The Tyranny of Government: Justin Binik-Thomas tells his story

When I heard from some residents in our sacred Liberty Twp, Ohio that Justin Binik-Thomas, founding member and leader of the Cincinnati Tea Party, and author of the book Profit is Not a Dirty Word came up on an IRS questionnaire to various liberty groups about their affiliation with him, something was amiss. My buddy Doc Thompson up in WXYT in Detroit had Justin on Thursday March 22nd, 2012 to discuss this compelling story, and a few days later Justin came to our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom gathering which specializes in just this type of treachery. That is when I heard from Justin’s own mouth the tale of sedition that many of us long suspected—that the IRS is targeting leaders of the liberty movement in hopes to beat back the advances they’ve made so the status quo of government mediocrity can continue forever—and the IRS is acting out its role as the hammer of government designed to put dissidents in their place.

Of course I can only speculate into the intentions of the IRS since they hold all the cards and would be unlikely to ever admit anything I’m about to say in a court of law. The IRS holds all the cards because we let them have the entire deck, stole from us like thieves in the night, and now in a game where Tea Party groups are trying to peacefully bring government back into some sense of fiscal responsibility, the push-back from government has been a crack-down on FCC license holders to quell “hate speech” otherwise known as the “truth,” to use the labor unions as arms of thuggery in an organized crime type racket to advocate demonstrations among the various “occupy” groups all over the nation, and to use the IRS to audit and harass individuals the government considers “trouble makers” and put fear into the people who look up to those leaders.

Justin Binik-Thomas is a resident of the City of Deer Park, Ohio and a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University (MS) and The University of Cincinnati (AA, BS). In addition to working in the medical industry, he specializes in media relations and communications as owner/consultant with Conservative Media Group, LLC. As stated, Justin was a leader of the Cincinnati Tea Party and a founding member. But the young man who sat with me during our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom meeting was hardly a trouble making—rebel rousing—tax evading dissident. He was cerebral, well-spoken—well mannered and displayed all the typical signs of an author that is intelligent, aware, inquisitive, and he possessed a perpetual hunger for the truth. You can see a copy of Justin’s book at the link below, as well as the stories so far covering this issue. As I write this, USA Today is set to cover it in the upcoming week.

Profit is Not a Dirty Word

IRS Targeting JBT Stories

MARCH 16, 2012

(links to


MARCH 16, 2012
** Update March 24


MARCH 22, 2012

Detroit’s WXYT Radio – Doc Thompson 5:06 PM

MARCH 23, 2012

(links to

You cannot put a godless heathen on the stand in a court of law and expect the truth, because the heathen does not believe in any god, so to ask the question, “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God,” means nothing, because many who function in our current government no longer understand the meaning of most of the words in that sentence. So I would never expect a truthful statement from any government official in any capacity. If they were asked whether the IRS was openly harassing Justin Binik-Thomas because they wanted to send a message to other members of the Tea Party Movement of who the boss is—the IRS—the Federal government more specifically, then I’d never expect them to admit so much. I would expect public relations firms to be hired to convince the media that people like Justin and the “radicals” of the Tea Party movement are extremists and should not be listened to while at the same time harassing the leadership of such groups with mind numbing paperwork designed to limit the movement of such leaders so they waste their time filling out forms, and not writing books countering the socialist push the government seems committed to as a public platform.

But you don’t need anybody to admit anything. As always, actions speak the truth that the mouth doesn’t say. And the actions here are open harassment of a young man so to send a warning shot to every Tea Party member in southern-Ohio. That message is, “If you mess with us, we’ll cut your noogies off.” The questionnaire sent to the multiple liberty groups Justine spoke about was a warning as well as it was intelligence gathering. It sent two messages; it said that if you wish to mess with the federal government that you will be targeted, just as Justin has been. Since he’s a leader among Tea Party people (this is how the government thinks) look what we can do to him. We will hunt down your family, and friends. There will be nowhere to hide. And the second message is the show of force behind the rule of law to comply with their mandate.

Justin didn’t say it when he spoke to me—he was genuinely concerned as to why he was a target. I understood his feelings. Having a target painted on your back is a disconcerting feeling and he was in good company. Of the 22 people in attendance at our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom gathering 8 of them have suffered similar harassments in the past and knew instantly what Justin was going through. And we’re not just talking about mild harassments, but extended jail time—deliberate arm twisting to gain testimony. The same practice the IRS is using to send a “subtle” message to liberty groups using Justin as the sacrificial victim.

