Support H.R.1146: ‘Agenda 21’ attack on American life

Again, I am sorry dear reader. What I am about to say will disrupt your existence, your beliefs about the world around you, and the knowledge that your life is not so secure. My son-in-law and I spent the evening past at Kings Island enjoying roller coasters and the luxury of “blue” ice cream as we spoke about the various possibilities of World War III and observed the condition of the unaware crowds around us. These crowds were more concerned about the baseball scores of their local teams, the latest designer fashions, and whether or not Michael Phelps would win another gold medal in the Olympics. In fact, there was a pride shown by many in the medal count of the United States versus the medal count of China. That’s very good, acknowledging American pride will be needed in the days to come. It was an honest admission that many do still believe in American Excepetionalism even if they can only articulate it to themselves through the act of sports. Otherwise, these same people are completely unsuspecting, and naive to the forces in the world that want to see them, their families, and all their acquired wealth destroyed and set ablaze in favor of a global government. The biggest menace to American Excepetionalism is the United Nations who has a design for the world of their own and America is in their way as a traditional force, and they seek to weaken The United States superpower indirectly through taxation—legal looting of our money, gun legislation, and by eradicating the American concept of private property. To introduce this subtle attack listen to my friend Matt Clark from WAAM Ann Arber, Michigan discuss the latest round of tax proposals by The United Nations against The United States. Most of these strategies being explored by the United Nations can be summed up in Agenda 21—the United Nations plan for the 21st Century.

In answer to this silent attack, Congressman Ron Paul has proposed H.R.1146 quite a number of years ago –The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2001. H.R. 1146 would remove the United States completely away from the United Nations.

The Bill reads, “We, the Citizens of the United States of America, do hereby declare that we support H.R. 1146, and we declare that we accept no other authority on earth but the Constitution of the United States of America and its Amendments. Furthermore, we refuse to have our country, the United States of America, be involved in and/or in support of, the affairs of the United Nations.” I would suggest that you sign the petition in support of H.R.1146 with the same voracity that you supported Chick-fil-A. The progressives behind the gay rights push against an individual business are the same minds that are pushing the destruction of all private property in favor of global government. Inaction on the part of Americans will lead to more violence, not less of it. Act now and you may avoid peril. Wait and you will find enemies at your doorstep—and soon.

Sign the petition here:

The United Nations were created to end the tendency toward World Wars. It was validated after World War II when President Roosevelt—a progressive wanna’ be dictator coined the term “United Nations” to refer the Allied Forces. The United Nations headquartered in New York City is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace. The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. It contains multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions.

The League of Nations was proposed by progressive president Woodrow Wilson at the end of World War I. But at that time United States citizens refused to join with other nations with some silly “league.” Roosevelt was able to finally punch the concept through the American public a generation later after four presidential terms on the back of Social Security and other New Deal socialism from a weakened American populace tired from war. The United Nations was born.

There are 193 member states, in the United Nations including every internationally recognized sovereign state in the world but Vatican City. From its offices around the world, the UN and its specialized agencies decide on substantive and administrative issues in regular meetings held throughout the year. The organization has six principal organs: the General Assembly (the main deliberative assembly); the Security Council (for deciding certain resolutions for peace and security); the Economic and Social Council (for assisting in promoting international economic and social cooperation and development); the Secretariat (for providing studies, information, and facilities needed by the UN); the International Court of Justice (the primary judicial organ); and the United Nations Trusteeship Council (which is currently inactive). Other prominent UN System agencies include the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Food Programme (WFP) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The UN’s most prominent position is Secretary-General which has been held by Ban Ki-moon of South Korea since 2007. More about the United Nations can be found at Wikipedia.

The short of it, is that members of the United Nations in an “attempt” to prevent war and maintain world peace are making decisions that dramatically affect American sovereignty. The governing body is made up of pretentious personalities who are every bit as arrogant as a typical local school board, city council, or even a mayor’s court. They function from a belief that they know what’s best as members of the educated elite—in their minds—and are in a position to make decisions for all the members of the world.

In truth, the United Nations would not function without the United States. They need the money of America otherwise they would have nothing. The United States allows the United Nations to believe it holds sway over the entire world in the same fashion that a mooching family relative might use compassion to loot the wealth of a family while the moocher is too lazy to get a job. The United Nations and the countries that make them up are not equal to the United States, but in the governing body of the U.N. they are able to believe they are by using the money of American tax payers as their source of power and illusion.

