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Today is the day!

Tail of the Dragon has finally been released!

I already wrote a review of the book a few weeks ago. I got a chance to read an early copy of it since my father-in-law is the author who wrote it.

Rich Hoffman and I have a lot in common. I met his daughter when we were both very young. Over the years he has been a mentor to me, and I have learned a great deal about philosophy and mythology from him.

Over the years Brooke and I have supported him in all his endeavors and we have worked on various different video shoots together. A couple of weeks ago we designed a T-shirt for him to promote the book. In a couple of weeks these T-shirts will become available to anyone who wishes to buy one, so stay tuned!

Rich has a…

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‘Tail of the Dragon’ is Released: The written word is superior to politics 100% of the time

After months of discussing it finally my new novel Tail of the Dragon is being released. My publisher is using Baker and Taylor to distribute the book so it will be available everywhere as they are one of the largest book distributors there is. American Book put a nice review and sales link at the article below as well:Tail of the Dragon

Clicking on the picture to the right will take those who want to get Tail of the Dragon for themselves to Publisher’s Direct which my publisher directly supplies. But Tail of the Dragon will be up on Amazon and all the major carriers as well, so the book should be easy to find without trouble. My friend Matt Clark up at WAAM, Ann Arbor did an interview with me talking about the book’s release. When it comes to Tail of the Dragon, Matt has had me on his radio program many times. He has been to my new book what 700 WLW used to be over the Lakota Levy that I was fighting locally in Cincinnati until the blow back from a “blackballing” attempt by the teacher’s union working with their media contacts caused a monumental rift in the Cincinnati market that reminded me of the fallout from the Eastwood speech during Mitt Romney’s nomination. Matt talks to me about all that in the video below:

There is always the assumption that politics is an option that everyone considers a cherished social accreditation. When the radical unions who have their fingers in everything realized that I was not going away over the public school funding debate they had to do something to attempt regain control. In an indirect way their hands are clean, it’s their fingers that are dirty. It is the lobby of organized labor that is often the real villain as the employees of the system march to the parameters of thinking established by union labor. They set the rules of all political engagement.

I have been working on Tail of the Dragon for a few years and before that book I wrote a novel called The Symposium of Justice. I’ve worked on screenplays, been to film festivals with various projects, and been a professional bullwhip instructor for stunt coordinators in film and from my perspective the issues of local politics, or even national politics, are very minor compared to an actual achievement as an author. I knew what I was doing when I let the Enquirer come to my home and photograph me using bullwhips to articulate why Lakota needed to balance their budget. I knew what the radical elements within the public education industry would say as they jumped all over my love of traditional values since many of them are progressive and I told the reporter as much during the interview. It was those pictures taken over two years ago that resurfaced during the “blackballing” article done by the Enquirer discussed in Matt’s radio interview above.  For an example, and review click the link below:

“Blackballing” is where the media or a political entity cuts you out of having access to them. It’s a kind of castigation for not following the proper rules of engagement. During all the levy fights of the last couple of years I have been able to speed dial various reporters in print, radio, and television to get my stories out about why the Lakota school system is wrong for wanting to increase taxes, countering anything that the pro levy factions might bring up. I am not the first to do this. I knew before getting involved that others who have come before me have been used by the media to generate stories until the comfort level of everyone involved got too testy, then the media collectively pulls the plug, “blackballing” whomever the controversial figure may be.

I knew from my friend Arnie Engle over in Fairfield who has been harassed every way a man can be harassed because of his opposition to school levies, and my friend Jennifer Miller, the former school board member in Mason who was harassed to no end because of her desire to do a “good job,” and my good friend former Lakota School Board member Sandy Tugral who was ran out-of-town labeled a “kook” by organized labor that if I put myself out there that the same types of people would come after me. The people mentioned suffered various degrees of vandalism to their private property, especially Arnie. They have been publicly ridiculed. And they have all been “blackballed” by the media once the media was done with them. I knew that if I put myself out on a limb in a local levy fight I would become a major political target.

So I gave my Enquirer article dressed in my cowboy hat and my bullwhip to let the people who would come after me later know that they would do so at their own peril. Most people assume that a career in politics is in the back of the mind of any activist. Nobody considers that a person might actually only be concerned with doing the right thing, so to their minds, appearing on the front page of The Cincinnati Enquirer announcing my resistance to a local tax issue dressed over-the-top was political suicide. Nobody considered that my intent was to take my measure beyond the touch of traditional politics, because I knew it was only a matter of time before the “blackballing” attempt would be made in my direction—since that is the only way that public education can maintain their tax payer scam.

