Socialist International: Bringing an end to America as we know it…….by design

Take a good look at the map shown here. The map displays all the countries currently being governed by Socialist International, a global organization of democratic socialist, social democratic and labour political parties formed in 1951. You can read more about Socialist International at this link:

The direct link of this group to the United States is it should be remembered that President Obama placed one of its most prominent leadership members into the position of Global Warming Tzar of the United States.  You, as a tax payer are providing this woman, who is an open socialist, her wage to work against the interests of America for aims established at Socialist International, a huge group much larger and influential than anyone in the media has led us to believe it is in the United States.  For a review of that story feel free to visit this link:

The reason I’m thinking about Socialist International is because this is the ruling party in Greece, and we all know what is happening in Greece. In case you do not know what is happening in Greece the country is failing. It is collapsing on its own debt commitments. And the United States using our tax money is searching for ways to bail out Greece.

This is actually a big problem, what I’m about to report to you dear reader. You will read this, and you will hate me for it, I promise. You will not like that I am about to disrupt your comfort zone, because most of you wish to be asleep, and you have been taught for more than 5 generations to buy into socialism here in the United States. In fact, there is a bit of socialism in every single person who draws a social security check. There is socialism in every welfare check. There is socialism in every single public school and college. There is socialism in every branch of government. There is socialism in medicine from the top to the bottom. There is socialism in the insurance industry. There is socialism in your union, for that is how it entered the United States, through the labor unions. Didn’t any of you firemen out there ask why your union is called the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)? What is “international” about a local firefighter who is supposed to put out fires in our communities? Didn’t you know that the union was a socialist organization? Of course you didn’t, because you enjoyed the pay, you enjoyed the benefits, you enjoyed the job security, and so you didn’t ask any questions. Teachers, your union is a socialist organization, and you don’t care because the pay is good, and the job security is immaculate. If you belong to a union, it is founded in the faith of socialism.

Now in America, because we have a past history of celebrating our independence, we do not call it socialism here, because a majority of our population would reject it flat-out. So we call it “progressive politics.” Have a look at the map. Notice that Greece is one of the red areas. So is Spain. But surprisingly, so is Australia. In fact, the headquarters for Socialist International is in London England and it has its fingers all over the Labour Party. Look at Brazil, and Columbia.

Now look at the world again where open Communism is practiced: (notice Russia is no longer listed as communist, although it still indicates that it will swing back in that direction. It’s currently as a centrist government).

Socialism or communism covers a large part of the globe, as a global migration of socialist ideology is certainly part of a strategy entertained by these countries. And all those countries are well aware that their goals of globalism will never be realized until the United States is no longer a competitive threat using capitalism to stay economically much more powerful than the rest of the world.

I recently had a critic of mine who indicated that I had said too much about my local school, and the cost per pupil needed to educate our community children. This critic showed displeasure in my dislike of progressive politics and indicated that I had a “narrow” version of the constitution because I feel that “progressives” don’t belong in America. This critic is angry with me because I want a fundamental change in public education, because as I’ve said, I think public education is broken. You can read the exact contents here:

After contemplating the comments of this critic it became evident that many Americans were suffering from the same fate as he. They have been taught to be progressive from school children, which is the gateway to socialism. They have been taught in their public schools that the Ten Commandments of Christian foundation are bad, but accepting Muslim religion is good. The reason is because radical union elements have lobbied politicians to make this so, because capitalism is to be destroyed and replaced with global socialism. So by cutting off our youth from their faith, it allows the instructors to reshape the thoughts of the young people, so they would grow up in perpetual doubt, just like my critic and millions like him. Believe it or not, the whole world does not watch television and play video games. They do wish to rule the world and if it does not happen in their lifetimes they hope it will happen during their children’s lifetimes. When you remove a human beings faith in spiritual existence, you leave them blank to be reprogrammed. So the map below shows how the religions of the world are also in competition.

Socialist International and other socialist organizations have been hard at work for many years to change the United States from a protestant Christianity based culture rooted in economic capitalism and to convert it into a Muslim, Hindu matrix that is prone to accept the ideas of Socialist International……..YES, you have been raised, trained, and breed to be something other than what America was founded upon. If dear reader you are one of those who are saying, “NO RICH HOFFMAN, YOU ARE CRAZY. I AM NOT A SOCIALIST!”