That is not to say that the programs of the United Nations are not well intended, or that the people who make up the political body are not nice people who openly intend harm. I believe most of them are actually good people, but are simply functioning from a failed philosophy. With all their efforts, the bottom line of their endeavors at World Peace—the hippie movement’s greatest mantra—is to make the United States an equal player in the world so other nations won’t be so jealous of our power. The essence of United States support of the United Nations is the funding of our own destruction. World War III is already set on a stage. My son-in-law has done a wonderful job of creating the scenario that currently is underway even with all the millions upon millions of dollars America has poured into the failed United Nations. If the United Nations was created to prevent war, it has failed miserably and has simply lost its way and should be completely dismantled as ineffective, and foolish. You can read that plan for World War III here:

Agenda 21 is very real and it is in your community. Many of the personalities in your local school system have been trained to carry it out, even if they don’t understand the direct connection to United Nation policies. The key word to watch out for is, “global marketplace.” When an elected official or even a public education superintendent uses terms like that, they are speaking about carrying out the implementation of Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 as a strategy seeks to loot the value of private property in the form of taxes so government can redistribute that wealth else ware. This is why there are progressive taxes on private property to fund public education. Government schools intentionally are using that money to train the next generation population on Agenda 21 topics—green technology, sexual diversity, political socialism, and the desire to “share.” Meanwhile the value of private property is drained and consumed by government under the umbrella of community care for children. The intended goal is to drain the wealth of those who live in suburban areas and allow them to be implemented into the housing system through public assistance in designated zones. Of course the superintendents who push higher taxes on school districts don’t know all this, because they have only been trained to look at their small piece of the pie. They are paid well to not ask questions-to do what they are told. But their policies were built by United Nations officials with the goal of destroying American private property. (I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, for more clarification read the article at the link below)

Many on the political inside will roll their eyes at the proposal of ending United States participation in the United Nations. They would consider such an idea as being “backward” and “selfish.” Politicians like Bill Clinton and his gun grabbing wife will say that The United States will not go it alone in the world and it is the role of America to take the lead on world peace through the United Nations. But they are fools, and old hippies who have never came to terms with the futility of their progressive idealism. Their social experiments have been complete failures, and allowing them to embark in even more destruction will destroy more lives than it could ever save.

I’d advise you dear reader to support H.R. 1146. Make sure your friends and neighbors support it as well with a signature. The United Nations is not a good organization. It does not have American interests at its heart. The United Nations is in fact a failure, and those failures have been ironed over with American tax dollars. Without recognizing those failures inept, power-hungry, fools are continuing to push for an end of America as we know it with the implementation of Agenda 21, and well paid public employees like school superintendents who are turning a blind eye to the impact of their betrayal in trade for lucrative retirement deals and excessively high financial compensation. The push toward a global government is well underway in our government schools and city governments and it has been done quietly so not to upset the American people—because there is a real fear that those same American tax payers might learn of these plans and turn off the easy money that makes the United Nations possible before they have been subtly converted over into a new generation of obedient servants. That is why America must withdrawal itself from the United Nations.

If the world wants the help of America, it can adopt capitalism as its primary economic engine and compete like the states of North America do. Those 193 members of the United Nations can adopt the American Constitution and follow the path of America if they truly want prosperity for their own nations—and peace. But they don’t really want peace, or prosperity. The members of the United Nations want control–that fatal human weakness that seems to drive 90% of our population into politics to begin with. The silly human desire to have a desk and a nameplate that says a particular human being is important and holds power over a vast population is the primary driver of the U.N. members. Such a folly is a contaminate of human existence, and it is certainly a fault of the United Nations who have clearly overstepped their bounds with the initiative of Agenda 21. That fault cannot go unanswered by the American public and the declaration must begin with support of H.B.1146.

For tracking history on H.B.1146 click the link below. Remember, many members of the House and Senate suffer from the same power control illness of the United Nations so the bill is not moving through the legislative halls with any real level of seriousness, because many hope to sweep it under the rug. They will continue to do this unless Americans hold their feet to the fire.



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12 thoughts on “Support H.R.1146: ‘Agenda 21’ attack on American life

  1. We must remember that most of the members of the United Nations vote against the united States most of the time. At the same time the taxpayers of the United States pay over 60% of expenses of the UN. In addition the United States gives more foreign aid to more countries that the rest of the world combined. We fight and send the best of the best of our young people to fight for freedom all over the world at great sacrifice to our people. We do these things because we are a great and charitable country. Most of us do not expect anything at all from these countries. The United Nations began as a corrupt and power hungry organization. We have known for many years that the members took advantage of the United States. In many cases broke our laws. Members lived a life of luxury. Spent our money lavishly and voted against us. The fact is that Agenda 21/Sustainable Development has been in place for years. George H.W. Bush signed our nation into the plan. All of our presidents have gone along with the plan. The biggest push has been by the current administration. I believe that most of the U.S. senators and representatives are well aware of the plan and that John McCain has been on board. In the late 1970’s I tried to warn our parents about Outcome Based Education. No one wanted to hear that our teachers and school leaders were using our schools to indoctrinate our children. Warrior you are right when you chastise the superintendents for selling out for a few pieces of silver. (Well not a few, as it has been ver lucrative for them.) They are sell outs. Phyllis Schafley wrote the book “Child Abuse in the Classroom” and Charlotte Iserbyte, who had worked at a top level for the Department of Education, She tried to warn our leaders what was happening in that department. She worked undercover for us and for our children and put the evidence on Ronald Reagan’s desk. Nothing was ever done. He was convinced by his “people” that she was out of line. Charlotte took a lot of abuse for her courage, but everything she warned us about has come to pass. Her book can be downloaded in Pdf format. I encourage all to read it.