Well, I think the IRS is completely illegal according to the principles established by our country. It’s a degrading, tyrannical force that should be abolished completely. It is used to steal money from everyday American’s to redistribute into enterprises that I would term evil, funding abortion, funding corruption, paying high salaries to worthless federal officials who in turn spend back on K-street prostitutes advancing the sex traffic industry and I personally don’t want any of my money to go to those activities, but the more money I make, the more those thieves take, and they use the IRS audit and strong-arm tactics to do it granted to them by the law—laws created by the thieves who have made theft legal for their benefit. You can read my thoughts about the IRS and my friend Hickory who simply refused to participate in any of these extortion measures at the link below. Things didn’t go well for him, but he also exposed their true intentions. (Very interesting story.)

Just because a person is your neighbor and wears business attire when they go to work, it doesn’t make them less of a thief if they work for an organization that openly harasses citizens using the tax code to beat people into compliance. And that is what the IRS is, a money grabbing entity designed to perform legalized theft, and enforcement of their ability to steal through force and intimidation if necessary. Again, nobody would ever admit so much in a court of law, but their actions demonstrate their intentions.

People ask me often why I don’t sell commercial space on this site of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, since it is rather popular and could probably generate a healthy revenue if I so desired. My reason is that once you bring money into the mix, the IRS gains control of your ability to produce. That’s why they are called The Internal Revenue Service. Its revenue for the government—revenue for the looters and moochers, the legal thieves and the scum bags who hide behind the laws they create to extort money from our wallets. And I will not give them access into my life by making more money than I need to live because in my experience with them in the past, they only seek to steal it anyway. So working to make more money serves them, not me. And the moment I take revenue from this site, you can bet they will be at my door looking for their take, just like a mobster. Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is not about money, it’s about philosophy, an American philosophy, and the IRS has not yet figured out how to tax—philosophy—the ideas that come from our minds. If they could, they would. That’s why at meetings like the one we had where I spoke to Justin we took no money for donations, we accept no money for the web work, we don’t even discuss generating revenue, because the moment money exchanges hands in a donation of any kind, the IRS has legal rights to your organization and are free to enforce the power of the government against you at their discretion.

I think Justin Binik-Thomas is being used as an example of what can and will happen if the liberty groups do not evaporate back into the shadows. That was my first thought when I heard Justin’s story over a month ago, and now hearing it from Justin himself—I’d bet money on it. The IRS is flexing its muscle and showing what its functioning patterns are. It’s showing what it believes, and who it works for. It’s also showing its future intentions.

When a robber holds up a victim at gunpoint and says, “Hands up where I can see them, give me all of your money,” the robber wants to know that the victim will not attempt violence to defend themselves or their property. They want to see an act of compliance and eliminate the danger of defensive action. The robber wants unmolested access to the victim preferably without violence so they can take the money and leave unharmed. The IRS is doing the same thing to liberty groups using Justin as the gun. They are saying that if you continue, you will be harassed and we will come after you and your families. See—we are doing it to this nice, young man who is one of your leaders. We’ll do it to you too.

It is for these reasons that any president who supports the IRS as it is now are part of the problem, every senator, congressman, lobbyists, intern, news reporter, stripper, prostitute, pimp daddy, (they’re all the same to me) who work in Washington and support the coercion methods of the IRS is supporting open tyranny of the American people by theft they legalized under penalty by law—law they created to means they created—for their personal benefit. And the IRS thinks nothing of ruining the lives of anyone who stands in their way to get what they want, even if it’s a nice young man like Justin Binik-Thomas who is simply asking questions, writing books, and desiring reforms that don’t run up the national debt to over $15 trillion dollars ruining the lives of his children’s future. If a person like Justin is the enemy of the IRS and the federal government—then we’re all in trouble.

But we know who the bad guys really are.  And we’re not it.  Unlike other groups, the IRS won’t be able to do anything to this one, and that’s a reality they better get used to.   So no matter what happens Justin, we have your back.  You can count on that much in this life.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

13 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Government: Justin Binik-Thomas tells his story

  1. On target as usual……..Excellent!

    To affirm your assertion that being in government does not make you
    anymore an expert nor more virtuous than any other citizen.

    Milton Friedman has many Youtube videos if anyone is interested.
    There are also Ayn Rand videos.


