The DNC Convention Looters: We DON’T all belong to government

At this point I’m not even going to venture to guess what Democratic strategists were thinking when they made the statement that “we all belong to government” at the start of the DNC convention. It is clear that those people are not Americans as you and I might think of them, but some other species all together. Read the Washington Times at the link below to investigate more about that strange species of humanoid called “Democrats.” Just keep in mind that most public teachers, firefighters, cops, TSA employees, union workers, welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, race baiters, feminists, IRS employees—virtually anyone who collects a government pay check thinks like these strange Democrats. You would think they would avoid such stereotypes with carefully worded speeches, but no, right out of the gate, they professed their love of government, which is contrary to everything we’d like to believe about the freest country on earth.

I was not a fan of the RNC convention or the machine politics it represents. But listening to the speakers, I can say with all honesty that they at least sound like normal people. The DNC convention on the other hand sounded like beings from some other planet who have a political ideology that is grossly out-of-touch, entirely too emotional, and completely devoid of logic. At the start of their convention the national debt clock marched beyond the 16 trillion dollar mark, which is absolutely devastating. It’s appalling, unequivocally irresponsible, and every single politician involved in that 16 trillion dollar number should be thrown out of office immediately. All Republicans, all Democrats, all old people, all young people, all men, women, white men, black men, Asians, Latinos, everyone—who played a role in that horrendous national debt should lose their job as the earliest possible time.

The Democrats more than any group are most guilty for that number. For the first two years of Obama’s presidency they controlled the House, the Senate, and The White House, and the rapid rise in the debt shows it. The Republicans who were voted into office in 2010 have attempted to propose a responsible budget but it has been blocked by Senate Democrats and The White House with cries of pandering toward a mythical middle-class, the muddy middle of social orthodox.

What is disguised in their political approach at the DNC convention is a love of power, a truly disgusting enjoyment of being members of the political class. The Cincinnati firefighter who spoke at the DNC convention regarding Senate Bill 5 and the union interest against Republican reforms to collective bargaining was never a real conservative. He may have thought he was in the days when he supported John Kasich for governor over Ted Strickland, but many Republicans discovered during the fight in Ohio over collective bargaining that they were in fact progressives who were not traditional conservatives, but had been bitten by the labor union tendency for social looting at tax payer expense. The firefighter from Cincinnati was simply a pawn for the union desire to maintain their political power, which Ohio tried to fix. But the power of the unions, which is legalized theft of tax payer dollars showed how deep into Ohio’s political system they resided. Those were the kinds of people the DNC convention put up to speak as success stories. People like the progressive firefighter are what they consider the strength of their platform. That’s bad.

All through the DNC convention it was public employees like the firefighter, and teachers who Democrates like Barack Obama think are so valuable. Yet I would argue that the “education funding” they hold in such high esteem is worthless if it is taught by the kind of idiots who attended the Democratic Convention. The infrastructure jobs that Obama and his political boot lickers speak of involve government employees who make up the “middle class,” where people in the “political class” rule with legislation. People like the Cincinnati firefighter don’t care to be indentified as a member of the “middle class” because they are essentially un-ambitious, and are happy to trade their freedoms for a union wage that allows them to buy bass boats, $200K homes, and fund their yearly vacations with unused workdays, compliments of the American taxpayer.

I find the designation of being a member of middle class to be an insult. It’s like being told that you are in the middle of a competitive event and you rank in the middle of the pack. It’s an un-American concept, the middle. We don’t celebrate football teams that come in “middle place.” We don’t give awards to runners who cross the finish line in the “middle.” Only in politics do we celebrate being average, because that’s where the voters are, and for the Democrats at the DNC, they cater to the lazy, the unsophisticated, the poor with the promise of stealing the wealth of others through legislation, and giving it to those who don’t have the ambition to even attempt to be the best at what they do. Is it any wonder why the economy is failing? Is it any mystery why the national debt is so large? It’s because of the legalized looting that government embarks on and no group has been guiltier than the Democrats.

