Topless Wall Street Protestors: WE ARE AT WAR! And public eduction built the soldiers

There were only two occupations I ever considered worth while when I was growing up, first was a film director, the second was an archeologist. Both required extensive study of the human condition to be successful and I was fully on the course to be very good at either one. However, starting a family early made the first option nearly impossible because of the networking required, and the lack of income made the second unaffordable, not in obtaining a degree, but in the field work involved and level of income provided overall. But along the way I have learned a lot. At 14 years old I was reading college text books on Pre-Columbian Archeology in North America and this type of reading regiment continued to the present.

So what I am about to present to you dear reader is a conclusion that you will not enjoy. This is my assessment of the condition of our culture and the factors which add up to the present. In studying any society, as archeologists and anthropologists do, the conditions which add up to a social collapse are considered, and usually conclusions are fairly straight forward. A culture might fail because they over grazed, their water supply dried up, they lost in a war with a competing culture, or collapsed under their own apathy. In America, our culture is on the verge of collapse, and I don’t say that in a frivolous way, or in a way to insight fear toward any political system of beliefs. A culture simply cannot continue under any system of government if a majority of the people making up that culture believes as this poor 20-year-old girl does. The videos which follow are designed to complement the text, so be sure to watch them. The nudity you will see is not designed to stimulate you in any sexual sense, but to bring the journalistic integrity required to view our cultural conditions which is revealed in this young lady who I use here as the unknowing spokesperson for her generation.

As a twenty year old, she seems to think she has reached a level of maturity and wisdom needed to make assertions of spiritual value. The heartbreaking reality this poor young lady is clueless to is that even though she believes that she is functioning from an authentic standpoint, she is in fact created by the radical movements of the last couple generations. What I am about to declare hereafter may require some understanding of what Charlotte Iserbyt has been warning for years. Charlotte was second in command at the Department of Education during the Reagan years, so she is hardly a nutcase. She is simply a woman who woke up in the middle of a nightmare and has been trying to warn the rest of us ever since. I encourage you to thoroughly examine the videos done with her at this link for context:

The most alarming aspect of the Occupy Wall Street protestors is their ability to be turned on with little provocation, and the young girl in the video above is uttering the same idealistic nonsense that has been explored since the hippie movement of the 60’s. She has been taught not by her parents to think such things. She has not been taught by her grandparents to contemplate the social issues she pontificated upon. She was taught these ideas by government-run public education, an institution millions upon millions of blind, foolish people bet their entire lives upon, which has turned out to be a major oversight in culture building judgment.

The people in this next video represent the failures of the hippie movement alive and well in 2011. These young people are programmed “sheeple” to serve the idealism which we have never vanquished from the American idea. Our American culture never dealt with the socialist temptations of the 60’s and we have allowed those radical elements to run our public schools, and our colleges and we wanted to believe it was OK, because the football games were fun, and we wanted to believe that we could buy our kids a good life. What we are learning is that it was a trap, sprung on us by old communist foes.

It is astonishing how quickly these young people were called to action by the radical unions, but when it is considered that virtually every public school in America is run by a union and the unions were brought to America by socialist sympathizers, then it should not come as a surprise. Like a Trojan Horse we have allowed socialists to instruct our children. Heck, we have even allowed them to instruct us! This isn’t new! We just got caught taking it for granted.

When my little girls who are now older than the 20-year-old in that first video were in the 4th grade they brought home a permission slip to be instructed in sex education. My wife of course being a room-mom within the Mason School System, one of the best schools in our region, went to the school and spoke to the teachers, all of whom she had an excellent relationship with. The teachers were very sweet and everyone got along marvelously, until we said no to the permission slip. The teachers were told by the state that they were to provide sex education to 4th grade students and for the girls this involved putting a condom on a fake penis, so the little girls would know how to do it. My wife and I discussed it and my kids weren’t even close to being sexually interested at this time. It wasn’t even something they wanted to think about and I didn’t want their minds clouded with that kind of garbage until their minds were ready for it, under the normal course of things. So we said no. Suddenly, the nice teachers weren’t so nice, and the administration began to treat my wife differently. Needless to say, our good relationship with the school went downhill very quickly over just the decision to not allow our children to learn how to apply a condom to a fake penis.

