One Nation Under Socialism: The latest treasure by Jon McNaughton

Sometimes you have to call things the way you see them, and art is the preferred method of reaching the minds of the many. For many, many years the good of us have slowly watched our very lives gradually be eroded away into a cesspool of mediocrity and corruption. The grand statement as to how far our cultural identification has fallen can be seen in the Casey Anthony verdict in the summer of 2011 where she was found not guilty by a jury of her peers. That particular jury, like many these days have shown that they have lost their moral compass and can no longer can tell right from wrong.

The thieves of our society have capitalized on this naiveté and they exist in both parties. They have thrived by casting our culture into a purgatory of indecision and mundane confusion. We now live in an age where people no longer think, and thus, can no longer stand on the firm ground of their own convictions.

But not everyone is paralyzed by the invisible confines of guilt nurtured by sheer ignorance, and blind trust in some spectral “official” who does the thinking for the masses in favor of mainstream entertainment. And in such time artists rise to the surface to percolate a reality that has long been subdued under neglect, and such is the work of Jon McNaughton, the painter that I recently reviewed as being far more important to our modern culture than William Etty was to the progressive Victorians of New York who went to great measures to lay the foundations of detriment our American culture is currently experiencing. You can read that review here:

Jon McNaughton ignited a firestorm of controversy recently by painting a portrait of President Obama burning the Constitution. Critics have proclaimed that such an action is preposterous, and over-the-top. After all, didn’t the President swear to uphold the Constitution? Isn’t McNaughton declaring in this new painting shown below that the President of the United States is openly neglecting that duty?

Well, of course McNaughton is doing that, because as an artist he is not observing the world around him based on press releases, double-talk, and media manipulation. He is observing the world around him and painting what he sees. Anyone with a clear mind can look at the actions of President Obama and see what he is up to even if the President and his hordes of apologists declare otherwise. Obama is attempting to destroy the United States Constitution though his actions. It was only on March 16, 2012 that the president signed the Executive Order: National Defense Resources Preparedness which is just another extension toward the NDAA Act signed into law on New Years Eve in 2011. The combination of those laws is to detain American citizens just for being in the way of the political power that’s in charge.

But to what end? What is the intention of these presidential acts that show they intend to arrest American citizens and will impose laws without the respect and protections offered by the American Constitution? Well, if you listen to the words of The Earth System Governance Project you will see that there is a push for a one world government designed to protect the earth from the human species, and this is a very real organization that has politicians very much behind their endeavors. You can see their website here:

It is obvious that our current crop of politicians has no intention of defending the United States Constitution and are seeking to end it. You can see this by watching their actions. There is a very real push for global socialism in order to achieve the aims displayed on that web site for Earth System Governance, and this is what appears to be behind the actions of President Obama.

The gateway to these ideas are in our public schools, and the more work I have done in learning about the problems of public education, the more evident it is that The Department of Education has openly advocated the gradual conversion of the United States from a capitalist economic system into a socialist system. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW. And they have been successful by using socialist leaning labor unions to pound through a communist ideology to soften the American people gradually to accept things they would have completely rejected just two decades ago. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THIS WAS DONE.

I remember listening to Paul Harvey’s nighttime broadcast at 3:30 AM in 1995 when he re-read this speech from 1962 that he gave before much of what we see happening around us was still in its infancy. Paul Harvey died in 2009, but he will always be one of my favorite radio personalities due in large part to the words he spoke in the video below.

Evil has made its move against our nation, against our civilization, and evil has made it so that good people cannot call the bad by its proper name in fear of “insulting” those who perpetrate evil openly. Those sinister agents of evil have made such speech unfashionable and therefore captured the politics of orthodox into making the good appear bad and the bad appear to be good.

I have watched the world spin downward and I have tried myself to play fair and believe in the system created by our United States Government, which is employed by all of us. But government believes they are the Elite from Plato’s Republic and they have allowed themselves to become corrupt. This is why the suburbs around Washington D.C. are some of the richest in the entire country, because the wealth of those areas are built off looted wealth of all American taxpayers to fill jobs we don’t need to fulfill the needs of our eventual destruction through those government positions. I see the exact same mentality in public education when dealing with those government schools, there is a pretentiousness that they believe they are entitled to rob, loot and pillage the people of a district to fund the furthering of Socialism in American.

So I think the new McNaughton painting is correct based on the observations of a very good artist. I said it in my original review of McNaughton and I’ll say it again, when the smoke clears from this latest American Revolution, which is being fought right now with words, and not bullets—but I predict will soon, that McNaughton’s pictures will be held in high esteem in the Smithsonian and 100 years from now historians will be thanking the memory of Jon McNaughton for painting what the consciousness of America needed at just the right moment in history to prevent it from falling to the pressure of global socialism.

It won’t be criticism that will be shot in McNaughton’s direction at that future time, but high praise for doing what was right when the rest of the world chastised him for it, for it is in such characters that America was built upon, and it is in such that will deliver it again from the tyranny of socialism.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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