As the DNC organizers paraded out Bill Clinton, an impeached, lying president who got caught letting a woman his daughter’s age giving him oral sex in the Oval Office, they clapped as though he were a celebrity. And to the intellectual loser, and morally inept, Clinton is their hero. To me he’s just another scum bag looter who claims the success of his balance budget to his economic wizardry while riding the coat tails of Reaganomics in the 1980’s. Yes Reagan spent too much on defense spending, but we were engaged in a Cold War with the Soviet Union at the time, and it was justified. Reaganomics brought to America cheap oil, cheap gas, cheap homes, job creation, and an economy that produced enormous GDP numbers. In the 1990’s in the wake of that success the tech bomb occurred and Bill Clinton coming out of his cocaine induced sexploits let the Republicans like Newt Gingrich and John Kasich balance the American budget as he went along with it to the benefit of the country.

Unlike Obama, Clinton was a looter that was more than happy to let other people do all the work, because he planned to take the credit for it. Obama plans change and transformation in America and the only people who find that message appealing are those who are too lazy to compete. Obama’s message to the NFL would be not worry about building a championship team, because he would spread the wealth. He’d be inclined to take away the players of a really good team and give them to the team performing in the middle to be “fair.” The result would be of course an NFL that doesn’t even try to win the Superbowl, because the prize at the end of the season would be cheapened by the president’s interference. But that is the essence of Obama’s economic platform and the summary of the DNC convention, and they wonder why they are failing economically.

They must be the most bizarre collection of misfits assembled in one place. Listening to them speak it is shocking that half of them can get out of bed. They are certainly the bottom rungs of society, and are embarrassments to the future of America. Listening to them speak I get the feeling that they should not even have a political party. Who do they represent? Who are the idiots who would vote for such fools?

The answer is that it’s the two faced public employees who will believe anything the people who give them a pay check tell them to believe. The Cincinnati firefighter is not a man of conviction, a pillar of the community. He’s just another looter looking for a government handout, and since he saw that Kasich and the Ohio Republicans—(myself included—proudly) wanted to take that handout of collective bargaining away, he was willing to switch parties and join the rest of the political looters at the DNC convention.

The debt clock breeched the 16 trillion dollar mark because of idiots like what spoke at the DNC convention. They are looters in every possible meaning of the word. They take credit for the actions of others, they make their livings off legalized theft, and they have no personal convictions aside from a progressive political platform. They govern from their feelings, not their heads. They seek fairness instead of siphoning to discover the best among us. It is because of these traits that they will all be failures at everything they do in their lives, except steal from those who are already successful. Listening to them speak as a fellow American, I can’t find any common ground with anything they utter. Fairness, and being nice sounds good, but it is expensive, and when a political platform is built with emotion, it will of course be expensive. Look at public education for an example. In America, progressives in both political parties have blown the great strides made as a result of Reaganomics which at least Bill Clinton had enough sense to leave alone. But since the 90’s, looting politicians have done nothing but act irresponsibly, over emotionally, and put their priorities into all the wrong things to cover up those follies which have caused the national debt to hit 16 trillion dollars. Most of the guilty parties are at the DNC convention and every one of them should be removed from politics as detriments to our national security.

Even when they attempt to dress up their speeches to appear sophisticated their basic message is still more government expansion, more mediocre results, more “middle class.” Their views belong in Europe, not America, because it was people like them who caused “westward expansion.” The move west was not driven by greed; it was to escape the pretentious big government types from Europe who moved here after the brave adventurers paved the way in the 1800s. And the more of them who moved to America and settled in cities like Philadelphia, New York and Washington, the more the adventurers moved west to face off against the Indians in a battle for freedom to be left to govern their own ways. The DNC convention is made up of all those people the brave, the adventurous, and the enterprising spirit have sought to flee as though their lives depended on the evasion, because often it does. There is no more West, so now the looters and the adventurers are forced to finally fight it out, and that’s what’s about to happen. The two sides cannot live together as is evidence from the past. And based on the debt clock, only one side deserves to win, and it’s not the looters at the DNC convention.


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