911 Panic Calls, Rule by the Weak: Bill Cunningham stuck on his roof

I can understand a society needing public workers to handle policing activities, firefighting and emergency services, but only to a limit. I have been in many dangerous situations yet the only time I have had to call 911 was for employees I had to provide first response care to, and that was simply procedural. Every time I’ve ever found myself in a fix, even when death seemed like the next option, I worked the problem out myself.

But apparently, there are people out there who aren’t so self-reliant, and these are the types of people who when danger breaths deathly whispers into their ears, they dial 911 for emergency services to save them. These are the types of people who the ads for Issue 2 are targeting, because the fear tactics work on these people since they are prone to be the next 911 call.

Who are these people, these emotionally shaky individuals who cannot muster enough strength to solve problems on their own? Well, the video below contains a few of these apparently fragile people who have called 911 over issues that most of us would never consider. One is from a couple who became lost in a corn maze, and needed help getting out. The other is from Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW who became stuck on the roof of his house. After listening to these calls, it is easy to have sympathy for the type of individual who might typically vote for against Issue 2 in Ohio. Such people can’t fathom life without a safety net no matter what the cost of that net, because these types of people will throw infinite amounts of money at public workers to ensure their safety. It’s not enough for these types to have police and firefighters nearby for assistance in matters of catastrophic circumstance. The trouble is that seemingly minor incidents to the fragile mind constitute catastrophe. Listen for yourself! (CLICK THE VIDEO)

I truly feel sorry for these people since it is obvious their parameters for danger are much, much, much more narrow than my own, and it is because of people like this that government has expanded to the levels they have. It is these types of people who vote for politicians who will provide safety to them. It is these types of people who burden down our public employees with needless endeavor. But it is also these types of individuals that public workers prop up when their unions are looking for more money. It is these people who are exploited at my expense, which drives up taxes on the self-reliant who do not wish to pay the extra fees for services they will never render.

I had a very fragile individual write me the other day very upset over my work with the Lakota School Levy, and Issue 2. His argument was “What about that special teacher who helped you become who you are today? What about that police officer who keeps criminals from your family? What about the nurse who cares for you in the hospital or the professor who leads you through college?” The man writing me was obviously like the people in the 911 recordings heard above, and to answer him would have required a book of explanation because his view of the world and mine are much different from one another. But in the context of the above 911 calls I believe I can now provide a summary reflecting my displeasure at having so many members of society, my neighbors, community members and fellow countrymen that are prone to identical panic attacks, let me now pontificate my frustration at your burden:

• No, I never had a teacher that guided me through a tough time. They tried, but I rejected them, so not to rob me of the benefit of self-reliance. If they helped me, I did not get the benefit of discovery. They get the benefit of teaching, so the act is more about them, which becomes a selfish gesture. I have been that way my entire life and have never once felt lesser for it. Too often moochers in life do things like building a road, or forcing through law that you take their education class, even if you are already beyond them, and then when you are successful, they attempt to take credit for your success as if to justify their work, which they imposed on you to begin with. I have little tolerance for this behavior. I put up with it for the good of my community, because not everyone is able to see things as I do, and I understand that. I pay my taxes to support those activities for my neighbors, but my children and grandchildren will be taught by better instructors under my tutelage, and that is in the instructions of self-reliance.

• I have never in my life turned away from a dangerous situation when it was in front of me. I’ve been shot at, hunted, threatened in just about every conceivable way, schemed against, virtually every human folly that the imagination can produce has found its way against my wits. And all of those attempts were initiated by the other party in anger because I would not subscribe to their system of doing things, but instead relied on self-reliance. I have seen the fury of those who claim to be brave, but still seek the safety of peer numbers which consciously justify their meager existence (thus my hatred of unions and all collectivism). I have been trapped in cave on my belly unable to move in any direction but forward into a darkened abyss with no light. I have been trapped in a tree of great height (over 50’) alone as the extended ladder fell to the ground and the trunk was so large I couldn’t even begin to put my arms around to shimmy down. The branches of the tree alone were the size of a large man’s torso. I have been in several severe car accidents. I’ve suffered broken bones, severe lacerations, and much blunt trauma such as concussions and skin that ripped open because the pressure of the blood beneath could not move away fast enough but to explode upon impact. Yet you can count on two hands the times I’ve been to a doctor or surgeon. I only attend medical professionals to patch me up or fix an ailment which I have diagnosed. Most of my serious injuries I’ve fixed myself including a broken ankle I suffered in Panama City jumping off a 20’ peer onto a not so sandy beach. My health is supreme, my blood pressure, and all such concerns stout. I take absolutely no drugs of any kind, except when they are needed to finish a work day and I need the boost to complete the task at hand. I’ve been to some of the most remote places on the plant yet never, ever been lost. In fact, I couldn’t get lost if I were dropped into the middle of Siberia blind folded. I do not need a compass, GPS, or even a map to find my way anywhere in this world. When I hear from the people of the world that they are doing something to save me, to help me, I say back, “I do not need your help. You are not more qualified at anything than me. You mind your business and leave me to mine. If you need help ask, but you will never hear me ask for it.”

