate. “If you vote for a school levy, you’re a diabolical idiot who is a detriment to your community, and your nation.” The reason why is shown in this wonderful video released by Reason Magazine. It shows clearly how public sector unions are ruining public education, corrupting politics, and consuming our tax dollars with a sensational appetite, and it must be stopped. It can’t be ignored, it can’t be reasoned with, it simply must be destroyed in American society.

Anyone who watched the Democratic National Convention can see clearly that the people who attended seem to be from some other planet, and don’t belong in the land of the free, because they wish to be a part of the machine shown in that video, and people like me want to be free of people like them. Progressive thinking people like those at the DNC convention are not entitled by their very existence to feed off the rest of society to maintain the machine they have built, which is most obvious in our public education system. Public education does not exist for children; it exists for the employees who are cogs of that machine. That machine of unionized public education consumes children like a car uses oil to lubricate all its gears. It does not care about the individual lives of its students. It seeks to use them to keep the gears from rubbing together and by the time the child reaches their 18th year they are dirty like motor oil to be discarded and recycled in new service to the machine of public education in the form of neurotic parents.

But if children are the motor oil in the public education machine the tax payers are the fuel. And the bigger the machine, the more fuel it consumes, and “consumes” is the correct term. The fuel burned to keep the machine running is gone forever, and serves no purpose but to keep every part of the machine running. Pro levy looters during every tax increase campaign for a school declare that voting “yes” for a school levy is an investment into our communities, and an investment into our children. They are lying 100% by saying such a thing. Calling the consumption of tax money in public education an investment is the same as saying putting gas in your car is an investment into the value of your car. All the gas gets you is a calculated distance from point “A” to point “B.” When the gas runs out, the car has little value unless more gas is put in. But the gas is not an investment. It’s a consumable demand that simply buys time and distance. It does not improve the value of the car.

Public Education should be scrapped completely and re-invented from the ground up. I personally don’t care where the United States ranks with the rest of the world who are using similar teaching methods for similar reasons. The system itself is an unmitigated failure, and to measure that all one has to do is look at the fools, the destitute, the inter-depended succubus’s looking for more kids to supplement their welfare checks, the drooling Walgreens addict who is too scared to move through one day of their life without the advice of their doctor, those are the kind of people who attended the DNC convention, and they are the products of public education. Public education is breeding complacency, fear, self-doubt, political interdependence, collaboration over individualism, and a celebration of the human peaking order which is contrary to everything it takes to maintain a free and peaceful society.

The problem is of course that many people in our society are parts of that machine. Many politicians make a lot of money off the public education machine, and know of themselves as simply cogs of it. Real estate values have been attached to the machine as if to help protect it from prying fingers. Many parents are also cogs of the machine, and public employees are vital gears to keeping the machine running, and if the machine stopped, they would not know what to do. Their lives are so embedded in the public education machine that they can only beg for more fuel to keep it running just a bit longer like a desperate traveler on a lonely desert highway hoping to get enough fuel to make it to the next gas station. That is the source of the cries for more tax money to keep the machine running just a few more miles. It’s a desperate hope that the machine will stay running so all the people embedded into it can continue to function with a purpose.

When I first started working on that machine, I noticed what was broken, and what parts needed to be upgraded and replaced. The machine has refused to allow itself to be fixed, so in lieu of the public education resistance to change, my recommendation is to scrap the machine completely and to not spend any more fuel and oil on keeping it running. My stance is that if a parent really loves their children they’ll home school them which are proven more academically proficient. If parents really love their children they’ll teach socialized skills with scouting and church groups, instead of public education sports and extra-curricular activity. Parents would do well to more heavily utilize online learning for their children; they are more effective than a classroom of peers being group taught by a bored teacher with a mind emptied by union rhetoric and is just a cog in the education machine.

This is why I have upgraded my severe opinion of the voter quality of those who support school levies. Public education is not in existence for children, it consumes them, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar, and is behaving in a socially destructive manner. People who say such things are simply asking for a fill up at the gas pump so they can continue to run the machine, which is a waste of time, and destructive to entire generations of students and their parents who struggle to fund it. The truth of the matter is that calling voters stupid who support school levies is not just stupid, it is completely foolhardy. It is a failure of thought in the highest extreme and such people are contributing to the destruction of the human race. Anyone–and I mean anyone, who a votes for a school levy is a diabolical idiot, because the machine of public education needs to be re-invented and shut down in its current form. It’s a waste of time, money and the minds of millions upon millions of young people. The evidence is in the types of people who attended the DNC convention. They are the products of public education, and proof that the education machine should be shut down forever in favor of a system that is actually productive, and much, much cheaper.

Due to my feelings about this issue, I’m happy to let someone else speak as a spokesman for education reform and state funding. I am happy to let those people try their hand at fixing the system. Because my diagnosis after a lot of work is to pull the plug and let public education die. I see nothing good coming from public education for all those who exist outside of the machine, and are only needed by it to supply fuel which is endlessly consumed until it eventually runs out. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial, and are hell bent on keeping a broken, corrupt, machine running when the only use of the mechanism is for it’s own existence.

If you vote for a school levy, you are a diabolical idiot.

For everyone who isn’t an idiot, go see this movie. It’s what you need to do in your own public school. Watch it, learn it, and act on it.

Rich Hoffman

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