SOCIALISTS LIVE: Hoffman Lenses on Urban Meyer of Ohio State

Urban Meyer this week was signed to a contract with Ohio State to be their head football coach at a cost of $4 million per year for six years, with milestone incentives of $450,000, $750,000 and $1.2 million if Meyer is still employed as the head coach on Jan. 31st of 2014, 2016, and 2018.

That seems like a lot of money for a head coach in a college football program, but Ohio State would argue that they are committed to winning, and being great, so they will spend the money on the right coach so they can climb back on top in the world of college football.  The trouble is, Ohio State is a public institution and they accept tax money to function.  So isn’t paying Urban Meyer so much money an irresponsible use of tax payer money?  After all, it’s easy to spend other peoples money, so for Ohio State to declare that they must spend so much money on a head coach to be competitive brings up a whole bunch of questions, which Doc Thompson of 700 WLW discusses in respect to all the recent pondering about how much education should cost, and how much tax money should property owners in Ohio be required to pay for it.  Listen to that broadcast here:

Well, I’ve spoke a lot about the ridiculous wages among education officials.  The more I looked at it, the more bizarre the behavior seemed.  Just looking at teachers, they make a very healthy wage for the work they are required to perform, compared to the private sector.  But the administrators, many of them in public schools are making $80K and up.  And in college, it is not uncommon for professors to make in the six figures.  It simply does not make sense that when schools ask for more money, or in Ohio State’s case they raise tuition rates, why people are so willing to pay for the high wages of these employees without question.  Because the cost of education could be driven down if administration costs were lowered.  Makes sense—right? 

But then why are so many educators open socialist?  Why do so many employees who work for education lean to the political left?  That doesn’t make sense.  I mean, I can understand a few, but it would seem that there would be an equal number of conservative leaning educators as well, sinceAmericais divided up down the middle in political ideology.  But no, most educators lean to the left—why? 

Many years ago there was a film I like a lot called THEY LIVE.  It’s a science fiction B movie from the 80’s starring Rowdy Roddy PiperAs a movie it’s very fun, and simple, and a cheap rendition at merging the science fiction and horror genre with action adventure. It’s directed by John Carpenter and makes no attempt to take itself serious.  But the film in all its simplistic narrative is actually quite ingenious, which is why 30 years later people still think of the movie as a “CULT CLASSIC.”  In that film the main character sees that something is terribly wrong with the world, that something isn’t quite right.  He meets a man who tells him that everything is not what it seems, and that if he puts on a pair of special sunglasses, that Piper can see things for how they really are.  Well, at first Roddy Piper thinks the man is crazy, and refuses to put on the glasses.  Ironically, the glasses are produced by a manufacturer by the name of HOFFMAN LENSES. If you want to see what HOFFMAN LENSES look like check out this link:

In that film when the HOFFMAN LENSES are put on, the world as it truly is can be seen.  In the case of THEY LIVE, the world is being run secretly by a group of aliens who are quietly subverting our entire culture.  See the video below to see how it works:

Well, as I have been asking the hard questions about why our culture is behaving in an odd way, I have been assuming that the United States was functioning as a capitalist country and the hippies, goons, freaks, losers, progressives and tree huggers were just a fleeting fantasy of fringe radicalism.  After all, many of their ideas are as alien to me as if they came from another planet, and listening to them speak, they seem to be from a different galaxy all together, so to me, they might as well be extraterrestrials.  So I couldn’t figure out why they seem to be everywhere, in education, in the media, in movies, in magazines, in the government, in music, they seem to be ubiquitously wherever the eye looks, these leftist aliens from some other planet.  It was in doing research about the conditions of Greece that I discovered my HOFFMAN LENSES and I had an epiphany.  

Putting on my metaphorical HOFFMAN LENSES is learned about Socialist International and noted how deeply they were embedded into our world culture, and they are VERY active in penetrating American culture through the progressive Democrats and Republican parties in the United States.  See my article about this epiphany here:

I see through my HOFFMAN LENSES thatAmericais not being governed by aliens from another planet like in THEY LIVE.  We are being governed by even worse—SOCIALISTS!

