Sex in the Halls of the Mason School System: The arrogant public employees

Lumbering down the Mason school system hallways in pursuit of the retched sounding animal noises permeating along the corridor originating from a closed office door Assistant Principal Keeton turned the knob as the ghosts of Stacy Schuler’s sex antics haunted her mind. The worst horror imaginable presented itself to Keeton’s eyes as yet another sex scandal has exploded upon the scene of that promiscuously infatuated school district. Mason High School business teacher Jason Austerman and high school campus supervisor Kimberly Rowland were in states of undress and performing a vigorous rendition of the horizontal mamba in contorted manifestations. Darryl Parks of 700 WLW was one of the first to break this story on his Saturday show. Listen to the video below to hear how it sounded.

So why did they do it? Why didn’t Jason and Kimberly get a room down at the Fields Ertel exit during lunch where they could be alone? Or maybe take a drive in their car and park someplace private and do their business? The only conclusion one can make is arrogance, pure and simple.

Arrogance is what makes these teachers believe they can embark on these sexual adventures during school hours under the protection of the teachers union. Mason during the Stacy Schuler trial was able to contain the portion of the story involving assistant principal George Coates sending pictures of himself to Stacy during school hours. Mason managed to get rid of George quickly and discreetly while the media focused on the sex between Stacy and the five high school students in her home. But there was sex going on at Mason during work hours between Stacy and others. This is just the latest escapade between Jason and Kimberly. Public employees trained in a progressive political system do not have the kind of values that mainstream Americans have, and they have a noticeable arrogance knowing that the union protects them from anything but a catastrophic public relations meltdown.

Because Assistant Principal Keeton opened the door and became a third-party to the act, the labor union and Mason public relations by Tracy Carson could not clean up the public perception at that point. The two school employees resigned quickly, so that they could get jobs elsewhere once the heat was off. That is the mode of operation for all public schools.

At Lakota, the district to the immediate west of Mason, there is a recent case where a teacher used a special needs child to gain access to the mother in order to start a sexual relationship, using the child as leverage. All this was done on this teacher’s school computer and the father/husband of the child and mother had obtained the very salacious emails—stacks of them, done during school hours from school property for acts of sex that was covered up by the school principal and the human resources manager at the time. The teacher was moved to another school to satisfy the parents, the human resources manager took a job in Michigan and just this past week the Principle took a new job locally but far enough away from Lakota to hopefully leave his ghosts with little motivation to follow. There are many such stories and this is why schools have to pay extraordinary amounts of money on public relations to contain these types of scandals.

At Lakota the need for clean public relations went so far that the former public relations director of 2011 was pushed by the school board to clean up a series of dangerous stories, one the pedophile case at Lakota where a teacher was undressing students in his third grade class and taking pictures of them and storing multiple images of child pornography on his school computer. Then of course was this case involving the special needs child and a very angry father. (VERY ANGRY.) The case went to the State of Ohio School Board. But the papers didn’t report that—did they? Because good public relations helped contain the story quickly, but not without damage. The PR Director at Lakota decided she didn’t want to perform the job as dictated by the school board focused intently on keeping all news about Lakota good, because the focus was on passing a school levy in the fall of 2011. The school board paid the PR Director $90,000 to go away and buy-out her contract and they now pay a private firm $60 an hour to do the job. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME OF THE ACTUAL BILLING STATEMENTS. Yes, it’s very expensive, and its whole purpose is to clean up messes like what Mason is going through right now.

Mason has been forced to avoid a tax increase attempt while the smoke clears from their year of scandals that could not be cleaned up by Tracy before the story got into the mainstream media. They managed to move their superintendent–who had knowledge of many sex scandals going on in Mason climaxing with the Stacy Schuler trial–to upper Ohio to avoid more scandalous damage. So as Stacy Schuler nobly stood in front of her accusers and took responsibility for her actions and went to jail for 48 months, there were many, many rats that had jumped off the ship in Mason to avoid massive investigations that would ruin everyone’s careers. Just like what has happened in Lakota, and is happening at this very moment in every public school in America. It’s a game to these public employees that is focused more on avoiding detection than in behaving correctly.

