Darryl Parks of 700 WLW is right, it is difficult to be the focal point when one acts as a beacon of truth in a world gone mad. And that is how he started his Saturday show of January 14, 2012 revealing that his home school district of Forest Hills is attempting to pass a new tax levy using the superintendent to build consensus with the residents of Darryl’s neighborhood. Darryl was furious that his district is attempting to raise taxes, insulted is more like it. In reaction to the schools aggressive move he posted on his blog the salaries and benefits of the employees of Forest Hills Schools so that voters can see what is dictating the necessity of a new tax levy. You can see the Forest Hills School district costs here:


Darryl put out the call for support since he has helped with so many other levies throughout the city of Cincinnati over the years, and now he needs to know that he has friends and allies in his fight against tyranny from money grabbing public workers who use our children as hostages to obtain yet more money from the value of our properties. The best description of such an endeavor is that of legalized theft. That’s where the difficulties come in at being the lone voice of a particular region pointing out the hypocrisy of the big business of education that operates more like a crime syndicate or a Vegas casino as opposed to a palace of learning for the bright minds of our youth. So I called in to Darryl and let him know that I will stand with him in his fight against this oppression known as the Forest Hills School Levy of 2012. You can hear that discussion at the 16 minute mark of the recording below which became very interesting when a teacher from Lakota, where I have fought many such levies myself, called in and proclaimed that I was an idiot. Listen to that epic broadcast by clicking the video below:

The woman’s name was Kari, and as you could hear she came out with her guns blazing with the typical rhetoric she had heard about me from her friends and other teachers around the district. She didn’t know it, but I was laughing when I heard what her problems were with me, because the things she accused me of doing I never participated in. She professed that I attended meetings where I shouted down people who were speaking, which I never do. I always let other people speak, and I treat them with respect–100% of the time. So I knew right away that many of her statements were not based on firsthand knowledge but the kind of dialogue that goes on around water coolers. Kari also declared that my facts were wrong, which is another common tactic that the Lakota School system attempted to utilize in order to discredit me, trying to keep people from looking at the data I was presenting. Data such as this: (Read this if you dare)


So I pressed Kari to name one instance where the many facts I’ve stated publicly were wrong. I invited her to declare which of the facts I’ve presented at this website weren’t factual, and there are MANY facts here. Yet as usual she couldn’t do it and they never can. Because what the schools do, all schools because they are not run by local administration dedicated to their communities, but by centrally located education organizations who teach the Delphi Technique for a political agenda that has nothing to do with educating children, but in obtaining more and more funds from communities to prop up labor union goals and teachers like Kari are used as pawns in that game.  (TO GET AN IDEA OF THAT GAME WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW.  THEY ALL GET THEIR SOLICITATION STRATEGY FROM THE OSBA AND THE LABOR UNIONS OF THEIR STATE.  THE GAME IS THE SAME FROM SEATTLE, WASHINGTON TO MASON, OHIO)

The facts the school systems don’t want the public to focus on are why they end up in financial trouble to begin with when the communities of Southern Ohio have been quite generous with their approval of tax money to support their schools, but it never seems to be enough. So people like Darryl and I have went to the trouble to say no to additional tax levies, and demand a fix to the funding structure in Ohio by denying additional funds to our local schools so that we can starve this beast of public education that never seems to get enough, has too high of impression of what it does socially, acts politically against our communities and our families, and is not producing the best of its kind in the world. NO, EDUCTION IS NOT WORTH INFINATE AMOUNTS OF MONEY! It has a value, and we are declaring what that value is when we turn down a levy.

At Lakota the property tax rate is $1,140 per $100,000. That is what residents approved so that is the budget at Lakota. If the state cuts money or the federal government cuts money that does not mean the local tax payers will pick up the difference. It means that when a voter says no at the ballot box that the superintendent must then work within the budget, which means you either have a layoff, or you ask the employees to take a pay cut.

The reason Darryl and I post the wages that these school employees make, is to illustrate to the community why the schools are in trouble, because the school boards and superintendents have allowed the wages to climb too high. At Lakota it’s over $63,000 per year on average out of 2000 employees, which is too high. You can see from Darryl’s list that Forest Hills has a similar situation. So by posting that information, these fighters of these tax increases hope to illuminate to the school itself how to fix the problem, by getting control of their budgets. If you do not wish your yard to look terrible, you cut the grass. If you want to control your budget, you cut your expenditures. You don’t keep building your house higher because the grass keeps growing. As administration management, it is the schools obligation to the community to control their costs, not react to them like a yard out-of-control.