Yes, look closely at that politician, who pretends to be just a Democrat, put on the HOFFMAN LENSES and you will see that they are open SOCIALISTS.  Look at that college professor with HOFFMAN LENSES on, and you will see a complete SOCIALIST.  Look at your local school board and study their policies of equality, taxing the rich, and fairness and you will see a school board of SOCIALISTS.  Look at the news person who proclaims economic justice with HOFFMAN LENSES and you will see a maniacal socialist.  Look at President Obama give a speech with HOFFMAN LENSES on and you will see a pawn to the SOCIALIST EMPIRE that is spreading across the world.  Look at the Department of Education with HOFFMAN LENSES and you will see the nest of American Socialism, for this is where they landed in this county, and entered our government, in 1979 when Jimmy Carter created that department because the socialist unions put pressure on him to generate it.

Take the HOFFMAN LENSES off and where you used to see SOCIALISTS you will now see Ohio State football, and Urban Meyer leading them to an undefeated season.  You will see grown men dancing in their driveways with the television on in their garage watching college football on a Saturday afternoon drinking and eating grilled hamburgers.   You will see grown men rooting for high school kids to throw a ball under the Friday night lights of their local high school hoping that their kid will win a scholarship to a college and save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition.  You will see parents showing up to watch their children performing in a band concert in the school auditorium.  You will see charity events, fund raisers, and global awareness all seemingly nice and innocent proposals by an altruistic society.  With the lenses off you will see smiling faces, hand holding and a social push for peace and fairness.  Put the HOFFMAN LENSES on you will see SOCIALISM robbing us of freedom, of individual thought, of liberty which took over a hundred years to win from Europe only to have it slip back away under European control year by year since the 1850’s.  You will see the strings stuck to the legs of the football players at Ohio State and how Urban Meyer dances to them and how ESPN is the curtain on the stage.  You will see how the strings dance off into the Department of Education where policies are set by puppet master socialists and sold to us through the puppet show of sports. 

Without the HOFFMAN LENSES on yet knowing what is actually going on right in front of your eyes you will see how trivial all the discussion about draft picks, coaching salaries, and sports statistics really are.  It becomes quickly evident that the reason education professionals are so well paid is so they keep the HOFFMAN LENSES off, and do not attempt to look too carefully at what policies come to them from the Department of Education.  They are paid so well so they continue to advance the cause of socialism as part of the ruling elite, and play their part in keeping the world blind to the true intentions of world socialism. 

It is not the desire of your local school board to balance the budget to live within reasonable means.  It is their intention to tax the rich, and convert society slowly over time using our children as hostages to a scheme of wealth redistribution.  It is not the goal of college to be affordable.  It is the goal of these institutions to force parents and their children into a debt beyond measure, and keep everyone not working for financial freedom, but eternal debt, so they buy into the scheme of socialism.  They do not question the cost of education because they have bought into the program of sporting events.  They love the football, they love the basketball, they love college sports, and the recruiting process that is built in high school sports.  While society is happy with these nice distractions, they are reluctant to put on the HOFFMAN LENSES and see the truth. 

That is why Urban Meyer was paid so much money to rescue the Ohio State Football program from the mediocrity it currently suffers from.  Because without victory, people might reach for the HOFFMAN LENSES, and begin to see the truth, and that cannot happen if socialism is to continue its world wide domination of which only America stands in the way.   

And it’s not just Ohio State, but it’s the entire education empire.  The dance between education and government is a waltz of socialism that requires viewing with the HOFFMAN LENSES to see.  Until those metaphorical glasses are put on, and the truth can be seen for what it is, all those who refuse the truth are slaves to illusion in a denial that is infections and requires more and more beer to be consumed to subvert the nagging understanding that something just isn’t quite right. 

Have courage!   Put on the HOFFMAN LENSES and SEE for the first time what you always knew was there all along!!!!!!!!

And if you have never seen THEY LIVE, I’ll make it easy for you.  Here is the entire movie.   Enjoy!

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

38 thoughts on “SOCIALISTS LIVE: Hoffman Lenses on Urban Meyer of Ohio State

  1. The state tax implications is the first thing I thought of when I heard that the trustees had picked Urban Meyer. I bet less than ten percent of Ohioans know that OSU is a publicly funded college. Even though it bears the states name. Just another misuse of taxpayer dollars.


  2. OSU football claims to be completely self-funded by ticket prices and network contracts (Big 10 network/Fox Sports, ESPN/ABC). Football/basketball contributes to funding the other sports at OSU, so they say. I believe that we all benefit from sports (OSU sports paraphernalia sales alone could fund a small country) financially and from a feel-good perspective. I’m not saying it’s right, it just is. Unfortunately, too many people’s lives ride on the emotional highs and lows of sports. And of course the university benefits financially from a hefty portion of those profits.

