The NEA has it’s Finger on Senator Bill Seitz: How attorneys stand in the way of reform

There was a lot of dispute about the removal of Senator Bill Seitz from a key committee during the final days of the vote on Senate Bill 5 which would become Issue 2. See an interview from Seitz with Channel 9 who is from the Cincinnati area.

I didn’t know it at the time, and I think many people still don’t know it, but Bill Seitz is a labor attorney and has represented many police, firefighters and teachers and was not able to put his personal feelings aside for the passage of Senate Bill 5.

I’ve known a lot of attorneys, and one of the common tactics they use when they have a weak case is to drag their feet and extend out a case. And Seitz obviously blindly loyal to labor interests even though he sells himself as a conservative was not able to see Senate Bill 5 for what it was, a good healthy culture change for public sector employment. Seitz, the labor attorney, listed as one of the best in America, as you can see at the link below, looks to have sabotaged and watered down the impact of Issue 2 from the very beginning by loading it down with unnecessary politics, which went against the kind of reform Kasich and many in the house and senate were looking for.

To hear the real Bill Seitz, not the one that Bill Cunningham, a fellow attorney in brotherhood propped up as a champion in such high esteem, Brian Thomas asked far more probing questions. You can hear Bill Cunningham’s pandering interview with Seitz at this hot link. Just click on it. To listen to the Brian Thomas interview, click the video below. This video is just over an hour and right after the Seitz interview there is about a 30 second pause. Don’t worry about it; just let the video play, because the calls that follow are worth listening to. What was revealed later in the discussion was that in order to get Seitz booked for this Brian Thomas interview the NEA out of New Jersey had to be contacted to set it up. If that doesn’t send up the alarm flags, I don’t know what would? Seitz is heavily involved in unions and supports them completely. In the strategy of war, I’d refer to Seitz as a Trojan Horse.

When we talk among each other in plan talk around the water cooler, or around the grill, we refer to people who employ double talk as clowns because those entertainers clearly wear a mask to entertain, but when they aren’t in a circus, they take off their makeup to reveal who they truly are. Clowns are intended to be a derogatory term to imply that someone we are supposed to trust speaks out of both sides of their mouth. This isn’t a new concept. Betrayal of this kind is as old as human society.

In my opinion one of the greatest threats to our modern society has been the extraordinary quantity of attorneys our universities have produced. Those young attorneys encouraged into those fields by parents who wanted better for their children breed a society of legal professions with little to do but attempt to advance the divorce rate, which has destroyed the American family, create endless litigation from law suites which has driven up production costs, and created mountains and mountains of legal provisions of which only the attorneys can translate in government. They have destroyed “common sense.” Since many attorneys move into politics for stable income and networking opportunities, we have seen an endless stream of complicated laws created to provide future opportunities for professionals in the legal profession to serve as council in future court cases. It is the attorneys who have virtually destroyed America with paperwork and compliance.

It is the attorneys who are most against tax reform, because it was they who created all the deductions in the voluminous compliance code currently controlled by the Internal Revenue Service. The complicated tax code is on purpose. It is so that tax attorneys can sell their services to large companies to lower their tax rates by knowing what the dedications are. Having the tax code so large and complicated is to make it so only the attorneys can understand it. Attorneys hold the keys and must be hired to unlock the secrets.

When it comes to union reforms, which are greatly needed, it is now obvious that labor attorneys are more than willing to put their own self-interests above any reforms. In Seitz case, he openly agrees that there is a need for reform, but his underlining motive is to drag the situation out so he can play at reforming, but all the while continue to do his legal work for public employees. By reforming collective bargaining, it gives professional attorneys like Seitz less to do, and threatens their livelihood.

