The Overmanwarriors: Eating, Fighting, and Philosophizing the keys to a good life

What is a overmanwarrior? That question came up again during the 4 hour meeting that some of the largest supporters behind this website pondered as we met at a Liberty Twp restaurant to discuss topics that cannot be discussed on these pages for multiple reasons. It was a long time and coming, this informal meeting to signify the New Year by a group whose commitment to liberty and the ideas of freedom extend well beyond anything currently seen on the nightly news. There had been talk of everyone who helps make Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom possible meeting face to face to just roll in the essence of what it means to be a part of something like this website, and the roll it has played locally, and statewide in blowing the whistle on indiscretions committed by those we pay our taxes to.

I was able to tell ancient stories about a blood drenched past and more recent stories of physical confrontations and court cases that I can’t write about here for multiple reasons. Meeting in person the primary supporters of this website were able to ask hard questions and ponder the answers for the first time. This meeting was a chance to just talk about the essence of what we were, and what we hoped to be.

There are many reforms taking place that indicate there is something very wrong with the United States. It does not take a genius to see a lightning bolt, so it does not take a genius to see that the government is universally corrupt by its very nature, and that the political system as a whole is beyond repair in its current state. Democrats believe in complete government control of everything, Republicans believe corporations should control everything. This has given rise to the Tea Parties, the 9/12er’s, Constitutional purists, gun groups, multiple tax reform groups, even the Occupy Wall Street groups. They are working hard independently like a cell in an unhealthy body to drive sickness away and a battle is underway. Make no mistake about it. Business as usual for politicians is out of the question. The NDAA Act is not acceptable. Public education under socialist control is not acceptable. Smart Meters to support green initiatives is not acceptable. In fact the whole bending of the entire economy around green energy initiatives is not acceptable, because the climate movement is simply an extension of hippie activists and is as valid as one of their LSD hallucinations. There is anger, and justifiably so toward the mismanagement of our country by our government in climbing into bed with the United Nations, which the United States created and practically supports like a jealous mistress who wants to drive away the wife of our country, The Constitution. So the groups mentioned plan to act in protest, and little by little the power enjoyed by inept politicians will be challenged in the months and years to come. On the national level, it is becoming out of fashion to blindly accept The Delphi Techniques and public relations spin that an American President gives us to justify their power grabs. And locally, the same is true of our local school boards who use this same Delphi Technique to cover up a scam designed to use our children as political pawns for labor union controlled institutions that are designed exclusively to purchase political power.

Much later in the day, well after our meeting, I was with my family at an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) event where the potential newest member of my family was fighting in a cage match. My family sat in a rambunctious crowd in the west side of town as beer cans dotted an entire gymnasium and covered the floor like crushed peanuts at a baseball game. Blood flowed from the faces of many of the fighters in the cage as the ring girls dressed in their swim suits provided entertainment between rounds. I am used to these environments, but not under the somewhat controlled circumstances of an MMA fight. So I wasn’t familiar with the TAP OUT rules, because in real life the person either dies, surrenders, or gets arrested. The kid I was there to see was the stronger of the two in the ring, but he ended up losing not because his punches didn’t land on the face of the other guy, but because he was coached into the wrong strategy, and ended up in a wrestling match with his opponent that ended up causing him to TAP OUT when he found himself in a choke hold. Amid the chaos of blood lust from the cheering crowd he and I talked about it and he knew the move he made that put him in trouble, and such are the things of youth, learning what works and what doesn’t. And it’s far safer to learn under controlled circumstances where TAPPING OUT is an option as opposed to real life where there is no referee to pull one fighter away from another, and TAPPING OUT is not an option, since mercy is not the objective, but complete destruction of your enemy.

The government in many forms is attempting to force American’s to TAP OUT, to surrender under their grip, and the world sits like those drunks smashing beer cans against their heads and cheering for more blood, and more sex for the American Government to win out over the American People, because we are in a fight, make no mistake about it. As I told this young man of mine in the back of that swarming mass, this MMA event is a social reaction to the attempts by government to overregulate everything, to put helmets on every kid on a bicycle, and to take away the war games of children at recess. As government has become more imposing, the sport of combat has become more violent. Defined in the movie FIGHT CLUB, these young men are attempting to beat from their minds the impurities of a society degrading into a police state, and the sport of MMA is a byproduct of that inner desire to purge the soul of those shackles, and prove to oneself they can beat those concerns for safety from their minds. Just getting in that ring is an act of therapy for these young fighters, as they are the first generation of the political globalists and are fighting to overcome that spiritual stagnation. As I watched the other fighters from my vantage point that had their faces smashed in, and blood flowed down their faces amid the carnage, I saw relief there as those young fighters knew they at least had the courage to climb into a ring and do battle.