A social agenda had been established by minds from far away, in the Department of Education just as Charlotte had said, and this trickled down through the state of Ohio under many unquestioning politicians and parents who simply accepted the decisions of a higher authority, and the sex education was implemented quietly, with only a few protests from parents like us who suddenly found ourselves on the outside looking in. So given that knowledge, where young girls are taught to be sexual very early, and young boys are taught to lower their standards to a raw primitive energy in a surrender to their urges by the 5th grade that these young people in this next video are so willing to take off their cloths to protest the kind of political aims that are important to their teachers?

We have cast our children into a vat of socialist stew and the teachers are the cooks. Individually, the teachers do not see that they are a problem. They don’t see it because they are living their lives completely absorbed in these ideas. There are a few that don’t think with a socialist mindset, but the education system as a whole is a cease pool of socialism. My wife and I became very angry at the school system and when the teachers started to treat our kids badly, because we wouldn’t let them take the sex education class, we took them out of school and home-schooled them for one year while we moved to a different school district to start over fresh. My wife and I were shocked once we had the kids home every day how much social programming had come from their mouths almost like an exorcism. Removing our kids from that daily regimen of standing in line, taking orders from a leader of the class, social classes in the lunch room, the hallways, etc, that a light came back on in our kids eyes that we had noticed was slowly diminishing.

Oh, my wife and I caught 100 kinds of hell from our extended family members for what we had done. Nobody understood why we were home-schooling our children and why over time I was beginning to hate public education more and more, even more than I did when I went to school. My mother and father were always disappointed in my severe independence which got me into a lot of trouble in my own school days, starting in kindergarten. I had a teacher that I later learned had been committed to a psyche ward eventually, who fought with me over and over again.  I was only 5 years old at the time. I refused to do what she asked because then, as now, I was unwilling to take orders from anybody. So I spent most of my childhood standing in corners, being placed next to the teacher in the front of the class, being sent to the principal’s office, having my parents called for fighting in school, not following instructions. I was paddled every year by some teacher or principal in a way of beating acceptance to a higher authority into my brain. It was nothing short of legitimized torture. I can’t think of any other word for it and with each one, I got angrier and angrier and carried less and less fear until they could no longer control me in any way. I had detentions routinely, in short and this is not exaggeration, every single day of my public education existence was miserable. Why, because God bless my mother, she gave me a hook into independence before I ever stepped into a classroom, and I wasn’t about to surrender it. Even though my mother regretted it later when I had such a contemptuous relationship with public education and society was telling her that I’d be a failure at life, the foundation had been set in me early on, and I wasn’t going to allow that to happen to my own children. So my wife and I pulled them out of school to make sure the lights didn’t go out in their eyes forever. 

Now, most people who read what I just said will declare, “Well, you made it hard on yourself not doing what you were told.” My reply is that learning to do what you are told is NOT a good trait to have. Learning to do as you are told is BAD. Not being a free-thinker is a terrible imprisonment and I regret NOTHING from my past even with all the violence. My relentless grip on my own individuality has benefited me greatly, and my family as well. And it has given me clear perspective into the failures of our modern institutions because I’m not in love with them and willing to overlook their short-comings to justify my memories. Since I have no love for them, I can look at them with the objectivity of science. Besides people like Charlotte and a few others, Glenn Beck as seen below almost duplicates my opinions verbatim on this whole education matter and the Wall Street protestor situation.

One of the things I’ve always fought against is the tendency to not question the merit of an order because to my mind unless the instructor is superior to me, they have no right to command me. There isn’t any circumstance where I could be a private in the military where a commander orders me to my death. I could handle being the commander, but certainly not the soldier. And this was even worse in public school. I can’t think of a single teacher who surpassed me in intellect, even when I was a kid, and I never trusted that what they told me was true. I’ve felt this way for as long as I’ve had a conscious thought. When the structure of things is not questioned, and people just learn to take orders, as our society is currently structured, the soldiers don’t see where the real orders come from. Well, since I’m not committed to any system of thought, let me show you how it goes down, and how your public education system has been corrupted by socialism even if the individual parts of that system cannot see it, because they were taught not to question orders from a superior.