So why did Jason Austerman and Kimberly Rowland of the Mason school district do it, especially knowing the risk to Mason if they got caught? Because they are arrogant, they lack respect for themselves, their jobs, the community that employs them, and the money that funds the whole operation. They live in a government employment bubble of altered reality that does not understand responsibility for their actions because they lack competition in their business. Public school teachers and administrators can act badly and get away with it because they don’t fear losing their jobs unless their schools public relations department fails to protect them, and in those cases the next choice is to simply move to a different district. So there isn’t any fear of losing a job to keep their morality in check.

This latest case of malicious sex during school between school employees will not be the last. In fact, I’d go so far to say that it’s rampant. There is without question evidence that these things go on in every workplace, but in government positions they happen more often because in those jobs even the least bold among us lack fear of punishment for their actions. In most jobs coworkers might only think about doing the dirty deeds but will avoid the task out of fear of being caught. In government positions, especially well-paid teachers and administrators who do not work pay check to pay check with dimes to spare like most people, they have a luxurious life, short work hours, healthy compensation and a progressive work environment that is a direct result of the utopian hippie age where sex is free, personal possession is forbidden, and trust in a God for guiding principles is virtually nonexistent.

This won’t be the last time sex scandals break out in a school system. It is the job of the public relations personnel in these schools to cover for the Jason’s and the Kimberly’s of public education and all those who knew about the sex, but failed to act while trying to convince the public that they should continue to send their children to these education institutions, and that they should build their homes around such testaments of prosperity as public education. But upon a closer look, these institutions of learning are simply pornographic propaganda nightmares that do very little for the public of what they promise. The children come out of them half-baked, the parents pawn off much of the parenting to the third-party of public education because they fear the personal responsibility of actually being a parent. Meanwhile in a corner office darkened for effect there are animal noises coming from two impassioned school employees as they indulge in each other while students walk by the door outside and snicker. Most of the school employees know about it and avoid turning the door knob because of the scrutiny that in so doing might bring to their personal livelihoods. Reporting the activity might affect the next levy attempt, so they turn their attention the other way, and plot their own sexual moves to attempt to bed either Kimberly or Jason once one of them is free. And we wonder why our kids come out of public education so screwed up and demoralized. Just look to the animal sounds coming from the corner office with the door shut, but audaciously unlocked—almost daring someone to open it—and you’ll know why.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

18 thoughts on “Sex in the Halls of the Mason School System: The arrogant public employees

  1. Isn’t this becoming an epidemic? At some point, the public needs to engage in this because this is schools gone wild, and the first act is to cover up, not address the problem. The districts are more worried that the public will lose confidence in them than protect kids or promote ethical activity.


  2. Gary Jeff Walker was making fun of this issue on his early morning talk show. Many men called in this morning. One talked about the sex ed teachers using a cucumber to show the kids how to put on a condom. Interesting that the guys seem to be more appalled than the women. So, warrior, you were pretty much on target when you wrote about the frustrated suburban moms being so enthralled with the school administrators. No wonder the kids are so confused. They are being taught by teachers that do not seem to have a moral core. Teachers that shouldn’t be around impressionable kids. As I once said, sex is the only subject taught k-12.


    1. I think you’re right, when I called a bunch of those levy supporters latte sipping prostitutes they got so mad because they are trying to hide the fact from themselves and when they learned that many of us—-and I mean many–think of them that way based on their actions, they just couldn’t handle it. I have never seen so many grown adults swoon over other grown adults like I have in a school board meeting or other school event. Some people just have screws loose that need to be tightened, and in public education it appears they are filled with many such loose screws.


      1. In the same vein, a school board treasurer just received a reward from the auditor for doing her job. Seriously! The auditor’s emissary stated how proud she was, because so many of the state’s treasurers could not produce reports in an organized, useable manner. It is no wonder the schools set the bars so low, because we allow such mediocrity to exist at the highest levels of leadership. Next they will get awards for showing up and clocking in.