    Another whole post could be about how the sports machine is turning talented kids into spoiled brats (think Terrelle Pryor and the other kids who traded their trophies for tattoos) or criminals (think Maurice Clarett) from an early age.

    That being said, I think sports socialism in general is wrong (funding of sports venues by public funds). I enjoy watching sports, but i certainly don’t want to fund purchase of Nationwide Arena for the Blue Jackets. Apparently, most of the folk in central ohio agree, so that idea has been nixed several times by the voters. At least they’re smarter than the dumb-asses in Pickerington, who keep approving school levies and electing school board members (Lisa Reade, Jim Brink) who continue to fleece them.

    On another note, we caught this “cult classic” on cable one day, and really enjoyed it, so I looked it up to buy. I found it on with a collection of other John Carpenter classics (“The Thing” with Kurt Russell, better than the recent remake), “Village of the Damned”, “Prince of Darkness”, “They Live”). What a bargain at $10!

    I actually bought it for my 13-year old daughter last Xmas because “They Live” is big fun. It’s also a nice little treatise on media deception and how we need to see through the lenses of the lamestream media content filters. Amazingly, she gets it, but the morons that live in Pickerington don’t.

    Another great post, Rich. Right on the money. Literally.


    1. You a great parent to give your kid a three pack of Carpenter films! I agree with The Thing. That was a pretty good film. But They Live is an all time favorite. My wife is actually talking about buying the movie poster to hang in our living room!

      Sports socialism, that’s a good way to put it. If you really think about it, that’s what it is. It’s hard to say that because I enjoy the festivity of sports. But in the end, the machine is socialism, and NO public money should go into a sports organization of any kind. NONE.


  3. Great article Rich!
    You finally did it. You have managed to alienate the rest of Ohio……
    Keep up the good work.
    Your observation is right on. Socialism from the smallest fiefdom to an empire
    is a concentration of power and money. Whereas, the free market is the best
    at the dispersion of power and money. The exact opposite of what Socialists preach.
    Only by putting on the lenses are you able to see that.


    1. Thanks, you have discovered my true intentions here……………if I don’t make every last person in Ohio mad at me, I won’t be happy. LOL

      But it is what it is…………………………………


  4. “But then why are so many educators open socialist? Why do so many employees who work for education lean to the political left? That doesn’t make sense. I mean, I can understand a few, but it would seem that there would be an equal number of conservative leaning educators as well, sinceAmericais divided up down the middle in political ideology. But no, most educators lean to the left—why?”

    Because Conservatism is a false religion that relies on the ignorance of its audience in order to pull the wool over their eyes. Liberals are more intelligent, more educated, and more enlightened. Knowledge and Truth are an inoculation against Conservatism and the Republican party. Its not that educators are automatically Liberals, its that as you BECOME more educated, you see more of the truth of the world and society and thus become more Liberal. And you stop believing in things that dont exist (believing in things that dont exist is the core tenet of Conservatism).

    And dude, how can you like They Live so much while COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT? Its one of the most anti-capitalist movies ever made. The bad guys are the ones telling everyone to buy shit and mindlessly consume. It was portraying the gluttonous, cutthroat capitalist society of the Reagan 80s as being LITERALLY alien, and existing only to exploit, delude, and control humanity. Be honest, have you ever actually SEEN the movie? Or is this just an elaborate troll?


    1. I had the movie at the bottom of the article, but they since removed it. And you are right about the teachers. As for They Live, I played it up a little so people will watch the movie and see how things can be hidden right in front of us. Sadly many of those movies from the 80’s were very anti-capitalism, and we took it for granted because we were in the Reagan years and things were great, economically. I didn’t miss the point, but it served my example here. There aren’t many films that are pro capitalism, and do not represent the ideas that conservatives value, so that leaves us picking through parts of things in popular culture we like, since most things are geared to the left, like the teaching profession. I have written a lot about the reason teachers are so far on the left. You might enjoy the videos at this link to learn more.

      And as to the rest of your statement, you have the whole truth thing backwards. People on the political left are founded in “belief” not truth. “Feeling, not logic.” That is why they are messed up, and detrimental to society.


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