So what is an Overmanwarrior and who are the people shown in this photograph and what does any of it have to do with MMA fighting? If I had to point to literature and define an Overmanwarrior I’d point at the four literary characters that best describe me personally. My first literary character which is the inspiration for the name OVERMAN is from the book Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and is Zarathustra himself. Fabian socialists and Nazis would take the idea of the The Übermensch and distort it to their own desires to rule over others which is just another frailty of those learned fools who believe they are so pretentious to dictate their immaturity over others. The Ubermensch is (German for “Overman, Overhuman, Above-Human, Superman”; and is a concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche posited the Übermensch as a goal for humanity to set for itself in his 1883 book Thus Spoke Zarathustra (German: Also Sprach Zarathustra). This overman idea is scary to many deeply religious people who believe it is their obligation to submit in some form or another to a supreme being, but this is what causes them to ultimately find themselves at the mercy of a government who controls their religion. The message is supposed to be about spirit not submission, which is why passivity is easily destroyed by more aggressive, less spiritual attackers.  When Nietzsche pronounced “God is dead,” he was trying to wake Europe up to their mindless ability to be controlled by the same churches that caused the Dark Ages which were wrapped up in the political desires of the ruling elite. What Zarathustra was trying to teach society was freedom from that kind of mind control. He was trying to separate spiritual pursuits from political monopolies. Hitler would use Nietzsche’s sister to distort many of these concepts to justify his climb for power.



This has led society to pursue ideas opposite anything resembling German philosophy much to our doom. This would be similar to discovering how to screw in a light bulb then falling off the ladder and refusing to screw in light bulbs out of fear of falling off again, and instead resorting to candles for light. Only the fictional character of Superman would come out of the resulting philosophy of Zarathustra which has taken most of a century to water down by the propaganda machine of political mechanics. It would take another 70 plus years for another writer to expand and properly capture the idea of the The Übermensch in her books Anthem, The Fountainhead, and most notably, Atlas Shrugged, and of course that author is Ayn Rand. Ironically my next three favorite literary characters come from that book. First of course is John Galt. Galt is the man who properly identified the failure of the country and what needed to be done to fix it. He is in all essence an OVERMAN. He may be the only character of his kind in literature that I know of. Henry Rearden is the character who had loads of natural talent, but unlike Galt, who was virtually faultless in his life, Rearden found himself the victim of his own success. His ability to produce and infinitely make things allowed a whole country starting with his family to become moochers to his talent. It took a court case where he was being prosecuted to realize that even the law was mooching off his talent, because without his recognizing them as his superiors did they actually have any real power. Without Rearden, the government, the court system, his workers, and even his family were nothing. They were powerless to do anything productive. They were simple victims awaiting “someone” else to come along and do something for them. My personal life is somewhere between Galt and Rearden and I’ve read many literary characters in the books that have filled my life. Before these characters were a part of my life my closest favorite character besides Zarathustra was Titus Andronicus from Shakespeare’s famous play where Titus gets revenge on the queen, his suppressor by cutting up her children and feeding them to her in a pie. My next favorite character from Atlas Shrugged is what my future probably holds if the Tea Party and other groups fail to bring the government under control, it is the reason this group, small as it might appear has gathered together at this restaurant, and that is Ragnar Danneskjöld the pirate.

Ragnar roamed the oceans of the world and terrorized a government who stole from the producers and gave to the needy and took from the government and gave back to the producers. He serves the role in that great novel to be the redeemer which articulates the concept of “sanction of the victim” as defined by Leonard Peikoff as “the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the ‘sin’ of creating values,” those values being established by the weak and corrupt at the draining of the creators. It is because of Ragnar that I selected as the official flag of the Overmanwarrior’s web site the “Don’t Tread on Me” pirate flag. It’s not the same as the yellow Gadsden flag made popular by the Tea Party. No, our flag is meant to take the next step behind the Tea Party if need be.

I didn’t arrive at Atlas Shrugged the novel and find it changed my life like many do. I lived my life like those characters in the book on my own and arrived at Atlas Shrugged later and discovered it was the only book that made complete sense out of the many, many hundreds that I’ve read based on my personal experience. That is what this small group had in common and why we were meeting over pizza, the people present were not ready to give up on American society. Many of them have been fighting battles against the foolish pretension of government for decades, and unlike the MMA fighters, they had not learned to TAP OUT, to surrender the ring of combat to the forces of oppression. No, they have decided to put their foot on the throat of government and push until the head pops off, or complete surrender is met. These people, my friends, whom only about a third who support the website were present because they are local, have decided that they are not going to sanction victimhood. They are not willing to suffer at the hands of evil to play their role as the good, and allow parasites in government to pick them to pieces for all eternity. Good is not defined by government compliance to the rules of the looters. Good is simply what it is, and is not relative to the rules of man. Good is a value that lives by the higher authority of the universe, not some feeble-minded politician. The group of Overmanwarriors present at this meeting understand this idea, and are determined to uphold those principles by terms not defined by the looters.