This is where the clown idea comes to play. While dressed as a clown, I cannot see the face behind the masks a politician wears and neither can most people. And it is not beyond comprehension that a liberal minded person may play at being a Republican in most facets of their life in order to secure a living for themselves. But you can see what the true motive of a person is by studying their behavior and in Bill Seitz situation, he is an attorney for labor, and is not about to go against his client base with Senate Bill 5. So Seitz needing to maintain the illusion of his act spoke in public that he supported 85% of Senate Bill 5, but he disagreed with 15%. But in actuality, he sought to lawyer the issue into years and years of discussion, gradually wearing down the initial reform until what ended up as a law that was a labor friendly bill and satisfied the objectives of his clients. The senate realizing this is what Seitz was doing removed him from the panel, so the bill could proceed.
At a recent debate over Issue 2, which you can see for yourself by CLICKING ON THIS HOTLINK, the firefighters brought up Seitz as a rally cry for their cause of repeal. They did this because Seitz is the “Republican” representative in the Senate. Seitz in the greater game of politics allowed conservative police and firefighters to also believe in the socialist tendencies of big labor, so they choose to fixate on his treatment during the passage of Senate Bill 5 as an unfair tendency of the collective-bargaining reform. But in reality Seitz planned to drag out the bill till his retirement, since as an attorney he doesn’t wish for any true reform since his first alliance is to that brotherhood of attorneys who represent public unions.

And this explains the behavior of Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW as well. In the brotherhood of attorneys, it is the mask of conservatism that they use for their act, but in reality when the make-up is taken off to who the individual truly is, the union of attorney brotherhood speaks of the true actions and now that Issue 2 for the first time in my adult life attempts REAL reform, it scares the people who have built their lives around the chaos of litigation.

This makes the modern attorney just as much an opposition to smaller government and any reform as any obvious threat like labor unions and other progressive organizations. In reality Issue 2 is summed up nicely in the below video.

Such a reform seems too good to be true, yet it is there, on the ballot. To have it all we have to do is to VOTE YES and finally some type of reform will be granted to us. For the people who signed their name to Senate Bill 5 which is Issue 2 on Ohio ballots, they did the first courageous act I can recall by any politician. Issue 2 is a way to cut out those who create a mess out of our public positions so they can skim money off the system. Of course those who have built their livings off that system will be angry, and those are the people who are against the bill and want to repeal it. But to keep Issue 2 all you have to do is vote YES, and see for yourselves that the world the attorneys would have you believe will not end, but will in fact be born again with better accountability and fairness for all, not just public worker unions and their attorneys.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

30 thoughts on “The NEA has it’s Finger on Senator Bill Seitz: How attorneys stand in the way of reform

  1. Wow, Rich, what a great post. When we heard the original Cunningham/Seitz interview we knew something was up, even if we didn’t know the full extent of the problem. Like we’ve said many times before in many different ways, it all comes down to one word: integrity. It seems that you can count the number of honest public officials these days on one hand. That’s the main reason we’re in the mess we are in this country. I look at the House and Senate and see about 480 “clowns” and a few honest people who are in the minority.

    As for Cunningham, I once posted a lengthy comment on this blog about my revelation regarding Mr. Cunningham. I once thought he was 50% Jerry Springer and 50% conservative warrior but came to see him for what I believe he is. I now believe talks a very good game on the radio but at the end of the day has way more liberal leanings than most people know. I think after work he goes to play a round of golf and have a few drinks with his good friends (and fellow attorneys) Stan Chesley and Scott Croswell and they laugh at the ease of duping the very “working man” Willie purports to fight for. I still listen to him but with an entirely different midset now.

    As for Seitz, that’s a great mustache he’s sporting, frequent readers of this blog know how you feel about people with mustaches…..


    1. Yes sir! Mustache men most always wear them as a mask. The bigger the more under the surface.

      Willie may have high ratings, but so does Howard Stern, and people are tired of that stuff. People want truth these days, not someone who will be anything to anybody. Typically we call that an “escort service.”