As angry as Kari was at me at the start of the debate, when she was able to settle down and speak rationally, I asked her on 50,000 Watts of flame throwing power over 38 states and parts of Canada, “Would you have been willing to take a 5% cut to save some jobs,” and Kari responded without a second thought, “YES.” This confirms what I have long suspected, that many teachers, especially those making over $65K per year would be willing to take a 5% pay cut to save their brothers and sisters in the union from losing their jobs to a layoff. Yet at Lakota nearly 3 months after a third defeated levy attempt, the superintendent at Lakota hasn’t even went to the union and asked the question that I asked Kari on WLW.

The reason superintendents threaten layoffs, and cut programs at schools are not to balance their budgets but to manipulate the public with extortion. They use The Delphi Technique to play the extortion game with a smile on everyone’s face, but the game is still just as sinister. If you need a review of the Delphi Technique you can learn all about it here:


Because the looted money comes from a trusted school official as opposed to a robber on a New York street doesn’t change the fact that taxpayers are being openly and legally robbed, and that makes me very angry. And it makes Darryl angry, and as long as there is life in people like us, we will fight that kind of tyranny with everything we have in us. WHY?

Well, it’s not to hurt people like Kari. My aim is to hurt the system used to turn Kari against me with the distorted facts she had at her water cooler discussions. The other employees of her school who use the Delphi Technique to manipulate the school employees into a collective brainwashing symphony that targets those of us who stand in the way of the open looting, are the perpetrators. Lakota as an organization had all those teachers convinced that what I have been saying is a lie, that my facts are distortions of reality, that I hate education. But based on what? The hearsay of a government employee who is protecting their right to double dip and make six figures when they clearly aren’t worth the money, an employee such as a superintendent, a principle, or a school counselor who has nothing else productive to do but whisper propaganda into the ears of employees and students are the advocates of misinformation, not me. It’s those same whispers from irresponsible senior administrators who coax our children to roam our community streets at night and vandalize the property of any tax opposition.

That is what Darryl and I are fighting against. While superintendents all across Ohio pretend to be CEO’s running massive organizations, we have revealed that they are just public relations personnel designed by the education system to always secure more funding to feed their big business machine with looted public money. They use the same tactics as presidents of the United States in lying openly to the public because they do not respect our intelligence. This is why the superintendent at Forest Hills Schools is having a “community” meeting where the good Doctor will share a coffee with the community and allow them to feel they are a part of the decision-making process. But the contracts are already signed folks, the money is already spent, and the superintendent of Forest Hills Schools knows it. All he’s doing now is using The Delphi Technique to win voter approval of the money he and his district have already committed to. And if you turn down this levy, he’ll ask again and again and again till you pass it. Because he’s not a manager, this superintendent of Forest Hills Schools, he’s a public relations salesman playing his part in the syndicate of big business education.

The smart thing to do in these confusing times is listen to Darryl Parks on 700 WLW and myself, and a handful of others who hold the torch up proudly and declare NO MORE………………HELL NO on more TAX INCREASES! Hell NO on more looted money from the values of our homes! HELL NO on this mafia like behavior that is public education. We are calling it what it is! To the employees like Kari they are just employees of the syndicate and their wages are high to keep their minds small, and their gossip focused around the water coolers. That’s why they think Rich Hoffman is an idiot, because they didn’t do the research themselves, but just listened to the rumors started by school officials using the Delphi Technique to manipulate them, which they are happy to do as long as the money is good, and the work days are short.

So when we fight teachers, it is not personal against you, but like soldiers on a battlefield you place yourselves between the objective and our current position, so if you become harmed in the crossfire and it is your own fault. You picked the wrong side to fight for so don’t be surprised when you become a casualty. If you do any level of research or thinking on your own, you will discover that you will be on the side of Darryl and I, and that you should be helping him defeat his latest fight against the villains of his own district, who have sabotaged his school with an ominous presence from a syndicate that doesn’t loot with a gun, but with kindness and handshakes. This is not a line of gray that will allow you to be half in or half out. Teachers like Kari are as numerous as stars in the sky, and once we get passed the animosity of our positions, we discover they are good people, like most people are. But it’s the system they service that is the villain, and makes them all accessories to tyranny as long as they blindly serve an institution they know full well is committing crimes against the innocent at many levels in trade for a healthy pay check.

That’s why Darryl and I post how much these employees make, so that the public can know how their money is spent, and you the teacher and administrator can know what your purchase prices is to turn your head away from the crime, and go gleefully on vacation. Ignorance is bliss after all………………..

And to the looters, liars, and manipulators who think The Delphi Technique will continue to hide your thievery………….sorry about the facts. They are pesky, but not going away.