      2. Now don’t go saying stuff like that in public…….you might give them the idea. I can actually see them giving out such awards. These people are such mush minded softies that they expect to be given awards for everything. Lately, you might have noticed that area teachers were getting lots of national attention…..why do you think that is? The president and the unions that support him want to off-set the damage that we are doing down here in Southern Ohio. Which I consider a an honor. If it pisses off that merry band of misfits, looters, and progressives, I’m a happy guy.


  3. Please get your facts straight on one thing – Stacy Schuler did NOT ever engage in any sex acts during school hours or on school grounds. Stop spreading rumors like they are fact. But thank you for recognizing the fact that Stacy Schuler took responsibility for her actions, while many others in the Mason administration threw her under the bus to save their own hides!


  4. If all of the school treasurers knew how to perform their duties according to the State Auditors recommendations, all of the records should be available on line. Unfortunately there is almost zero transparency in the way most districts perform the records of our tax dollars. Secondly, most of us are sick and tired of our local papers listing teacher after teacher getting rewarded for doing their job. Why don’t we read the same braggadocios articles about every other profession? The answer is that the papers are shills for the NEA.


      1. I think it comes down to access to stories. The schools tend to blacklist reporters who don’t “play nicely” and newspapers need to fill their sports sections. The superintendent covers almost a whole half page each week, so it’s important for the paper to have access to the schools because it’s easy news. It is because of this relationship however that schools are seen as the center of the community, when in fact there are many things that could be written about.

        In an indirect way, the school puts a lot of ads in the paper, directly and indirectly. And the union of course built this whole infrastructure back in the 40’s and 50’s. So that’s how the NEA controls the paper. Not directly, but indirectly–like most things.


  5. The local papers, such as the Pulse and Western Star, are almost totally dependent on school news. There wouldn’t be a sports page at all if the schools refused to allow reporters on the field or to give the reporters information. The main section of the paper consists of mostly school news. Pages of honor roll winners and applause for the wonderful job the schools do. The board prepares a “packet” for any news. Sometimes they actually write the articles for the “reporter.” The overpaid P.R. people do write and determine the news for the paper. I don’t know about a kickback, but without school news there wouldn’t be a viable paper.

    As for the treasurers reports they are allowed to give excuses year after year. For example: Lebanon changed to the Cash Basis of Accounting. They said it saved money. How I don’t know, other than they can neglect an inventory. The state requires GAAP accounting. (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) For several years the district used the excuse that it would cost about $16,000.00 to implement GAAP. This was during and after the $5 million missing fund fiasco. To date, I
    don’t know if they every were forced to follow the law.


    1. ahh, yes lucky Clermont County….they are lucky enough to get Keithie Klein, who could give a rats ass about kids, bullies, special needs kids, and what parents want. Ironically, his wife is Superintendent of Mason. I sure would love to hear their dinnertime conversations. She seems like a nice woman who actually likes kids–wonder how she feels about her husband and all his cohorts being run out of east for their crimes?
      Oh, thats right, its “all about the kids”:::hurl:::


    1. Explain. Which facts are wrong? I wrote the story based on inside sources from the school. They may not be the people the school district “approves” of, but they hold up. Ultimately only the people involved know the whole story, so if you have something to elaborate, “K” I’ll include it. I left the type of sex obscure to keep things PG rated.


      1. We’ll be waiting or a long time. What they really want is for the story to be swept under the rug so they can ask for more money. I will continue to “shoot” my mouth off until they stop asking for money. Because I don’t want to pay for those kinds of employees.


  6. Watch for more stories coming from local districts. The moral decay within the schools reflects society. As the warrior has said in past essays, spring break in Cancun or Ft. Lauderdale shows that younger and younger kids are allowed to travel all over the planet and are left to their own “learned” devices. Many times teachers go along. We had a case in our district where a team went to Florida and one of the kids almost died from alcohol poisoning. Coach didn’t bother to seek help or obtain medical attention for the kid. CYA was his motto. Word is that the coach and adults along on the “trip” had been drinking. Just one small example.


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