Here is a link to that Enquirer article mentioned above, when things were still on good terms:

Blackballing is how the school controls the media in the first place. The Enquirer was given a choice after No Lakota Levy started Yes to Lakota Kids helping needy children pay their sports fees, if they did not fall in line with the union controlled politics of public education, they would be “blackballed” by the school, in this case, Lakota. That is why the media is so quick to come after people who align themselves against the established political order. The media will use people to help create a series of good stories, just like a person might eat a nice meal not to be full, but simply for the taste. But in the end, the media will shit them out without regard once they are done with them, and I knew eventually that day would come.

The fault that I noticed all my friends mentioned above had fallen victim to in their various political fights is that they tried to do it through the established order of politics, where all the union controls are already implemented. They tried to become school board members, or run for some kind of office so they could get on the inside and attempt to create change from within, which of course doesn’t work. I decided not to try that, because my primary focus is that of an author, and because I have no intention of ever being elected into public office. I have no fear of doing, or saying anything that might cause me trouble down the road, so traditional politics was worthless to me. As an author I can operate without the fear of being “blackballed,” because the written word cuts through the immediacy of politics.

That is the advantage when you write novels, and run around the country with bullwhips and live a life that is superior to anything that politics can offer, is that you are free of their reach. So when the organized labor apologists attempted to “blackball” me I was already prepared. Their frustrations were already evident since they could not threaten physical violence on me. Who in their right mind was going to attack a bullwhip expert who could make mince-meat of them quickly in a personal conflict? So they attacked my media contacts.

What they didn’t know was that my media contacts were not limited to only Cincinnati, since my field of endeavor is literature, controversy is actually good marketing and works to my advantage. So the more “blackballing” they attempted to inflict on me, the better it has been on my literary endeavors. The “blackballing” would only work if I wanted to run for some type of public office, and cared what people thought about me in being “electable.” But my business is not in such popularity contests. My job is to tell stories and give insight from “the front of the train,” not adhere to the politics in the back. CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW ON THIS METAPHOR. Literature trumps politics, which is why politicians eat out of the hand of Hollywood actors. Just ask the Republican Party about Clint Eastwood. Clint knows that he has more value to American society than some manager who wants to run for office and is a prisoner to all the silly political rules that the media has established to keep their stories within their editors 500 word limits, and their 3 minute TV story blocks. Books, movies, music and other art is where more detail is explored and entertainment gains more value beyond the politician. So the mistake of those who took on the union controlled school systems protected by a media afraid of being “blackballed” is that they played the games of politics instead of the rules of literature. And when I did that Enquirer article two years ago starting everything that followed, I never intended to beat them with politics, but with the written word.

None of that matters now. I’ll still of course be involved in issues that affect my local community, because it’s my responsibility. But I am not a prisoner to their political rules of engagement, my new book Tail of the Dragon as we discussed it on WAAM, in Ann Arbor, Michigan and many media outlets to come are what I do for a living. It is the result of a lot of hard work and that hard work is beyond the reach of silly politics and the media “blackballing” that goes on to keep everyone in their respective social categories. In my case the goal of a novelist is not to be “liked” but to be “respected.” And to gain respect, you have to say what you mean and not speak the “double-talk” of politics. And sometimes that means calling a group of levy apologists “latté sipping prostitutes with asses the size of car tires” because it’s the truth as a novelist sees it, and not some comb-over politician who simply wants a desk with a nameplate and the respect of a community for a tax payer funded job title.

It’s harder to write a novel, get it through a publisher, an editor, and a public relations staff than to fight a silly school levy that labor unions, media reporters, and thousands of insecure parents feast off of. So it pleases me greatly to announce that my new book Tail of the Dragon is now available to the public at the links provided, and that as a body of work is beyond the reach of the media “blackballing” that goes on, or the political controls of the small-minded name-plate gods. It’s a work onto itself that is far superior to any act of politics and is why I put my efforts there, beyond the reach of the “blackballers” in the back of the train.

The reason I mentioned all the above upon the release of my novel is because I’m not the kind of writer who articulates from a mountaintop on just pure speculation.  I write from experience.  In this case at the same time that The Enquirer was photographing me with my whips in my back yard I wrote the below article about my book Tail of the Dragon, August 23rd 2010.  Much of what I experienced above over the last 2 years found their way into the plot of that action packed book.  So dear reader, when you experience the corruption and betrayal of the novel’s characters as seen through the eyes of Rick and Renee Stevens, you can rest assured that there is more truth in the story than pure fantasy.  And you can also rest assured that I was writing the plot for the novel that has been my real life all along paragraph by paragraph, and there was a method to the madness from the very beginning.

The sum of all these new experiences will find their way into my next book called The Trial of Fletcher Finnegan.  (CLICK FOR A PREVIEW)  But until then, I hope you will buy, and enjoy the book–tell your friends about it and help make it a success.  Because I put a lot of myself into the writing of these stories and I construct my future plots based on real events with the knowledge that the written word has the power to move mountains, and alter lives–while exposing the ugly aspects of our daily existence.  Tail of the Dragon does that and more, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the wild ride that starts by clicking on the picture below.  "Buy the book today"


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