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Rich Hoffman

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17 thoughts on ““Rich Hoffman is an Idiot”:LOOTERS OF THE FOREST HILLS SCHOOL LEVY

  1. OMG LOLOL. That clip was such a treat, particularly the dueling banjos playing in the background.
    I had to laugh at the pleasure in your voice when Darryl said “Hey Rich there’s someone on the phone who thinks you’re an idiot”.
    And she was with the district only 5 years? And she’s going to be paying for her masters degree for the rest of her life??? I have one of those masters degrees and yes it took me years to pay it off but lol not the rest of my life!
    I’m happy that someone that unbalanced, and has that diminished a work ethic, is not teaching our kids anymore.
    and you are one of the most intelligent idiots I know:)


  2. I got to listen to that whole segment Saturday morning “live”. I was in my car with my seven-year-old son in a store parking lot. Even though he was impatient I stayed in the car and listened. I told him, “That’s daddy’s friend on the radio, the one I had lunch with last week.” It was a very compelling radio segment. I have met many men and women like Kari. You’re right; many times they’re the victim of union propaganda and heresay.

    People may disagree with your idea of how much teachers are worth but there’s no arguing with the facts and figures you bring to the discussion; they’re public record. At the end of the day, I think even though Kari didn’t come out and say it, I think she probably agrees with you about the teachers union. She didn’t sound like one of the rabid union followers. She sounded like a honest, reasonable lady who would be open to discussion. I felt sorry for her that she spent so much time and money getting a Masters degree in teaching, which she will “be paying for the rest of her life” as she said, only to find out that teaching was not for her due to the politics. She’s an example of all we’ve been saying here about the scam of college and the system that has been set up by the education “establishment”.

    I kept wishing that you had brought up the teacher’s unions more with her. I’ll bet that if you discussed with her how bad teachers get tenure, are nearly impossible to fire and are paid huge salaries and benefits while better, less tenured, hungrier teachers are the first to feel the cuts, she’d agree with you 100%. At the end of the day you probably have a lot in common even though she was FEELING and not THINKING about the issue.


    1. She wouldn’t shut up long enought to speak.

      I did notice that she seemed to loosen up once we started talking about the real stuff. There are so many people like her on that education bubble that are learning it has already burst.


      1. You’re right; she did talk a lot. I kind of chalked that up to her being nervous, and maybe trying to get her point in before she perceived that Darryl might cut her off. Also she was very passionate about the issue; your comment about her learning that the “education bubble” had burst is probably right on the mark. It sounded like the emotions resulting from the realization of her now-unused but costly Masters degree were very close to the surface. I’ll bet one-on-one, face-to-face the discussion would have gone differently. Maybe not.


    2. The sad thing about a lot of those people, they are most likely selling perfume at Dillards…..that’s retail and the skill set outside of the protection of the union, and they know it. That’s what they’re afraid of.


  3. Phil, I agree with you to a point, but her constant” im paying for my masters the rest of my life” was a bit much– she was a bit dramatic. I still have to wonder about someone who leaves a job before they are laid off … Who knows. She was shrill, lol.


  4. What I loved was that you used the Delphi against her. You let her rant and rave and you quietly asked her for where you were wrong. She got all flustered and said that if she knew you would be on the line, she would have been better prepared. So, in effect, she was shot down. She really came across as not knowing what she was talking about.

    I know for a fact that she will not be making the money working full time at retail that she made as a teacher. She had some other reason to leave. Maybe the politics of it got to her, but I doubt that very much because she CALLED. Only those with “a dog in the fight” call to refute what Darryl and you have to say.

    I’m glad you put on the real evil of government schools. School Choice has to be an option and we must all demand that the tax dollars follow the child. The parents should be able to choose the school of THEIR choice. The union is fighting this movement with all the money at their disposal.


      1. I’ve been thinking for a long time that the only way to beat the progressives is to use their own tactics against them. The way to defeat them is to engage them on multiple fronts and bankrupt them. If “our side” was more organized this would be relatively easy to do. The progressives seem to have an endless supply of money (including unwilling contributions from union members) but we always concentrate on one issue at a time, allowing them to “reload” between fights. Right now they’re recovering from the Issue 2 fight in Ohio. It’s like martial arts movies where, perhaps due to some unwritten Asian combat etiquette, attackers are only allowed to charge the hero one-on-one. Didn’t you ever just want to yell, “You’ve got 20 guys!! Just have everyone rush him at once!”

        It worked for Reagan, who bankrupted the USSR. It could work for us too.


      2. I like the way you’re thinking Phil. Our side has to stop saying we’re sorry, and start calling them what they are, and force them to spend their money purely on image control, and bankrupt them on the needless endeavor. Turning their tactics against them, like we have in these school levies, which is no secret at this point, is how we beat them on every issue–from equal rights to economics. They use the same methods each time.


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