Well, sorry, but yes you are. Here is the evidence of how it started. Click these links to learn more about how the Department of Educated openly instructed states and districts to teach socialism. Individual schools did not question these methods because everyone in the process simply looked at their small part of the puzzle, so the overall scheme was never detected.

And the reason that the Department of Education was advocating socialism was because Soviet spies had penetrated our government and began manipulating policy at all levels. Do you think that JFK signed Executive Order 10988 making public sector union’s legal was to do anything but appease the communists who were threatening nuclear attack from Cuba? Or to cut a deal with organized crime who helped put Kennedy in office, and wanted to skim tax money off the top for themselves? And where did organized crime originate……………………. fascist Italy? But all this was provoked by KGB agents who were operating in our government from the 1950’s all the way up to 1990. Don’t believe me, listen to one of them tell how he did it, and remember, he’s only one of them. (bet you didn’t know that’s what the PEACE sign meant.)

Yes, if you have participated in any part of all this, you have played your role in a plot to undo your own county, the greatest nation on the face of the earth in human history, and you have allowed it to be dismantled during your life time, and you are guilty. And yes, guilty is the correct word. You are just as guilty as those who let Jerry Sandusky molest little children for many years at Penn State because the good of the football program and the university itself was much bigger than the individual lives of the children. Or the situation at Syracuse University where much of the same has been going on and members of the media were fully aware of the situation, but sought to cover it up for the sake of the university, the collective salvation of the school.

People who think in such a way as, “My alma mater is more important than my puny life.” Or, “that instructor or politician knows much more than I do,” are the results of this Socialism International plan. They have been taught to accept that the need of the many is more important than the individual. This is why in schools everyone gets a good grade, everyone wins in competitions, and sharing is emphasized. The adults of our population have been taught not to question those in authority, to spend our whole lives integrating ourselves into the system, and we have openly embraced the changes in our culture, men and women having no distinguishing characteristics in the household, a divorce rate that has cheapened marriage, and decimated the family unit, and left the American Family a confused organism unequipped to raise a family. This too is by design. By destroying the families this threw our children into the hands of government-run schools who really function to train our youth in the virtues of Socialism International. Poor mom and dad felt they were not equipped to raise their own children. Mom has to work to pay her taxes. Dad has to work to pay his taxes. And the state takes the burden of raising the children away from the parents. All the parents have to do is pay their taxes.

Oh………poor reader, I’m sorry. I hurt your feelings didn’t I? Not my usual readers, they already know all this stuff. In fact, more and more people are learning, and time will prove me correct. History will look back on our generation and laugh at our stupidity. But these new readers who have tuned in to see how vitriolic this Rich Hoffman person really is, they are the ones who are now reading in amazement at how they are destroying America, and how they have been mislead all along in a plot beyond their comprehension. They cannot comprehend because they have been bred to be stupid, to be good little socialists. It was in their music, it was in their classrooms, it was in their television. It was in their movies. Why dear reader do you think so many Australian men are now the heart throbs of Hollywood? Is it because there are no good-looking Americans? No……it is because much of Hollywood (not all) is socialists. Hollywood is run by unions and has been since the time that Ronald Reagan was president of the Screen Actors Guild, and actually applied to join the Communist Party of America………….YES, Ronald Reagan applied to be a communist! Australia is a country run by Socialist International, and Hollywood wants American women to reach for these Aussie hunks in the quiet of the night and look at Australia in wonder, and accept socialism in their homes, and teach their children to be more like Australia, because the men are so sexy. Did you think it was because the men were merely attractive? Oh, don’t bother asking Hugh Jackman, or his agent. They don’t think about such complex matters. All they know is that a “big wig” at a Hollywood party wants Hugh to be in their new movie, and to promote the film in all the usual places. The big wig uses his Aussie actors to impress people like Barack Obama at a Hollywood fundraiser. And Obama uses his clout with Hollywood to impress the money that flows from people like George Soros. It is people like George who stand behind movements like Socialist International and works the process downhill as shown above that eventually reaches your living rooms on the Tonight Show when Hugh Jackman shows up talking up his new film. The use of Australian actors is deliberate, to promote Australia and it’s government system as opposed to the former high school quarter back with blond hair and a Midwestern accent from Iowa.