Every teacher who is in a union gets a monthly newsletter full of socialist oriented subject matter, and is part of a network that is run by the more radical elements of that group. The teachers put up with it because the pay is good, and they get summers off, so for the ones who aren’t radical left winged socialist fruitcakes, they shrug off the propaganda and don’t realize that subtly they help do their part in promoting the effort through their union dues. But many teachers, especially the ones who love life within the world of academia openly embrace the socialist leanings of their college professors, and this makes them willing conduits of socialist communication from their superiors in the union to their students.

This system has been built for decades. It prevents adults from understanding the connection between the Wall Street Protestors and the real force behind them which is socialist radicals embedded in the labor movement. They don’t see it because they are taught from their pubic education days not to question authority figures, so they don’t. Meanwhile, the unions such as SEIU reveals just how embedded they are in this movement. Meet Mary Kay Henry, current president of SEIU.

Mary and her fellow socialists have used their union network to call upon the unquestioned submission to authority of foot soldiers they have built over three decades to create a modern 60’s revolution movement. The design is to create distractions from a seriously flawed president in Obama, who Mary, Richard Trumka and many other labor leaders hell-bent on a severe progressive political platform needs to keep money flowing in their directions, so they need Obama re-elected. Using these student mobs to attack the President’s “Fat Cats” the 1%, they hope to effectively divide up the nation into political affiliations that will help the unions grow as a socialist organization, not just in America, but worldwide, and to hide the flaws of the Obama presidency behind the noise.

These mobs were called upon by people like Van Jones, endorsed by former President Clinton, and openly pleaded for by Francis Fox Piven. They are the strategy of the 60’s by the same socialist sympathizers who made up the unions back then. Now it is the hippie radical from the 60’s who are embedded into all levels of public education that have been instructing our current kids their values. So is it any surprise that these young people are so confused, aimless, yet ready to inflict violence when called upon by their superiors.

The media of course has been involved in attempting to legitimize these protests into the mainstream. The common factor in all this is all these participants were heavily instructed in the university system which also instructed the current radical teachers. Reporters have been all too willing to collect their short sound bites and to fall into line based on their editorial commands.

Mysteriously, Anne Hathaway found herself heavily photographed when she joined the protestors which was a move the naive little Anne Hathaway most likely embarked on from the advice of her agent. No question having Anne being caught supporting the protesters helps her in the progressive Hollywood community as it drives up her market value, but it also bridges a credibility gap between the public and the radical protestors. Hathaway made over $50 million last year, so she is not one of the 1%, but Anne doesn’t know she’s being played by her bosses for public image.

I wrote extensively about Anne’s latest films after the recent Academy Awards where progressive politics is using her image to advance their cause.

I think Anne is just another clueless actress who is doing what those around her tell her to do, and those people get their orders from the radical literature that circulates around the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) information they get every month, same as the NEA newsletters the teachers get. What they all have in common is radical union influence. Again, most actors who are in the guild, or writers who are in the WGA or any of the other unions, are fairly well paid, so they put on the rose-colored glasses just like the teachers do, and overlook the obvious socialism in favor of their independent wealth. After all, it’s a system they benefit from, and they see no reason why the rest of the world couldn’t benefit like they have. People like Anne are sweet people in person, but they don’t understand how the dots connect. Anne would love it if everyone in the world made as much money as she did, and I think she really thinks that’s possible. She’s also the same actress who got VERY naked in her last couple of films so she could be considered for an Academy Award.  I think it’s a shame she has allowed herself to be steered into these directions.  She had a very promising career that would have stood the test of time.  Now she has been cheapened, and quite on purpose. 

