The “INCEPTION” of Herman Cain: The dream within a dream within a dream

This piece of music from one of my favorite composers, Hans Zimmer written for the film Inception brings to mind much about the sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain who is running for president. In that film ushered in by that storming musical score, reality at the primary level is often influenced by realities within that reality where they sometime fold over on themselves. This reminds me of Herman Cain because the same media that controls much of what we see and hear creates our understanding of that primary reality at the most fundamental subconscious level. There are many smaller realities that play out within our recognized reality which largely goes about undetected until something happens that is so fundamentally wrong that it does not fit in with the perceived timeline. Such an event occurred with Sharon Bialek.

I don’t know what happened in the car between Ms. Bialek and Herman Cain. I also don’t know what happened between Herman Cain and the other women who have come out and accused Cain of improper behavior. Frankly I don’t care.

I don’t care because I witnessed some of the worst behavior I could ever dare witness in the Bill Clinton presidency. I watched in the 90’s as parades of women similar to Ms. Bialek were brought forward to accuse the president of improper behavior, much worse than putting a woman’s head in a lap. I also witnessed the reality of Clinton getting blow jobs in the Oval Office during a government shut-down, and this same media told us it was only sex.

Oh yes……………don’t you remember dear reader? Don’t tell me that you have forgotten. Well, in case you have, I put all the documentaries about Bill Clinton at the below link for your convenience. Perhaps you need a refresher course in the president who shattered the standards to the lowest possible level for the rest of America’s history. It was Clinton who allowed a baseball team owner in Bush to become president, and paved the way for a radical community activist in Obama to actually look credible. Go ahead, review how that line of prestige was shattered and America was made a mockery to the world.

So you did forget………………..shame on you. You were probably one of those people who recently watched Bill Clinton being serenaded to by Lady Gaga and thought, “what a cool ex-president.” And our secretary of state Hillary Clinton who put all her husband’s sexual indiscretions aside is there dancing to Lady Gaga music by her loving husband. And their daughter Chelsea who had to grow up around the political machine of her father constantly putting out fires set by Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Linda Trip and many, many others as death, corruption, and impeachment plagued her father’s presidency stands on his other side. She dances to Lady Gaga just as any young college girl would, her thoughts of those long ago days erased by the media in a mind wipe reminiscent to the film Inception. Yes, you can see that clip here:

You see, for those of us who see beyond the imagery of our current reality, the image that the media creates for us to lull us to sleep with gossip and sexy images, it wouldn’t matter any longer if Herman Cain had made a pornographic film with his accusers and was seen by millions of people, because of Bill Clinton and the standard set by the media, sexual indiscretion no longer matters.

But wait………………..suddenly it does! Suddenly, as in the case of Clarence Thomas many years ago, now Herman Cain is expected to be a saint. It’s ironic, because even Martin Luther King was known to have mistresses, and Jessie Jackson, the current civil rights hero of the left, has had marital infidelities. And as stated, Bill Clinton was notorious, and the left’s favorite presidents John F. Kennedy was quite open about his sexually promiscuous lifestyle, and Lyndon B. Johnston was a serial womanizer yet none of this is discussed…….why?

Rush Limbaugh is right. The only reason the media is coming after Herman Cain is because Cain scares the crap out of the progressive left. Progressives are fighting for their life to keep a black Republican such as Alan Keys in the 90’s and now Herman Cain out of legitimate political office. Cain, who is very popular and is coming out as a presidential front-runner and is a serious threat to become president, is a threat to the bloc voting of progressive politics. That means it’s time for an “INCEPTION.”

Talk radio, which exists outside of the images of television can most of the time be counted on to display what is going on at all the levels of reality we are experiencing and can get down to the fundamental INCEPTION of things. This is because talk radio speaks straight to the mind itself and doesn’t rely on visual image to help sell the dialogue. And Rush Limbaugh nailed the issue surrounding Herman Cain, so if you brushed by that video, you may want to review it now.

It’s not just Limbaugh who is seeing this whole Cain situation for what it is. Glenn Beck has also done some great work on this issue. Listen to Beck talk about the media hypocrisy focusing on Herman Cain and the Occupy Wall Street Movement and his utter befuddlement over the whole issue at Penn State.

The media doesn’t like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh either in case you didn’t already know it, because from their talk radio positions they act as beacons of truth which permeates through the INCEPTION of multiple dreamlike realities we experience in our modern culture. While the masses are supposed to overlook the tragedy at Penn State so that football can go on, we are also supposed to be outraged at Herman Cain because he supposedly put a woman’s head in his lap and touched her genitals.