The problems of America and of the world will not be solved by one more politician or lawyer creating one more law. Their rules on paper will not endure salvation upon the human race, because the minds of these people are faulty. The solutions to mankind is not in politics, but in philosophy and until the ideas are firm in the mind and acted out in daily life by an understanding ruled by more than fear, but by the “good” in the human being, there will never be peace, there will always be war, and the corrupt will always rule. The idea of an OVERMAN is to pursue the honest good as it is termed by all the mysteries of spirit even if it must break free of the social shackles of control to do so. An OVERMANWARRIOR is one who does not TAP OUT of the fight, knows of no surrender, does not yield to an inferior mind, and will live a life committed to not sanctioning the evil by allowing it to feed off the GOOD. And the very good people, even though they may be few, who ate pizza on an unusually warm January in the opening week of 2012 and told stories of blood lost, victories won, and conquests yet to be gained are part of creating a philosophy that will have an impact spanning far into the future. Behind it all is the flag that seeks vengeance on those who wish to strip America of its Constitution in an act of war that plays out like tanks on a battlefield, but simply amounts to words on a piece of paper by a government who believes they have a right to feed off the good to sanction their injustice.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

38 thoughts on “The Overmanwarriors: Eating, Fighting, and Philosophizing the keys to a good life

  1. During the course of the four hour meeting we did indeed discuss the concept of the Overmanwarrior or ubermensch. There are many facets to this concept philosophically.

    I have always striven in my life to be the best that I can be, which means that no tobacco, drugs and very little alcohol have ever entered my body. I have lived my life in a quest for knowledge and self-betterment. Does that make me a geek? Probably 🙂 When I first heard of Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy, I also heard criticisms like. “It’s selfish! Selfishness is bad! We need to think about each other first!” I did not agree with those criticisms.

    The way I see it, life is a journey of self-discovery. Martial arts and music are at their core both about learning and self-discovery. Martial arts are a great way of learning about your own body, your muscles, and finding your inner strength. Self-defense is a side benefit. Making music is about learning to control your muscles and making that mind-to-muscle connection which allows you to express your emotions. Only by striving to be the best that I can be, the “ubermensch” as Neitzsche said, can I maximize my contributions to society. Ayn Rand illustrated this in many ways, one of which was John Galt’s invention of the static electricity motor, which would greatly benefit all of mankind. Galt invented the motor not for altruistic reasons, but to for profit and self-betterment. Only by sharpening his mind and becoming the ubermensch did he invent the revolutionary motor. Sitting on your rear while dulling your mind with drugs and alcohol and watching the latest reality TV shows all day does not benefit yourself or society. To me it’s not about being “better” than anyone else; it’s about being the best *I* can be, and hopefully society will be better by the contributions I can make.

    What I experienced at our meeting was a group of individuals who feel as I do… and committed to liberty and a smaller government as our founders intended.

    And, Fight Club is a GREAT movie. But the first rule of Fight Club is “You do not talk about fight club!” 🙂


    1. It’s good to hear from someone who understands a very complicted and socially foriegn concept. The overman idea is one that is ridiculed by virtually every aspect of our culture including religion. Yesterday I attended an event for two of my families newest members who were being baptized, so we went along to witness the big event and it was done in the church I spent every weekend in for the first 21 years of my life. One of the choir women, an older lady said to me, “You’re the troubled one,” in referrence to my siblings and parents who are quite well respected and generally liked. She was there in the days when I was a young man and would have 4 to 5 hour discussions with the pastor of the church back then about philosophy and religion in general. And even though I did go to church every Sunday for many many years, news of my exploits did reach their ears. So she remembered and brought it up on Sunday. There is no way to explain such a thing as an OVERMAN to nice people like this woman. Because even she has been taught her entire life to submit to something and this sets her mind in motion to be dictated to by an earthly power who can proclaim contact with God, even if they turn out to be false prophets.


      1. Another concept that I think about often in this politically-charged world we live in is the inherent differences in the “thinkers” and the “feelers”, as described by Jung, the Myers-Briggs test, and others. For a time in my youth I wondered why everyone did not see events the same way I do. Through my life I have studied human nature and the interaction of the thinkers and feelers. I eventually came to believe that we’re just “wired” the way we are by our DNA and early interactions and experiences. It’s one of the big things that define the clash between liberals and conservatives. It’s amazing that two people can see the exact same event and come away with two totally different reactions. Liberals use words like “fair” and “equal” because they’re not “thinking”; they’re “feeling”. Base emotions will always override the intellect. That’s why “feelers” do not “get” Ayn Rand. I may try to have an intellectual argument with a liberal about and issue, but they’re processing what I’m saying in a totally different way, through the lens of emotion. This is why politicians and “leaders” like to use rallies or chants, or bring in examples of people who were supposedly harmed by a given policy. When you engage the emotional center of the brain the intellect stops working. Car salesmen love this technique; get the buyer emotionally invested in taking home that shiny new car TODAY and all thoughts of financial responsibility go out the window.


      2. Yes, well said. The feelers are the way of the looter. The way of the sleazy salesman, the comb over politician, the political whore. The feelers are the unproductive, the inept, those without ability who hide the fact behind their smile and charisma, because that’s their only asset, the ability of those types to invade logic.


  2. Phil,
    that is so true!! I am a “feeler”, and have to work really hard to get to the logic and intellect….I have been easily swayed in the past Ala the looters, but to override that emotion and look at the facts is a revelation–so those who are not “wired” that way can get there, its just takes a while. And Cyd, you are beaming in that pic with the flag–gorgeous:)


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