Have a look here at all the actresses who have had to get nude in a film to win Best Actress from the Academy, which is a VERY progressive organization with an agenda.

If you have any doubt about the role universities and public education has played in the radicalism of our modern time, and serves as an agent for global programming toward socialism have a look at this short video which shows universities all over the world acting in this same radical fashion.

The trouble with college is society has accepted that the university system is essential to career development, and this is the same mistake Anne Hathaway is making who ignores the agents behind the message and thinks she can bring more wealth to everyone if she participates in the protest. Many are guilty of just supporting their universities because they had a good party experience while attending, or because they enjoy the sports programs. This is how monsters of a different sort are created such as in the Sandusky case at Penn State. This system is so embedded in our social static patterns that their authenticity is often beyond question.

When all the levels of this whole system are looked at in their entirety it is clear what is going on. However, since we are trained not to question authority figures, socially, we have allowed ourselves to become programmed. A perfect example of this is this poor woman, standing topless and stripped of everything she could have ever dreamed about as a young girl, uttering exactly the same dialogue which came from the president of the SEIU. This woman displays how the information trickles down to the common people through the various media networks to find itself part of her personal, collective identity given to her by her public education, probably her college experience, and her experience with media, I’m sure she’s seen a few Anne Hathaway movies.

To sum up all these influences and where they come from here is Glenn Beck who has figured out what the poster that many of these Wall Street Protestors are rallying behind means and he connects the dots between what is happening in America with what is going on globally. By the way, remember what I’ve said about Bill Clinton and his attempt to become President of the United Nations. Keep in mind that America cannot qualify to nominate a president to the UN so long as it’s one of the superpowers. To qualify the United States would have to lose its superpower ranking.  To see what I’ve said about Bill Clinton click this article for more detail before you jump into Beck’s video.

Beck sums up N17 Day and the whole movement.

So what are you supposed to do with this knowledge? Because if you have read this and watched these videos, you know that action on your part is surely necessary. Well, first you have to look in the mirror and wonder how corrupted you have become yourself by your own education, and you have to be willing to unlearn what you were taught.

The next thing you need to do is stop that behavior from hurting your current children. The current batch of children that are currently protesting can’t be saved. They will learn the hard way, and hopefully they will find strength in your newfound wisdom, because you cannot save them from the pain that is coming, for we are currently at war, and we have allowed public education to train our children as soldiers to use against our way of life. We allowed this to happen by sleeping, by trusting, by being good little servants who did what we were told to do.

I have spent my whole life going against the current, fighting for the right to do as I please, and not taking orders from ANYONE, not even my family members. Yes, I have been a real pain in the ass for a great many people, but my intentions were never malicious, or even pompous. I just want my life to be my own. From that vantage point of freedom, it is very clear to me, probably not so clear to you dear reader, that social failure on an epic scale is imminent. I’m sure realizing that everything you ever believed in is actually a sinister socialist dream of which you are simply a pawn is a difficult realization, but whether you discover it now or on your death-bed, the reality is no different.

I suppose this leaves you with a decision to make. I can tell you that I seek to rid my community of any union influence. Perhaps you should do the same. I don’t want a union in my schools teaching the next generation. I don’t mind public education as long as it’s productive, but I don’t want to pay for a socialist army to march in my country’s city streets demanding socialism to the beat of a union drum. So I don’t plan to give those unions any of my money to produce children like these protestors. If you want to put a stop to it, you have to cut off their supply of money.

But you can’t just sit back and do nothing. If nothing is your plan then give the unions no money. Armies like this who are trying to take over our country need money to do it, and like a bunch of fools, we’ve been giving it to them. We give the colleges massive sums of money to program our children into the ways of socialism, so if you want to change the behavior, take away their money. We do the same in public education. If you want to change the behavior, take away their money. Don’t give it to them! Do you like the product it’s producing!!!!!!!

