Freedom Watch is off the Air: Censorship by the fools against the truth

Alex Jones spilled the beans on why my favorite television show, Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano is being cancelled from the Fox Business Channel. I have always enjoyed the work of the Judge and it was sad to see the decision by Fox to pull the plug on a successful show. It is even sadder to see that Fox News has been successfully undermined by the powers of control that have successfully implemented the 45 points from the book The Naked Communist. Anyone who thought that such concepts were fiction knows now that the media is dominated by those advocates of political theory, as stated in the book’s publication in 1958 and universally accepted as sacred social doctrine by the educators who taught that media. Control of the media is one of the 45 points, and with Fox News going down, it is obvious that those forces have been hard at work. Click here to read the 45 points for yourself:

I have experienced at virtually every level in my life over the last couple of weeks a push back from the progressive community of which the cancellation of Freedom Watch was simply the final act. In my school district I’ve seen it on the school board and the community at large as they attempt with a fever to suppress any negative stories so that they can make another tax request from the community using all the tricks mentioned in an article from The Blaze discussing how Saul Alinsky taught the unions to use children as propaganda tools in order to obtain funding. As I’ve been stating for years, it is now confirmed that the education unions all across the nation are using Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as a way to drive up education costs, spread a communist philosophy against private property through excessive taxation, and control the flow of leftist political ideology in the education process. Read that story at the following link:

Here is the actual manual that the Michigan Education Association uses for their teachers. Have a look if you don’t believe me or The Blaze article.

Even with the overwhelming proof I’ve provided the crazy PTA moms and their minions of latte drinking despots with diamond rings the size of car tires and asses to match, plot against me with an anger only estrogen can produce. They chant throughout my district’s neighborhoods that Rich Hoffman is their mortal enemy because I hate education and I am trying to rob from them the life they intend for their children. Yet they have no idea that they are just prostitutes to their husbands who do everything they can to be away from them aside from the occasional sex. Their husband’s roll them over at night and insert their manhood into these women of the bedroom and hundred-dollar bills find their way into their purses. The women don’t know what the man does to earn the money, nor do they care. They are busy saving the world one child at a time with howls of safety and more regulations as they rush to the polling places at election time to vote for Obama because he has a nice smile. Those women would do well to read that PDF file, but they won’t, because their minds are filled with shopping and have no room for a serious topic.

And my friend Doc Thompson lost his job at Clear Channel. The real story will be buried forever and the strings that pulled him off his job during his honeymoon are no doubt similar to those who removed Judge Napolitano from Fox Business, or even Glenn Beck from Fox News Channel. It’s not the ratings, it’s the controversy. It’s the rattling of the cage. The howls come from the same women as I mentioned above who plead with perfume still odorous from the previous day because it was stuck between the folds of their skin during showers who tell their executive husbands that the enemies of education, of labor unions, or smiling children are these men and they must be extinguished–cast out of society, which these queens control.

I’ve seen the same attempt in the print media, not by the male executives and their stay-at-home wives, but by the career climbing professional, the women who desire to prove they are every bit as strong as a man, so they too listen to these howling hoards of neurotic women and their estrogen based diatribes. “Shame on that mean Rich Hoffman. We will do more sports stories, and let’s cover the superintendent more—oh how about the new school board member. Let’s help bring the community together.” So the decision is made to put emotion in front of logic to paint a picture that supports the fantasy of the guilt ridden mothers. I speak of these things on the microcosm of my community because they are but elements of a whole that make up the macrocosm.

No, it’s not all women. There are plenty of men who have participated in pushing out entertainment personalities like Judge Napolitano, Glenn Beck and Doc Thompson. Those are the men who fear competition because their ideas are small and their brains cannot, or will not be able to keep up. They are too lazy to compete head to head with someone like Judge Napolitano, so they work to get rid of him. I’m sure Stossel is next. Those terrible libertarians are upsetting the Oprah audience, those same damn women and their brigade of latte drinkers. They don’t want a world built by the Constitution, they don’t want independence, and they want big government to take care of them like their husbands do. Or their bosses at work. Because the essence of these people is laziness, and they don’t want to exert the effort to act or make decisions, so they surrender to the parasites of control and advocate on their behalf. That’s why Soros has a contingent of willing participants to follow him on a tyrannical quest to rule the world with his billions of dollars spent to shape the culture of earth into his own image. Because it’s easy to just go with the flow that someone like Soros creates for the lazy, the timid and the mentally deficient.

Do I sound bitter? It’s an old story and I’ve seen it play out perhaps one time too many. I’ve seen it compressed more into the last 5 days then I care to, but that’s life. I’ve found myself in exactly the same position as Judge Napolitano too many times, where it is possible to do TOO good, that the apple cart gets upset and the enemies against quality come out in full force to inflict their fury. It’s because of those types that I write here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom to such an extent. It’s also why I’ve turned down entertainment venues, and other lucrative projects that have come my way in the last 5 years, because I don’t want to put myself in a position to have something taken away by looters. Like Glenn Beck, I have learned that I can do more good on my own than if I have a boss controlling my content–what I can say and when I can say it. And if I do too good, that I might become a threat to the powers that be, I might find myself fired to protect those threatened because they lack the fortitude to compete squarely on the battlefield of ideas.

