Archie Wilson and his Prostitue Amanda Lay: The mask of evil

The story of Archie Wilson is a sad one. A Tea Party Conservative, and a bible thumper, Archie is now the subject of a manhunt after his resignation on February 2nd from the Clermont County Commissioner position.

Archie is proof that nothing any public official says can be trusted. Public employees must be measured by their actions not on what they say. Archie who lobbied to shut down the strip club of Déjà Vu in Mt. Carmel recently took a position of integrity in upholding his office. However while he was declaring that he’d uphold the integrity of his grandchildren through his righteous actions, he was supplying cocaine to the prostitute Amanda Lay–age 26–to have sex with him, pictured to the right. You can see more details about this case at 700 WLW where Scott Sloan broke the story in the early morning.  The story link is:

Archie Wilson was the type of person who everyone would assume could be trusted. He’s 61 years old and a Christian conservative and was endorsed by the Tea Party. As I’ve discussed here, no member of public office can be trusted. The lure of power the moment politicians get behind a desk with their name plate on it corrupts their minds to such twisted measures as Wilson displayed in these acts of terrible judgment.

This story explains beyond doubt why the foundations of our country must be the Constitution and nothing else, because the minds of men are too weak to be trusted with alterations. Even those who publicly declared themselves champions of the Constitution as Wilson did are prone to fall from grace.

Remember Archie Wilson during every speech you see from now on where a politician declares their beliefs to be pure and in the public’s best interest. Make sure to listen to that voice in the back of your mind that says that you are listening to a liar, because you probably are.

And a note to all those who are to the left of the Tea Party and will look at the Archie Wilson case as proof that such characters have infected positions in the political right. You have your own problems. You can read an example from just last week at this link.

The corruption of these minds is not political. It’s cultural quality, which is deficient.

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5 thoughts on “Archie Wilson and his Prostitue Amanda Lay: The mask of evil

  1. I’ve written about the Archie Wilson situation here on this blog before. Somehow I think there’s still way more to this story than we know through the media.

    The last time I wrote about this issue it concerned Bill Cunningham having Scott Croswell and Stan Chesley on his radio show every day for at least a week (it seemed like a month) making all kinds of accusations against Mr. Wilson. It seemed that Mr. Cunningham was using his time on the airwaves to assure the election of his friend Scott.

    Today I heard Bill make a “rare” appearance on Scott Sloan’s show to engage in more trashing of Mr. Wilson, before going on his own show three hours later with Scott Croswell to again have fun with this salacious story.

    According to Bill and Mr. Croswell’s side of the story, Croswell was the independent-minded, fiscally conservative commissioner who was the only one looking out for the interests of Clermont County. For that, he says, he had vicious attacks levied against him and was forced to run as an independent while the Republican Party ran a “stooge” like Archie Wilson whom they could control. They painted Mr. Croswell as a hero.

    Somehow I think the truth lies in the middle, but certainly nowhere near Mr. Croswell and Cunningham’s version. There’s some kind of nasty politics involved in all of this, most certainly revolving around power and money. Even though I live in Clermont County and have tried to get to the truth of all this, Rich may have greater insight into this situation, as he has many more contacts in local politics and the media than I do. I have no idea if the “hooker and drugs” story is true, or if the original slander allegations against Mr. Wilson are. All I know is that all of this, including the way the young lady identified Mr. Wilson, still seems highly suspect to me. Something stinks…of politics. And, I know that I have zero respect and trust where Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Croswell, and Mr. Chesley are concerned. I don’t believe a word that comes out of any of their mouths.

    Then again I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the entire Archie Wilson story is true. As Rich said, “politician” and “liar” are almost synonymous.


  2. I agree with you Phil. There are a few rats in this story. Since we haven’t heard from Mr. Wilson, we might not want to jump to any conclusions. Mr. Chesley has his own problems in Kentucky. I believe he isn’t allowed to practice law in Kentucky because he was found to be corrupt. From what I have read Archie is MIA. The call girl has a long rap sheet. I doubt if a jury would give her any credability. I’m waiting for the full story on this one.


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