There really is no excuse for being so naive dear reader. There have been books like Animal Farm, Brave New World, 1984, Atlas Shrugged just to name a few. In fact there are movie versions of many of those books. One of my absolute favorites is the George Lucas masterpiece, THX-1138. (YES, that is where the THX Sound System came from) Click here to see more about that film if you have never seen it.

The point of all this is I am openly advocating a complete change in our current direction as a nation. I think everything we spend our tax money on is up for discussion. Nothing is sacred. I make it no secrete, I do not want to support anything resembling socialism. NOTHING! I don’t want socialism in my government, and yes, Obama is an acting socialist without question. I do not want socialism in my schools. I don’t want it in my health care. I don’t want it in my religion. I don’t want socialism in my business. I don’t want it in my neighborhood. I don’t want to fund it with one dollar of my tax money. I want socialism pushed out of my country completely. If there is to be a global community, I want that global community to be more like the United States of America before the progressive push on the 20th century, and not like the socialism revolution that holds the world down to bankruptcy and apathy like Greece.

Failure to heed what I’ve just reported to you here dear readers is to play your part in delivering America to the fate we are seeing in Greece. That is the direction we are headed and we are well on our way. So when you propose that next school levy, think about what that school is teaching. When you listen to your firefighters ask for a new levy, ask why an international organization has its hands in their pockets. When you listen to Barack Obama and other radical leftists promote Egypt, Greece and Brazil as the great beacons of hope that America should emulate, understand where his heart belongs, it’s in Socialist International, not in the foundations of America.

If you fail to act on this overwhelming evidence that I’ve presented here and if you didn’t see it on these articles and links, then all you have to do is Google Overmanwarrior and your topic of choice and you will find that I’ve written about it. Go ahead and try it. I have written over 600,000 words over the last year. I have placed it here free of charge for your use. No subscriptions, no fee, no trip to the book store. I have put it here for FREE. You have no excuse to be stupid! And if you fail to act on this evidence then you are just as guilty as Laurie Fine, the wife of the Syracuse assistance basketball coach who watched her husband sexually fondle the 12 year old Bobby Davis. Laurie didn’t want to upset her gravy train to do the right thing. Instead she had an affair with Bobby Davis herself.

ESPN who knew about the issue years ago and sat on the story, because they didn’t want to face the truth, and hurt their business. After all, ESPN is in the business of making hero’s out of sports figures, and they could not face the reality of these heroes acting despicably. So they ignored the story. That’s what anyone who claims to be an American is doing when they ignore what is happening in their schools, their government, and their unions. They are consumed and owned by organizations like Socialist International and their global quest to make the earth one giant Federation of socialists.

So when America suffers through its continued recession, its young people show no interest in life outside of their Facebook account, and all politicians can propose to deal with the multiple crises that are brewing in our future as a nation is tax increases, know that you dear reader are guilty of turning your back and playing dumb to the world around you. For every number that clicks up on the debt clock, you are partially guilty for every dollar of it. You have allowed the corruption that is taking place to occur with your willed stupidity. When America falls, it will not be bombs, and missiles, or even an attack by foot soldiers. It will be our own apathy, bred into us by our public education system controlled by the Department of Education programmed by KGB agents to end America as a world power and allow Socialist International to rule the Federation of Planet Earth throughout the next century.
That is the plan. Write it on your calendars and remember where you heard if first.

The United States Constitution gives you the right to give all these powers the finger. So why don’t you grow a pair and use it!

To understand static patterns and how they affect your life click here:


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

27 thoughts on “Socialist International: Bringing an end to America as we know it…….by design

  1. People take heed. This story can’t be told any more succinctly than our dear
    “Warrior” has written here. Our time is short. If the current occupant of our White House declares Marshall Law, our freedom is over.

    This essay is all true. The history of our people must not be ended by a small group of very rich and very powerful people. As we have been saying for many years, this is not a conspiracy theory. These people are determined to rule the world. Many of us will be “eliminated.”