  2. Best group of patriots you’ll ever meet. Milton Friedman had it right when he asked Donohue, “Just where are these angels you are talking about?” Our group is pretty close to a group of concerned and honest people as you’ll ever find. None are looking for a reward and all are hoping to save our Republic from immanent destrution. There are some very evil and selfish people in charge of our country. They are using our tax dollars against us. They have the audacity to “audit” and intimidate private citizens. I believe the specific purpose is to use leaders as examples to others that have the same beliefs. I wonder, do they audit Louis Farrakhan and people of his ilk. The Black Panthers who put a price ont the head of a neighborhood watch person. Any audits to that group as to where they came up with the $1 million bounty. Now there are threats of another 1968. I remember 1968 well. We came home from Europe to Detroit late that summer. There were whole sections of the city that were burned to the ground. A neighborhood where we had lived was left in total destruction. I found it hard to believe that human beings were capable of such violent and useless destruction. Detroit has never recovered from the bedlam that ensued that summer. Is that what these people want? Do they want to turn our country over to thugs and IRS agents (same thing)? I really can’t seen any benefit to them except to claim that they took down the best and mightiest country the world has ever known. Where will the millions and trillions of dollars come from to pay the welfare when the productive citizens stop working? I don’t believe these people think anything through to a logical end. Ignorance is what their leaders count on.
    People better wake up. Farrakhan and his brothers are asking for a war. God help us.


  3. Justin Binik-Thomas was correct in his interview today on nationwide TV concerning the IRS. However, what he failed to mention is that the United States has – for decades – used the IRS as a terrorist group to terroize anyone who dares to utilize their constitutional right to question the United States government. I and several of my friends in Ohio were also victims and I was followed by a two men in black suits and an unmarked white car for 2-weeks when I lived in Ohio. The IRS in Cincinnati also sent documents to my home and tried to trick me into signing them. When I called them about the documents, the agent told me that the documents were routine forms of protection – but, she would not explain what that “protection” entailed. However, the agent was very friendly and requested that I sign them and return the documents ASAP. However, before signing them, I let my attorney in Lima reveiw them. Contrary to the lie that the IRS agent told me, my attorney discovered that, if I had signed them, I would have given the IRS written permission to audit me for years past that the statutes of limitations had ran out on. It was trick! Due to the terrorist activity of the IRS upon tens of thousands of Americans, many have died – committed suicide. Tens of thousands of American have lost their homes and their live savings. Thousands of Americans have lost their jobs. Thousands of families were broken up and many lost their families. As a matter of fact, the terrorist activity got so out of hand from 1970-1990, that the late Senator William Roth sued the IRS and had senate hearings on the terrorist activity of the IRS that aired nationwide for weeks in the mid-90’s. I suggest that you do research on those hearings – they may also be on DVD or video. However, during those hearings, many ex-IRS agents, who were fired by the IRS, testified on nationwide TV in the hearings that the IRS repeatedly and maliciously and without cause, terrorized tens of thousands of innocent Americans simply because they disagreed with how the US government was being ran and dared to speak out about it. And, the terrorist activity has not stopped – it continues today. As a matter of record, while the world is dealing with terrorist activity overseas, Americans are STILL dealing with terrorist activity within it’s own boarders – the IRS.


  4. Thank you Mr. Jennings for your comments. Terrorism is felt by every American when April 15th rolls around. You worry if you had all of the required lines filled in to suit them. Most of us would never cheat on our tax returns because we do fear the terror that IS the IRS. (Why is it called “Service?”) There isn’t a thing service oriented about this group of bureaucrats. It is a real terrorist organization and there is no way to fight their extortion tactic.

    The media has managed to label patriots as “right wing zealots.” We are patriots that believe in our Constitution and the principles that our Founding Fathers prescribed for our Republic. Unfortunately, we have allowed elected representative to lurk in the halls of Our Congress for far too long. They have built up an unmanageable bureaucracy to insulate them from “We the People.” They listen to the whims of the lobbiests who foot the bills for their campaigns and make them millionaires that can be accommodated by only the finest of food, lodging and travel.

    The only way to reign in these people is Term Limits with no retirement benefits. Eight years and out for the Congress and twelve for the Senate. They don’t even answer their mail these days. Recently I found a file with information and several letters signed by Rep. Tom Kindness. He actually read my letters and sent me a personal response. Tom was from Hamilton and mighty fine representative. He also knew when it was time to hand the job over to someone else. We all miss the likes of Tom Kindness.


    1. Thank you for responding. I agree – I feel that “term limits” may be the answer to the problem. But, the biggest thing that people must think about doing is starting an in-the-street active revolution against the American government until they disolve the IRS completely.


  5. I’m thinking of Justin all the time. I miss the Crue and Phil. Phil was TKR on the same level. I really miss that.
    We knew truth then. We spoke of it openly.
    Does anyone care? No. Can you change the tranformation? No.
    Can you live better knowing what you know now?


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