“Tongue of the Ocean”: Pyramids discovered in the Bahamas–the roots of Atlantis

Recently a team of French and U.S. divers working together rediscovered a couple of very large pyramids in the Tongue of the Ocean region of the Bahamas very near the Bimini Islands and Andros Island. I hadn’t heard the news until I saw an unusual amount of activity from the link below discussing at some length an article I wrote about Malden Island in the South Pacific that offers explanations as to why discoveries like these crystal pyramids have been ignored by the scientific community. The article is rather involved but does go into some analysts of my examination into underwater archeology in the regions of the South Pacific and Caribbean.


As I read the comments at the bottom of that article I felt a bit of pain for those curious would-be explorers, and would offer to them to not be discouraged. Orthodox science will ignore the discoveries because of their static patterns of social behavior. For people such as the authors of that article, they are offering dynamic static patterns that threaten the comfort zone of those addicted to the previous static patterns. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW MY ARTICLE ON STATIC AND DYNAMIC SOCIAL PATTERNS.

In addition to this quandary, the article I wrote just yesterday involving human slavery also comes into play. It takes enormous amounts of money to explore the ocean bottoms. It takes a lot of money to take a boat out to the exact coordinates of the Tongue of the Ocean and actually dive into the deep water for any length of time. These pyramids are apparently located in 1,343 feet of ocean water. Typical deep dives for a human being are around 330 FT. Anything deeper requires submersibles which are very expensive to acquire and operate. Unfortunately, those who have the means—the boats and the planes to embark on such expeditions are technically slaves to some degree in their own lives, and because of the chains holding them down mentally, do not have anything left to challenge orthodoxy. They are often wealthy because they played by the rules of whatever system they are chained to, whether it be politics, a particular field of business, or perhaps they are simple social looters who became wealthy at the expense of others. But exploring these types of discoveries require individuals with financial means who can also think outside the box of accepted thinking—and those types of people are a real minority among the world’s population. To get an idea how difficult locating and actually exploring underwater relics are, examine the four YouTube videos that properly put in perspective how things look in this actual region not only from the air, but across the open sea. The last video of the step pyramid in fairly shallow water is much degraded, and very difficult to explore. But it puts in focus how difficult it would be to even take pictures in such deep water. When viewing the video of the commercial plane taking off from a Bahamian Island it requires a bit of imagination to consider that much of the ocean blue below was in fact very similar to modern-day Florida between 6000 to 10,000 years ago and would be quite a large land mass.

The Tongue of the Ocean is not too far off the coast of Florida. In my trips to Florida I am convinced that the legends of the Fountain of Youth do not originate in St. Augustine, Florida but was part of a civilization that goes back much longer than the documented Native Americans who inhabited the region when Columbus arrived in 1492. The continental shelf off the east coast of Florida is very shallow, and it is entirely possible that the land mass of Florida extended well into the Caribbean. The Tongue of the Ocean may well have been a coastal area much like today’s Tampa or Miami cities. A severe earthquake out in the Atlantic or elsewhere could possibly have sunk the entire plate by 30 to 50 feet off the coast of Florida; much like the recent Tsunami did in Japan to a smaller degree. Such seismic events did occur, and it is conceivable that much of the area surrounding Florida continuing well out into the continental shelf may have at one time been well above water and societies did in fact build pyramids, roads and other aspects of advanced culture well before our documented studies came along and made some elementary observations about the Calusa and Tequesta Indian tribes Ponce de Leon encountered.

Unfortunately, the archeology that would explore these underwater sites lack the will by the university system and the vision of a majority of the wealthy who have the means to explore these areas, but do not have the vision. Fishermen, bartenders, old beach bums all over Florida and the Bahamas know about the relics under the sea and will talk about them in bars and piers while they fish. Many divers have gone on amateur dives and explored the ruins of the temples in the Caribbean and north coast of Cuba all the way over to the Yucatan Peninsula, but have found nobody of any authority who wishes to hear their stories. Legitimate publications have ignored them all together in order to preserve their own published articles from the past. But such times are coming to an end. With the internet able to publish discoveries like the French/U.S. dive, traditional media can no longer contain these stories from the public to preserve their static patterns. The dynamic pattern of the questioning explorer, such as the seemingly bizarre theories cited in the above mentioned article are forcing examination by a curious public. Google Earth now allows explorers to map these ocean depths without professional equipment and GPS devices are allowing amateur explorers the ability to find these locations on their own, without the previous sophisticated equipment needed prior—which the very wealthy only had access to. So discoveries are happening much more rapidly now than ever, and we are learning much about human history that we only suspected through fantasy.

To understand how such a massive discovery right off the coast of Florida could go undetected even now, all one has to do is look at the mysteries that have not been solved on land, that occur in broad daylight. Just the other day I received a note from an older person who lived near my home way back in the in the 1960’s. He had read my most popular article on Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, Giants in Ohio and informed me of the relative location of an old mom and pop museum privately run that he visited several times from 1964 to 1966 which contained a giant human male and female skeleton. The female was 7’-6” and the male was 9’ tall. My family is currently trying to pinpoint this old museum property to see if the current residents still have these bones, or if they were sold in a garage sale to a private collection elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is the fate of most of the world’s archeology, they end up destroyed by religious radicals, or they are held in private collections by treasure hunters. Not very often do they make their way into the local museum and if they do, the curators store them away in the research branches since they don’t know how to display something they fear society might actually reject—or the universities who supply them with material and other support may boycott their relationships. This kind of thing is difficult to track down on land even with the specific instructions given from the recent past of only 50 years.

It is much more difficult to do similar investigations into societies that are 30 to 1000 feet below the water and are 1000 to 100,000 years old. But there is something there in the waters of The Tongue of the Ocean and it is deeply mysterious. 95% of society is choosing to ignore these findings because these revelations threaten their static patterns of understanding. But eventually, they will no longer be able to turn away, and it will become necessary for the science community to admit that we know almost nothing about mankind’s past. Deep in the water near The Tongue of the Ocean is a pyramid. A pyramid very similar to the one outside of St. Louis called Cahokia, very similar to the one at Teotihuacan in Central Mexico—built well before the Aztecs ever inhabited the area, and very similar to the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Only these new pyramids are thought to be considerably larger than all those previously mentioned. The archeology of the ocean is ignored because the small minds of the modern human being wishes to believe that the ocean was always one level, and human beings evolved from the land of where the Leakey’s said they did in Africa. Even with the evidence right in front of our faces, in our back yards, or below the bows of our boats, the human mind is cleaving to the static pattern of our religious heritage, and scholastic understanding—not yet ready to admit that we know virtually nothing about ourselves or where we came from.


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