Look at the videos above and tell me that our public education system is producing good quality adults ready to tackle the world. No, all it’s producing are topless derelicts holding out their hand waiting for someone to drop money in their laps. I would say public education is a dismal failure if it produces one such person as the topless protestor in the park. But we have seen MANY such people. The social decay is at an epic low and one of our ex presidents who is endorsing this behavior is the same guy who allowed Monica Lewinsky to give him oral sex in the Oval Office, then lie about it! And nobody thought it was a big deal.

The reason nobody thought it was a big deal was because they have been trained in public education to accept such things, so our moral obligations to ourselves are gone. This is why so many progressive soldiers are ready to march, strip off their cloths and partake in violence to bring down the rich, because the goal of the progressive socialist is to eliminate America as a world power. And if you can’t see that, you are already too far gone to help, and are simply part of the problem!

Look at the person who says drugs are OK to take. Look at the person who says sex in public is fine, and with perfect strangers. Look at the person who says that the rich should pay for the poor. Look at the person who is willing to consume those around them so that they can live, and I will say that you are looking at an enemy to the Republic of America. And they should be treated as such!

If this trend is not corrected, than I can promise that future archeologists will look at the events of this time and our lack of ability to recognize the threat from within us and declare that the greatest country in the history of the human race failed because socialism had migrated too far and it was too late to stop before people finally woke up enough to stop the spread of that terrible cancer that hid behind the mask of organized labor, because nothing about the progressive movement adds up to a successful future for America.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

17 thoughts on “Topless Wall Street Protestors: WE ARE AT WAR! And public eduction built the soldiers

  1. I have been following your articles for some time now and as always you are one of the best writers I have ever seen the articles keep getting better and better, they were always very good. Thank you for all the great information you bring to me and all your followers.

    Now I have a little history to add and it is political. I was 10 years old when they started teaching sex education I am now 55 years old. I remember like it was yesterday because of the big stink it raised as all the churches including the one I went to were fit to be tied. Here comes the part that proves these liberal, progressive democrats don’t give a dam about what the public thinks.

    They took poles back in those days just like they do now and 92% of the population was against sex education in schools but the democrat controlled House, Senate and president Johnson a democrat” forced it on the American people anyway. It was wrong than and it’s wrong now!

    My point is the democrats only govern by dictatorship and when they speak of democracy like it’s something beautiful’ be warned there type of governance by their type of democracy is much different than Americans have been taught in schools or by the media.

    The democrat’s form of democracy is a sick form of voting for your dictator.

    The American people have been fooled and there still fooling some of us. The ones who could spill the beans on this are the republican elected congressman but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.

    They don’t speak for me I am not in their 99% OWS are the 1% there can’t be that many idiots in the country.

    Violence does not and cannot exist by itself; it is invariably intertwined with the lie. There will be more Violence and a lot more than we have seen so far.

    I totally agree with everything in the article. We have one hell of a mess to clean up and that will take 2 more generations.

    Thomas Sowell said the only thing that can save this country is a military Coue and I believe he was right.

    Again thank you for your time.

    Your personal experience in public school sounds exactly like mine.

    An oath I once took

    I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiances to the same….so help me God.”


    1. Amen James, and it’s good to hear from you again. I wondered if you were still around. I’m glad to hear of your experience, this is an attack. We have “domestic enemies” right now trying to take over our country. Now, lucky for us, we can still get from point A to point B without seeing them. Occupy Wall Street with all the mess is still a very small part of the world. But God help them all if they show up in a place that puts them between me and where I want to go. I can say right now I’m not looking for a fight, but I will consider such an act as the fight found me, and action will be warrented.

      That’s the part of this big plan that will fall apart the moment they leave their network. Many of us, the thousands who read here for example, who don’t feel a need to comment, they just clean their guns and hope the situation works itself out without needless violence. But they are ready. We have seen the enemy about us, and I can say with 100% certainty, that I won’t stand for it. I write so to possibly avert the violence that is coming, hoping that the domestic enemies learn something. But when and if that time comes, they have seen nothing here that can prepare them for the violence they will meet if they wish to step over the line of the law and impose force on us in Main Street. I won’t put up with it for a fraction of a second.

      See you on the front line, if need be.


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