• Most of the taxes I pay are not for my benefit. If there was no road, I’d make my own or not use one. I would walk, ride a bicycle, or build a helicopter in my back yard to take me where I wish to go, because if I want to go someplace, I’ll go. Terrain or other terrestrial objects will not stop me. Government builds things with my money and I use them because they are there. But my life is not dependent upon them. As to my safety, I have the Second Amendment. I pity the person who attempts to bring harm to my family or to me. It’s been tried before, and it will be tried again and those that discover the wrath of that ill-fated enterprise have been warned. I have represented myself in court more than once since I do not trust lawyers for the most part, and I have been successful many more times than once. So virtually every tax dollar I spend is not for me, it is for mankind and I cringe to watch them waste my money on neurosis. I will never take a Social Security check yet I pay it. And Medicare is not an option. I’d go bankrupt first before accepting Medicare. I’d be willing to do that because I know that as long as I breathe, I can always rebuild myself. I’ve lost everything only to start completely over again at least three times and I’d do it 30 more times before I took a government check, a government job, or help from a neighbor.

Needless to say I do not understand the mind of the people who call 911 to get out of a corn maze, or to be rescued from their roof. If a broken leg was the cost of jumping from the roof I’d take it as payment for putting myself in a foolish position, but I’d never call to be rescued. Never!

Now to many my position appears extreme, but that is only relative to the rest of society, who has bought into this whole collectivism thing. They have forgotten to look first to themselves to solve their problems because it has been taught out of them by those same public workers.

I’ve stated that I put up with it for the sake of societies majority, whom I view as weak, mentally reduced, impudent, and hopeless, I pay my taxes so those people can have their care, their social welfare. To those people I appear as “anti-social” or even “cold hearted,” because they measure social success in acts of weakness, or masked kindness. The proof that society is wrong in its measure can be heard in those 911 calls, collectivism as shown in the video below disgust me because they produce future 911 callers and higher taxes to support their public safety net philosophy.

When a couple, especially where the man is 42 years old can bring a young child into this world and then cannot lead his family out of a corn maze because he’s “scared” becomes an issue of so much media coverage I would say a social breaking point has been achieved. I know what causes such a condition as those fearful people suffer yet I am constantly asked to spend more and more tax money to fund producing more of these people. And more money will not solve the problem, it makes it worse. For each time you place something easily in front of a human being and keep them from working for it, you make them weaker physically, and their minds go to mush. All you’ve done in your compassion is making them dependent on you, which is devastating to the human soul. My point is made at the 10:40 mark of the below video. Words from a person who doesn’t get it. If he wasn’t president he’d be another 911 call.

So utter dear reader how “cold hearted,” “selfish,” and “anti-social,” I am relative to
your position. But ask yourself why you spend so much time at Walgreens for prescriptions you do not need, or becoming intoxicated for the sake of mind-numbing euphoria, (getting drunk) why you eat till you are fat, or spend money on things you don’t need. Why you work a job that provides only money, and watch television shows that are foolish. When you’ve done to your mind and body a thousand dumb things then find yourself stuck on a roof, or in a corn maze unable to process a way out but to call 911, the fault is yours. And you make yourself my problem when you ask me to pay for your incompetence since it was your responsibility not to allow your mind to become mushy. It is you who drive up taxes by asking for things you do not need to satisfy the insecurity you have breed within your timid bodies. And it is because of you that government grows, and why people like me despise you. I take care of my business, but you haven’t done the same.

It is those types of people, the helpless, the meek, the unimaginative, who support repealing the reform bill Issue 2. Those are the people who won’t risk injury to remove themselves from a roof because it “might hurt,” or are afraid to walk “through the corn” because they have a little baby in their arms. These are the union members who lack personal courage and walk arm and arm for collective bargaining, the neurotic mother hauling around a mini-van full of kids to sports games in hopes that one of those kids will win a scholarship and save their parents the high cost of college tuition. These are the same people who go to the doctor for a note to get them out of work so they can sit on their ass and watch some silly program on television or play on their computers while the world marches by through their windows. When an emergency happens, these timid creatures are not ready to face danger, instead they call 911. They are not the people who will VOTE YES on Issue 2, as they fear the very concept of change, because doubt lingers in their minds as to their own ability which they seek to supplement with tax dollars on services provided at the expense of the self-reliant.

For the answer to everything click the link below!


Rich Hoffman

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