  2. You are quite right. It’s subtle but it has invaded everywhere. The first place I found it was when I realized what I was teaching at a Church was connected to Agenda 21’s goals. I was niave and didn’t see it but once I connected the dots I could see it everywhere. Here’s a link for background:

    At the local level be wary of your city council wanting to implement Smart Meters.

    I have done the exact same thing while out in public. I look at everyone and guess which ones would survive if martial law were ever declared due to war or civil unrest. Your son-in-law’s post is a good analysis. Funny, what he has laid out is similar to Biblical prophesy. One of the first things prophesied is the destruction of Damascus. I need to go back and do a little refresher study but I think that’s right.

    Anyway, good post. People need to know.

    I have a question for you. How do should schools be financed in your opinion? If you’ve covered it in a post I’d like to read it.


    1. I have several things on it, but here is one that they put on the Education Choice website.—School-Choice-is-a-New-Choice–Education-Funding-for-the-Future.aspx

      The money needs to be attached to the child, not the school if we are going to have socialist education where the society pays for the free education of citizens. Giving it to the school has created a monopoly. But before the state can do such a thing they have to decide on a value to give to children. That means schools will have to drive down ther per pupil costs, and the unions do not like that. Their game is hidden in the per pupil cost. It’s similar to when you buy a car you should negotiate price, not monthly payment. If you try to negotiate the monthly payment, they will slide a lot of hidden costs on in closing that will be merged over the life of the loan. If you argue price, then by default the hidden costs will be eradicated. In public education the per pupil cost has to be reduced to under 6K per student. Then the state can chip in their 4K leaving local tax payers to chip in the remaining 2K. But if the school fails, the students are free to move to the next district taking their money with them. That’s a start.


      1. Thanks. There’s a lot to digest. I’m so used to how it’s being run currently. I think most people have been so indoctrinated that to suggest things like dismantling Dept. of Ed., the U.N., etc. it seems radical.

        BTW the recall effort and contract negotiations are coming to a head. The Progs are convinced that the effort is a puppet and the Koch Bros. are pulling the strings. They have never been put on the defensive. It’s rather amusing to watch.


      2. You are right, the cogs of the political machine do view removing the things they created as radical. But it was radical behavior that gave it to us to begin with. The DOE has only been around since 1979 and is a failure. It should be scrapped as ineffective and too expensive. The U.N. has not always been there. It is ineffective, and too expensive. Believe it or not—–there are people who think I’m radical. I know that’s a shock, but they are out there. : )

        What they really mean is that they don’t want anyone to question what they’re doing.

        By the way, for my readers here, I’m going to be on the radio with Matt Clark at at 2 PM. I’m filling in for a spot he had come open on him at the last minute. Feel free to call in. I’ll have a recording of it later here at the OW.


  3. Sorry to say, but the left invaded our churches long ago. The first step was when our churches turned the other cheek to the lesbian/homosexual agenda and the women’s rights agenda. One of my friends told me years ago that when she went to the state Methodist Camp meetings that homosexuals had taken a leadership role in all/most of the committees. This was when God became a He/She and the hymnal was completely revised. It happened so fast that few knew what happened. Another friend has belonged to the Apiscapalian Church for over 50 years. She sent me a recent bulletin where the leader of that order is a homosexual and believes in marriage of couples. I recently read a survey where a high percentage of Christians believe that marriage between two people of the same sex is fine. The survey also revealed that most of our young people believe that homosexual marriages are fine. The conclusion of the article was that morality has taken a big hit in this nation even among Christians. The high number of people in favor of “gay” marriage was attributed to the government schools.


    1. Yes, I failed to write above that it was 4 years ago that my eyes were opened to this stuff. Our church had a conference for a very progressive group. During the conference they had a workshop which taught how to go back to one’s home church and change the congregation culture to accept Progressive policies. The group was a testing ground and they called themselves “Wind Changers”.

      Thanks for posting the info. above. I will read Child Abuse in the Classroom.


  4. Here, for your readers’ viewing pleasure, is the full text of the bill:

    Looks like Rep. Paul has been introducing this bill in every session of congress since 1997. And it has died in committee (House Committee on Foreign Affairs) each time. We MUST wrest control of Congress from the globalists (including Boehner) to get this bill passed. I don’t see that happening anytime soon with the current good ol’ boy club in place.

    We know, of course, that Mr. World Citizen would veto it if it ever made it to his desk.


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