“Screen Guide for Americans”: Ayn Rand, Walt Disney, and Ronald Reagan tried to warn America

Even when I was a very small child, my mother would make references to me that I reminded her of John Wayne. It wasn’t because I was a big guy, or because I spoke a certain way, or even that I sat around watching his movies—which were too boring for my 9-year-old mind back then. She said it because I had uncompromising ideas about right and wrong, and had the kind of clarification she enjoyed from her youth when she watched John Wayne movies with her daddy. And it was moments like those, between daughter and father, or father and son that The Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals was dedicated to in 1947. They were devoted to promoting American values in films, and were particularly famous for identifying communist infiltration into the movie business. You can read more about the MPA here:


Now these were not a bunch of crazy right-winged radicals from the fringes of society. Among them, were Walt Disney, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Ronald Reagan, Cecil B. Demille, Clark Gable, Ginger Rogers, and Ayn Rand. In 1947, these were mainstream entertainers and box office heavy weights that helped preserve American culture. To this very day no one could question Walt Disney’s patriotic love when they visit Walt Disney World and can see everywhere that Disney treasured his country and showed it in his films whenever he could. And there can be no question that many consider Ronald Reagan to be one of America’s greatest presidents ever. These were good people and in their day they recognized a fight, and they did their part to combat it.

These dedicated American entertainment personalities recognized that communism was a threat to the world of their time. Even Ronald Reagan had been tempted to join the Communist Party in his 20’s before he realized what it was. All these men and women working in Hollywood had come to recognize that communist propaganda agents had been seeking jobs in Hollywood to subtly “change” the culture of America. These are the classic “change agents” who are wide at work to this very day using The Delphi Technique in local communities to advance progressive agenda items by Saul Alisnky methods of manipulation created in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1947 Hollywood, the “change agents” were not as subtle as they are today, and Americans still cherished ideas that resisted the aims of these “change agents.” This is why The Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals commissioned Ayn Rand to present a guide for movie studios to use in spotting the attempts of the “change agents” to infiltrate their films and subtly bring the ideas of communism to the American people using American movies as the delivery method.

I have placed below the entire guide for you use. It is a wonderful, unpublished work of Ayn Rand and it needs to be seen and shared. You should read it, and do so very carefully. What you will read most likely will shatter your world, as you believed prior to reading the below information that you understood what was going on in the world, and you now realize that you did not. When reading this pamphlet you will see today, that everything Ayn Rand and her fellow members of the MPA were trying to warn America about came true, as a new breed of actors, actresses, producers, and a movie going public began to graduate colleges and high schools where the exact same infiltration of communist propaganda had been taking place. Rand with this short work managed to help production companies hold off communism for a few short years but the MPA was dissolved in 1975 as most of the members aged and died off, leaving a new generation raised with communist propaganda to openly subject the American public to everything Ayn Rand warned about in the below document. Now in the first decades of the twenty-first century, communism is entrenched in American culture to such a degree that the values mentioned in Ayn Rand’s Screen Guide for Americans seems out-of-step and “old-fashioned.” Many of the same people who today wonder why Ayn Rand is such a popular novelist, or why people still enjoy John Wayne movies, or why people flock in droves to visit Walt Disney World in Florida, will hesitate to follow the values of those artists because society has become more “progressive” and such ideas are no longer valid–socially. People may still enjoy them in an “old fashioned” kind of way, but they will not act on that respect since strong ideas of personal freedom, individuality, and righteousness are frowned upon by a society that has been defeated by the communist plague given to America during the Cold War through movies, television, music, public education, college and virtually every newspaper and magazine in print. The warnings were given, and below you will have the opportunity to go back into a time capsule and measure just how far America has fallen by reading the ancient words of Ayn Rand from 1947, in a document many in the current “progressive (socialist) movement” wish you not to see. Here it is, and I suggest you read it all. Copy it and carry it around with you. And certainly send it to a loved one.

This is how serious the situation is. The guide below could now be used in every part of American life, and it will become clear that the communists achieved what they wanted, and they did it using the methods outlined below.

Many who know me understand that I am dedicated not to the kind of America we see today. I have personally rejected most of what society has determined is “good” in a world gone mad with pure evil. I want nothing to do with it, because the world of ideas many hold valuable now are derived from the parasitic concept of collectivism which is the face of evil on planet earth. I made the decision to go against the grain of society as a very young boy, which is why I reminded my mother of John Wayne, and that won’t change.