      1. As for Willie’s high ratings, I’ve long ago ceased to be amazed by the number of listeners/viewers that some shows pull. I’ve just had to accept that there’s a segment of the population that enjoy watching or listening to things that I consider pure garbage. Sometimes when I’m home during the week I turn on the television and I’m shocked at the number of “judge” shows. Judge Wapner and Judge Judy were bad enough but on daytime TV there’s seemingly dozens of them. Then there’s the Springers, Povichs, etc. and back in the day you had the Geraldo type shows. On the radio side I have no idea how people can listen to shows like Stern. My least favorite show locally is Sloanie and Tracy. Every time I turn that on it seems to be the exact same show over and over. It impresses me as a program director’s attempt at trying morning FM DJ humor in an AM drive-time slot. I guess they’re pulling the numbers because they’re still on the air. Now on the TV side we have a plethora of “reality shows”. I think this all goes back to what we’re always saying about the dumbing down of America. I understand that there’s a place for humor and mindless entertainment in broadcasting to escape some of the stresses of the world. The problem arises when that’s all that the populace understands. The movie “Idiocracy” was brilliant; it nailed this idea perfectly. Then again, maybe someone is reading my post and thinking that only an idiot could find “Idiocracy” funny….


  2. Phil, funny that you should mention Geraldo. I was thinking that Seitz looks quite a bit like Geraldo. It is amazing to me how many attornies from Taft, Stettinous and Hollister are in elected office. There used to be a Lakota school board memeber that was in that law firm. I think Tom Grossman was in that law firm. He’s running for re-election to the Mason City Council. I guess he didn’t put Mason in enough debt his first time around. The public needs to wake up and STOP voting for lawyers to represent them.

    SB5 is not a panacea that will cure all of the ills inherent in the government management of public employment. Government has become a cancerous disease that is eating away the very fabric of our nation. The more it grows the worse it becomes for “the patient.” Currently we are on life support. Knowing that the government is broke, the unions refuse to administer one iota of oxygen to the patient. Not one cent of concessions. They would rather spend millions of dollars on a campaign that labels the people who support Issue 2 as liars and heartless. Their ads say that cuts will be made to the staffing of nurses, teachers, firemen and the police forces. The fact is that if Issue 2 doesn’t pass many more of these positions will be cut because the oldest employees consume the highest number of dollars from the public budgets. The people with the most seniority stay while the youngest get cut. Quality doesn’t count at all. By 2015 93% of the state budget will be spent on salaries and benefits for the public sector union members. Some cities have already had to cut all road repair in favor of the union workers. In one Ohio town five teacher’s of the year were let go in favor of keeping those with the longest tenure. Many examples were given yesterday morning at the breakfast where former Arkansas Huckabee spoke. I was truly impressed with Jeff Berding, former Cincinnati City Councilman. He was a Democrat, but spoke like a true conservative.


      1. Nice that some people in the media are willing to stand for something. I’m going to put todays broadcast on a post that deals with info I recieved from Joan Powel tomorrow. : ) Good stuff.


  3. So now Seitz is a part of the problem. If you look at his firm’s history, and maybe even listen to when he voted no on SB5 you would see that his firm is an employer firm almost exclusively. Why is he part of the problem? Because he didn’t toe the party line? What’s next in your world- banning lawyers?

    I almost wrecked yesterday when I heard you on Doc’s show agree with the flaws that he straw poled at the debate.




    1. Yeah, I spelled out the problem with Seitz in as much detail as I can. Now for you guys, I can see why you’d like him. But for everyone else, if he’s a conservative, then I have some flat tires to sell you.

      I told you guys the other day that firefighters weren’t the main problem. I gave the history on the air and it was honest. I didn’t chose to pack all of you together. But no matter how it was packaged, somebody would be upset.

      Issue 2 in theory should put us all closer together. If you guys need something, that’s when we all talk and find a way to get it, and keep all the goof ball politicians out of it. Once all the finger pointing is done, and the organized labor is out of the picture, you will be surprised at how things will end up. People will get along better, not worse. Until then, all the protests and rhetoric is just noise with no meaning.


  4. Hey Pablo,

    Fact is that Brian Thomas had to call the NEA in Delaware to arrange Seitz
    being on his show. The NEA isn’t exactly a Republican/Conservative organization. So the it appears that Mr. Seitz is a closet Democrat and NEA associate. NICE!


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