Watch Beck and his radio crew have some fun with the ridiculousness of this whole Cain case, because once it’s understood that we are being manipulated, all you can really do is laugh at the effort, at what sleepy fools progressives believe the rest of us really are.

The progressive left is so scared of a Herman Cain presidency that even black people are jumping on the media smear band-wagon. Listen as Herman Cain addresses comments that the Tea Party is racist even when it is clearly understood that the Tea Party has embraced a Cain presidency without anything ever being mentioned about skin color.

In this next clip Cain addresses the accusations introduced by Sharon Bialek directly. It should be a surprise to learn that the media is combing through Cain’s family looking for any dirt they can find there when our current president has a mother who is an ex-hippie and a radical revolutionary father who left her when Obama was very young.   But it’s not a surprise.  Obama was raised in another country under a different father in Indonesia where he lost his US citizenship so he could attend school, and Obama used his foreign status to get into college back in the United States, which would later haunt him over his citizenship status which he lost making him an illegal president according to the Constitution. Of course the media told us none of this was an issue. But instead they say to look at Herman Cain, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch Brothers, the evil John Kasich, Scott Walker and those crazy right-winged radicals and call them names, and hunt down their families. Pay no attention to the mind tricks we are employing on you in our INCEPTION!

So as you hear the constant diatribes over Herman Cain and the shocking silence of all the other issues percolating in the American psyche understand that like the movie Inception, you are being manipulated, toyed with, and constructed at a level beyond your conscious understanding. That fleeting thought of dishonor you had when you watched the latest news story on Herman Cain was a piece of your mind that was wiped away by the mind-tricks of the media, the slight-of-hand that they all learned in college when they were students of Walter Lippmann. The reality you see is a constructed reality built by progressive politics, and virtually nothing you see, think, or hear is true. The only trace of truth I trust these days ride on the waves of talk radio, where the theater of the mind has only a voice to ascertain the validity of information as it’s presented. Virtually all other forms of media are corrupted by a subconscious push to induce an Inception upon our minds where up is down, left is right, blue is red, and nothing is what you think it is.

In that world we have to pick a new president, and it is my recommendation that you pick the one that the Inception is trying to steer you away from, because unless you break free, you may find that when you wake up from this dream of living that we are all sharing, you may find shackles upon your necks and a grim fate of realization that you had in fact never walked the paths of dream in a reality we call life but are in fact prisoner in a progressive nightmare.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

15 thoughts on “The “INCEPTION” of Herman Cain: The dream within a dream within a dream

  1. one who puts on a mask and feigns himself to be what he is not; a dissembler in religion. Our Lord severely rebuked the scribes and Pharisees for their hypocrisy (Matt. 6:2, 5, 16). “The hypocrite’s hope shall perish” (Job 8:13). The Hebrew word here rendered “hypocrite” rather means the “godless” or “profane,” as it is rendered in Jer. 23:11, i.e., polluted with crimes.”

    Hypocrisy at it’s core. well stated as always.


  2. I noted that 31,570 people had viewed the trailer on “Inception,” but 300 to 500 plus on the Glenn Beck and Limbaugh information. I mention this because it validates what you say about the interests of the population at large. Far too few care about this country enough to search for the truth or listen to both sides of an issue. They have been dumbed down to the point where “sex, drugs and rock and roll” are the central focus of majority of the people’s brains.

    The accusations agains Herman Cain were a distraction to cover up the real news. Does anyone know what kind of “deals” our president is making in Hawaii and points East? Does anyone care? What about “Fast and Furious?” Anyone care that our border patrol agents are victims of our own government. The president and the attorney general cooked up this idea to have evidence to control gun ownership. Thank God the whole plot backfired on them. How many more Solandras are there out there? The news media is an agent of the government. The left side of the government. When J. Edgar Hoover was trying to warn us about some of the horrible things the government and CIA were perpetrating on this nation, the press did a complete discreditization of him. They poked fun of him and made him out to be a transvestite and other, then, unacceptable behaviors. If the media wished to expose Hillary Clinton and BHO they could. The fact is that they approve of their leftist politics and so protect them.

    As for the movie “inception” the plot is taken from the quantum theory and many believe that “brain control” is quite possible. In fact I recently heard that the government has been working on mass control of the people for some time with brain- thought control. It is pretty deep, but revolves around something called reverse matter or negative matter. Read up on it and you will be amazed.

    I am bothered by the fact that the mainstream media is hosting the Republican debates. They have not been fair and do not give equal time to all of the participants. I believe their agenda is to give Romney the most time and then destroy him after he is nominated. They’ll use the flip-flop approach and it will work well. He has flip-flopped on most of the important issues.

    They really are controling our thoughts with movies, music, television, news media and other controled “entertainment.”


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