Now, conservatives in Hollywood are very difficult to find as most projects that have messages outlined in Ayn Rand’s Screen Guide for Americans will never get “green lit” since many financial backers in the motion picture industry have an “agenda” driven by political ideology shaped by communist infiltration of American culture in virtually every aspect of their lives. But the guide from Ayn Rand is still true. Just because it’s “old-fashioned” does not make it any less relevant today than it was in 1947. The only thing that’s changed is the people who read it, not the meaning of the words on the page. The gap in thought between then and now are all the reasons that another 60 years of “progressive” thought and evolution will deliver the human race to the precipice of destruction, as this is the only fate of a parasitic culture. That is what any group of collectivists is, whether it’s a simple bacterium invading the body with sickness, or a society of school teachers who believe in the works of Karl Marx. All collectivists are wrong, and are parasites to the strength and virtue of the individual. It is only the individual who faces each day with a sense of right and wrong, to navigate the world by holding up their portion of it that anything happens. And it has always been the individual who has been attacked by the blob of collectivism, as Ayn Rand, Walt Disney, and Ronald Reagan tried to warn us all about in 1947 with the Screen Guide for Americans, only to have that voice of reason shut down in 1975, and for The Guide seen above to disappear except for a few obscure locations online. Well, you have it now dear reader. You have it in your hands what 50 years of progressive infiltration attempted to suppress. Now—make use of it, and do not hesitate!


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Rich Hoffman

10 thoughts on ““Screen Guide for Americans”: Ayn Rand, Walt Disney, and Ronald Reagan tried to warn America

  1. Ah, the MPA and Rand’s pamphlet…a great piece of work that still stands up today, 65 years later. It’s pretty much Rand’s views and Objectivist philosophy distilled in a nutshell. We now see how things deteriorated in Hollywood, especially without the MPA as you said.

    My wife unfortunately happens to like “chick flicks” and watches every new one as they are added to the Dish Network programming schedule. She’s kind of a rarity in my opinion- a confident, independent woman who watches this drivel. I would think these kind of movies would appeal more to women fantasizing and living vicariously through these “stories” due to a lack of happiness in their own lives. You know, the latte sipping kind. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of them thanks to her. I can tell you that no genre of movie has more liberal and collectivist messages than this. They all follow everything Rand warned against in that pamphlet.

    I remember one in particular where the main character was (of course) “down on her luck” and was about to get fired from her job for being incompetent due to her anxiety-ridden condition from not being able to find the “right man”. As her boss was about to fire her, her female co-workers in the office stepped in and bullied and shamed the boss into keeping her. They said “She’s lost her apartment, her boyfriend, and now what- you’re going to throw her out into the street?” The boss (with shocked facial expression) said, “Lord, no, what do you think I am? A Republican?” That’s when I left the room to continue my reading elsewhere.

    On a more positive note, I’ve been a big fan of “super heroes” and “ubermen” since I was a kid…although comic book heroes are not immune to the liberal pressures Rand warned of either unfortunately. I love the new Avengers movie- I’ve seen it four times. There’s one great line in there when Captain America is talking to Agent Coulson about his uniform, which he hasn’t worn since he was frozen in the 1940’s. Coulson references the uniform, and Cap replies, “The stars and stripes? Isn’t that a little old fashioned these days?” Coulson replies, “With everything that’s going on these days, maybe old fashioned is what we need right now”. There were more references to America’s greatness that that in the film. It gives me at least a little hope for the future of entertainment.


  2. I’ve been schooled by my own 9 year old in regard to collectivism. She was playing with her skateboard on our driveway when a neighbor girl came over. The girl asked her if she could have a turn on her skateboard and my daughter said “no”. The girl went crying home to whine to her Mom that my daughter wasn’t sharing. Me, trying to be a peacemaker and apparently brainwashed by collectivism, asked her why she wouldn’t share. My daughter replied, “*I* was playing with *my* skateboard. I never invited her over to play. She came over to me. Would you let someone drive your car if they marched over and demanded it?” Snap! Like I said, I was schooled by my own kid.


  3. The marxist progressive rot is not limited to the movies and TV shows. It is now in full bloom in the new Common Core standards being imposed on all of our schools, public / private / home schooled. A telling Common Core-compliant lesson in civics is the drawing of a parallel between a family and government. Sorry, the government is NOT my parent…!!! But as you can tell from movies going back to the silent era, Hollywood has always pushed some communized form of altruism; the rot started long before the days of HUAC and the MPA. And it continues today, with blatant and sometimes comically stupid comments about conservatives and Republicans popping up totally out of context in all sorts of shows.
    That said, let’s remember that Ayn Rand was NOT against compassion, helping the needy, sharing your possessions and your life, etc. — not as long as you did it of your own free will, not as long as the recipient was someone deserving of your consideration and worthy of your kindness. She drew a sharp line between rational selfishness, all the destructive behaviors that altruists pack under the label of “selfish,” and the parasite-and-host relationship that the institutionalized altruism of the welfare state forces on all citizens.


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