Killboy Joins the Chase: A new addition to “Tail of the Dragon”–THE NOVEL!

UPDATE — Video showing how the novel came to be supporting the pictures below can be see in the “Making Of” Tail of the Dragon series seen by CLICKING HERE!

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Not long ago Darryl Cannon, known all around central Tennessee as Killboy took this picture of my wife and I slaying the Dragon for our first time. The road famously known as the Tail of the Dragon was such an exciting, and unique experience that it prompted me to make it the subject of my next action novel, which is about to hit bookstores everywhere!

I have since been back to slay the Dragon several times now and have come to know Killboy and Ron Johnson featured in the below video from The Discovery Channel called Hell Roads. Ron Johnson in fact was one of the first people who read the manuscript of my novel after extensive research of the area brought me into contact with Ron and Killboy to such an extent that Killboy has now been inserted into the novel as a supporting character. My publisher agreed to the late change to the manuscript which is now closed and off to production.

A novel about a place like the Tail of the Dragon must be exciting. Nothing less would be acceptable. But if early readings of the book are any indication, it appears that I may well have achieved my original goal and written what may become known as the most exciting—action packed novel in the history of the written word—and I am very proud of it. In fact, here is what Ron Johnson said after he read the early version of the novel!


Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!

Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print. A must read for anyone who has resented being ticketed, especially on the Dragon.

Ron and Nancy Johnson, Tail of the

It was Ron who suggested inserting Killboy into the story. Once Killboy agreed to my use of his likeness, we were off to yet another major manuscript change coming in the final approval from my editor. Luckily my editor and publisher saw my reasoning for inserting Killboy into the fictional story of the greatest car chase to ever be conceived in print or the silver screen, because whenever one visits the Tail of the Dragon, Killboy is a big part of the overall area mythology.

In the book it is Killboy who starts what becomes billions of dollars in destruction and a political struggle that ends up all the up to the Oval Office of the White House over a simple bet. And the bet was not a hefty sum of money—but just an average hot dog that would become responsible for starting a war in America.

The book features a $20 million car that is the ultimate super hot rod but is “environmentally friendly” as it’s 700 HP engine runs off vegetable oil–another first for a story involving high-speed car chases. The story itself is dedicated to all the thrill seekers, hopeless romantics, law breakers, freedom fighters, would-be-race car drivers, back-woods philosophers, young people proving what they’re made of, and the middle-aged rediscovering their loves and passions. It’s a book dedicated to those who are sick of politics and the terrible scam of traffic tickets. This book is dedicated to everyone who fears getting pulled over by the police and has had to suffer through the pain of paying an expensive ticket. This book gives the reader the opportunity to do what everyone wishes they could do—and that’s fight back!

All that and more ended up in the final draft that just inserted Killboy’s character into the story. Everyone involved is extremely happy with the results. In fact you can read what the copyeditor had to say about her recent read of Tail of the Dragon at the below link, as well as other articles I’ve written throughout the development of the process from the time that Killboy took the picture of my wife and I, up untill the early version of the press release. Examining these links will take you deeper into the lore of the Tail of the Dragon and give you great insight into what my exciting new book is all about and why it will soon become a must read. Your life may never be the same! Just click on the hot links to discover much, much more!

Comments from the copyeditor

The science of a supercar that runs on vegetable oil and is environmentally friendly!

Tail of the Dragon Press Release

Why car chases are sexy and good for your love life:

Why I love SPEED! The essence of my new novel Tail of the Dragon

Free Meredith Graves: The politics of Tennessee

The Legend of the Misty Mountains: Romance in the Tail of the Dragon novel

Gadgets and gismos: Why every boy and every man will love Tail of the Dragon

Action! ACTION! ACCCCTTTTTIIIOOOONNNNN!!!! Intensity and passion at Tail of the Dragon

Why my novel Tail of the Dragon takes place on THE FOURTH OF JULY!

The book will soon be available for pre-orders all over the country and I will pass that information along as my publisher gives it to me. It will be available wherever books are sold, so it will not be difficult to find. It is my pleasure to offer such an exciting work that I put a great deal of time and effort in. The book started off as a giant manuscript of well over 100,000 words, but my editor and the rest of the staff realized that the meat of Tail of the Dragon was in the iconic car chase which does not yield character development to action, but rather pays respect to both. I have read a lot of books over the years and in the year that Killboy took the picture of my wife and I on the Dragon we road our motorcycle nearly 10,000 miles that summer on roads from the shores of Lake Erie to the end of US 1 in Key West. And my reason for going to Key West was not to drink beer in the Bull and Whistle, but to see Hemingway’s home because I’ve always loved Ernest Hemingway as a writer. It is not my intention to be a simple dime store novelists but one who seriously examines the deep subjects of philosophy. But, who says that has to be a boring enterprise? I want my readers to have fun along the way and to come back for another ride. In Tail of the Dragon, it would seem I more than pulled it off.

Fans do not have to wait for the book to come out however to begin enjoying the Tail of the Dragon. My friend Ron Johnson has Tail of the Dragon t-shirts and posters for sale right now so feel free to visit him and check out all the exciting merchandise he has to offer. His site of course is one of the places that my Tail of the Dragon novel will be featured. Check it out!

And if you want to see what Killboy is all about, you can see his website at:

 Listen to a radio interview and more previews with Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman (CLICK HERE)

Members of the media and other professionals—feel free to contact me at LinkedIn:

Also, check out what Good Morning America had to say about Tail of the Dragon.

As can be seen from the above photos the making of Tail of the Dragon took me on a journey to many places to capture the feeling of independence articulated in the novel.  Every hard mile was worth it as the results ended up on the printed page of Tail of the Dragon, coming very soon!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

6 thoughts on “Killboy Joins the Chase: A new addition to “Tail of the Dragon”–THE NOVEL!

  1. Really exciting motion of Killboy Joins! I’m totally surprised to see HIS Dragon motorbike ridding. But there happen some unexpected accident. Truly say that this post is quite memorable to me.


  2. L’Oreal For Men, Macho Maybelline, Elizabeths Boxers. The characters hanging around are in fact sentient, and after 30 years to be the bad guy, Ralph decides to produce a break because of it with the game’s power cord that provides him access to other games in the arcade.
    It’s entirely possible that my attitude around it came, on some level, from understanding that I still liked boys.


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