    Many things have been happening in our culture that no one thought could ever happen. We believed ourselves to be a moral and Christian nation. Never did we dream that the most immoral of activities would be considered “rights” or “choices.” Did anyone ever dream that there would be millions of legal abortions in our nation? Life has no value. We would laugh and joke about illicit sexual behavior right in our White House. Who could have dreamed that sex would be a subject taught in our government schools from K through 12? Not just biolgy, but explicit deviant behavior taught as a choice. Who would have thought that the public would adjust to a Stacy Schuller and worse in our schools? No one admonished her acts, just that she got caught. The jokes were rampant on all of the air waves.

    Our values and morals have been lowered by the evil that is part of “the agenda.”
    All of these things plays into the destruction of our nation. All of those who have allowed themselves to be subjects of the “entitlements” will be the first to be “eliminated.” The free meal, free health care, free dwelling and all of the survival needs will be removed. The elderly will be denied health care. Remember their idea is to lower the population of the entire world. Their will be the haves and the slaves. This is their plan and they meet often to add another layer of destruction to our nation.

    The 2012 election will be the historical fight for our nation’s survival. We must be extremely careful who we support for the presidency and every other office. It is entirely possible that we may not even have a chance to make that decision if the election is rigged, as can be done, or if Marshall Law is declared. Be ready for the worst and fight for the best.


  2. GREAT post Rich. The fact that this sounds “extreme” to many people tells us how far we have fallen as a nation and world. Back in the ’50s “Communist” was a dirty word…seemingly as bad as the “N word” today. Joe McCarthy was made into a laughing stock by the Progressives. History is showing that he was right. Now Communists openly parade as your pictures show.

    There was a local talk show host here in town named Mike McConnell who used to joke that the worst thing that ever happened to America was the fall of the Soviet Union. Back then we had a “face” of evil; you need look no farther than the oppression and poverty there to see where Communism would take you. Now that the Soviet Union is no more the only other big example of Communism is China, which no one in America sees as a threat as almost all our material goods are made there. Most Americans have no idea about what goes on in places like China and North Korea. We have allowed our freedom to be taken for granted.

    As far as your last comment and the awesome Johnny Cash picture, here’s my take. Have you seen the “reimagined” Battlestar Galactica series on SyFy? At one point the ragtag fleet escapes the Cylons and finds an Earth-like planet and settles down only to one day see the hordes of Cylon raiders fill the sky and centurions marching into their encampment. Chief Tyrol turns to Starbuck and asks, “What do you want to do now, Captain?” (addressing her by her former military title that they had abandoned during their peaceful time on the planet.) She replies, “Fight ’em till we can’t”.

    That’s where we are right now. Under siege by progressives, corrupt politicians, and a liberal media. All we can do is fight for what this country stands for until we can’t anymore with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.


    1. Funny you bring up the Cylons. Aren’t they just like Progressives? Overly emotional, group oriented, mechanical, manipulative, no sense of self. And they could be your friend, wife, or even in command.

      Yes, it is sad when pointing out the obvious is considered extreme. But we’re in an upside down world.


  3. Hey man, thanks for writing this article. I have had a pretty stressful day and it’s always nice to know someone is out there. Props to you


  4. As to those books you listed (Animal Farm, Brave New World, 1984, Atlas Shrugged), two were written by a Democratic Socialist (George Orwell), one by an objectivist (Ayn Rand), and one by a liberal. So… yeah. Also, you aren’t too bright, are ya?


  5. I’ve never read such an idiotic article… Have you ever heard of facts? Would you like to know the true oppression source in this country? Media sources like FOX NEWS, CNN. Practically any “news” you find today in the United States is all fabricated nonsense to bombard people with fear. With FEAR. But the U.S. Government has nothing to do with any of these stations, meaning that THE OPPRESSION SOURCES are in fact NON-GOVERNMENTAL. The only way you’re being oppressed is via corporation-controlled media, trying to make money off of you, and not government media… So maybe you should re-look what your true objective is here.
    I find it quite interesting that virtually all of your sources come from Fox News… try reading some intelligent non-biased articles every once in a while.


    1. I use sources from everywhere. But just because you’ve been taught to hate Fox News doesn’t mean that their reporting is wrong. Those maps aren’t from Fox. Look it up for yourself. The facts point you away from your position if you’ll listen.


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