The evils of the world are not all done by the mad mothers, the Opera watchers, the do-gooder, the church busy body who disguises their treachery with mountains of good tidings. It’s also done by the men of logic who turn away from reason to pursue peace in the household of vaginas who demand to be fed cosmetics and a beefed up ego so they can function day by day. The corrosion of the world is not all done by the mugger in a New York alley, the rapist, the drug addict or the child molester. It’s also done by those who see those characters coming and turn away from stopping them with broadcasts of peaceful perpetuity as displayed in the Michigan Education Association manual. As admitted in that union manual the intent is not honesty, it is not social valor. It is not spiritual sanctity. The intent is malice! The intent is manipulation! The intent is thievery! And we live in a time when millions have been taught that such things are (GOOD)!

Those millions will attack the few among us with the courage to see the activity for what it is, like Judge Napolitano, and Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck and many others. The millions believe that in silencing those voices they can continue to rob blind all of society by using those neurotic chatter boxes of estrogen as their weapons and the insolence of the men with muscle but no gray matter into drunken inaction. The belief from the vile bowels of social consciousness is that if the voices are silenced then the looting can continue infinitely.

Well no it can’t—I’ve personally fought it all my life. Before the invention of the internet I fought it in the darkness of night with bullets and bullwhips, court rooms, and police reports. For those who complain that forums like the old Fox News, or web sites like this one are doing damage to public education, to the network of looters that are out there and seek to put an end to the voices of warning that come from Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, Info Wars, GBTV or Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, I don’t think you want the result from not having that voice.

My world before this voice was one that the bad guys will not like if I and these others return to that place. Violence is assured. Because there are people like Judge Napolitano who will not be turned to the evil of “not seeing” the treachery in the world around them. The answer for the good is to remove those who wish to commit evil among us so they are no longer a threat. The best and most obvious method of doing that is through education. But if the means of education are eradicated, then the thieving fools have left violence as the only choice.

I have seen this pretentious tendency first hand for many years so I know the aspects which add up to the sum. I’ve been in the boardrooms, the political offices, the brain-storming sessions and I know the heart of the enemy, and I won’t tolerate them with or without a voice. By removing the voices of reason, the world will not go back to the sleepy carcass that it was. In every human being is the desire to be free, and when tyrants impose themselves upon that desire, war will always break out. It is not for the tyrants like the billionaire Soros to decide the course of the human race and to eradicate all dissidents to his plan. It’s not his right to turn the arm of News Corp with legal proceedings so to put an end to shows like Freedom Watch and the Glenn Beck Program because the hungry public is buying up their books with a voracity which terrifies the looters of the world. Those tyrants are just one more in a long line of fools throughout history who suffered mentally from the ability to reason with the world around them, and comprehend the nature of freedom. And silencing the voices who call for freedom will not eliminate the desire. It only continues to rob young men of their wits and young women of their honor as they grow up in a confusing world designed by the tyrant types who desire to make the globe into their own fragmented images.

Losing Freedom Watch from the Fox Business Channel does not give me pause to despair. It just confirms in me that there won’t be a peaceful end to this reign of terror, this “rule by the stupid,” which is currently the case. Instead it infected me with the desire to run my flag out onto my front porch and look west in contemplation, to clean my guns, to oil my whips, to sharpen my knives and prepare them for a day that is coming, a day the media rulers of our day wish to postpone beyond their pensions–beyond their condo leases, to a day on the far horizon. A day they hope to push beyond their lifetimes by cancelling shows like Freedom Watch.

But that day is closer than they think, and as a western wind blew in my face I had to consider how pointless it is that such tyrants will plunge our nation into war with each other before they allow ideas to fight it out in honor for all to see, and for the winners to shape society. Instead, they have elected censorship of the worst kind, the cancellation of a popular show and the forfeit of financial profits in order to appease the foolish and latte drinkers surrounding public education.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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17 thoughts on “Freedom Watch is off the Air: Censorship by the fools against the truth

  1. ‘The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress: the hate of men who will pass and dictators die, and the power they took from the people, will return to the people and so long as men die liberty will never perish’ – Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator


  2. Man..I like P. Patriot. Someday soon we should all meet again with additions to the OW.
    I’m listening to Glenn about his trip to the Vatican this weekend. Like him or not, now we have Alex, Blaze, WND, rt, all coming together and exacting truths. I watched channel 12 this morning for weather?’s entertainment tonight on steroids. Where’s the freaking news of the world??? Dumbed down indeed.
    Saturday, I watched Black Swan as I wasn’t feeling well then turned over to 4 hours on the history channel of The Third Reich. Which do you think depressed me the most? Black Swan. The Third Reich.
    The same if you can see it.

    Keep your powder dry and all that comes with it is good, but have a needed conversation with your neighbors.Those that SURROUND YOU. It matters. Be disciplined, trained, and ready to defend your property. They are coming after you. Believe it!

    As in Matthew24:6
    There will be wars and rumors of war. See to it that you are not alarmed for such things must happen.

    I won’t go on but how many times has Rich and those that know, preached the same.
    Try to have some fun meanwhile.

    Laus Deo
    Lo Ira!

    Happy Washingtons birthday!…..NOT PRESIDENTS DAY


    1. I’m all for another Overmanwarrior meeting! There’s a lot of issues to discuss, and as you said Cyd there’s a few people we missed the first time around… Picktown patriot for sure.


      1. I agree. Let’s plan another one in the next few weeks. I’m thinking the same place for the next one, then we’ll phase in the Warbird trip. We do have a lot to discuss and I think more people want to come. We need that big back room we used before.


  3. You are absolutely incredible. I wish I had half as much energy and wisdom as you do. God bless you!


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