An Arm of the God Shiva: The Bill Clinton Global Initiative, don’t forget about “Slick Willie”

We are often told in the new age of American awakening that you have to watch what the other hand is doing in regard to politics in order to understand what is really happening. Typically in magic tricks, it is the other hand which does all the trickery while the focus of the audience is onto some shiny ball, or handkerchief, or even a hat from which we expect a rabbit to emerge. Well, that analogy works fine until you realize that your opposition is not a two armed human being, as we might assume, but represent something more akin to the modern-day liberal, such as the four armed Shiva, the god of Hinduism which many liberals find so appealing.

Who is Shiva you might ask?

Shiva; Sanskrit Śiva, meaning “auspicious one”) is a major Hindu deity, and is the destroyer god or transformer among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine. God Shiva is a yogi who has notice of everything which happens in the world and is the main aspect of life.

It is the old hippie and modern-day liberal who typically looks to India for spiritual guidance. After all, during the Day of Rage last week, many of the participants were meditating in the tradition of Shiva, so the assumption that Shiva is a symbol of attainment for many of this modern-day liberal philosophy of globalism is a safe one. Understanding who Shiva is can provide insight into how those types of people think. So while one arm is doing a primary task which we all look to, what are the other arms doing?

I learned about these types of magicians in 1992 when I sat on the steps of the Westin Hotel in downtown Cincinnati and watched Bill Clinton give his acceptance speech. I had supported Ross Perot and it was the Perot vote which split the Republican Party and allowed “Slick Willie” to become president. You see, it was not the present day which produced this new “anti-government” movement. It was alive and well in the Westin Hotel and the lobby was full of others just like me who were sick of the sell-outs of Bush Senior, and the con artists like Slick Willie. While Reagan provided a short reprieve from the corruption anxiety, which started with Lynden Banes Johnston, Nixon, then Carter, people like me had enough, and we wanted Ross Perot as president, not Slick Willie. The people gathered in the Westin Hotel, along with thousands all over America that night were beginning to call themselves the “Reform Party” which was the seed for what would become the Tea Party 15 years later.

That’s how Bill Clinton did it; he played a saxophone on programs like Arsenio Hall’s show, and MTV. Clinton was the hand which drew everyone else’s attention while the other four hands did the real mischief and the Reform Party knew it before anything had happened.

My journey to the Westin that day was a perilous journey which had started in Dallas, Texas in the small hours of that very morning, Election Day. I had been in Dallas with a friend of mine helping with the Perot Campaign and had to get back to Ohio to actually vote. Since we left Dallas late, we had a mere 11 hours to get back to Ohio before the polls closed at 6:30 at my polling place. So what ensued was a high-speed journey from Dallas to Cincinnati exceeding speeds of over 100 MPH most of the time, involved the police and even a serious accident, all of which are serving as the inspiration to the book I have being released this upcoming summer. But that’s a story onto itself. When I saw that Clinton was going to be the President of the United States, I had the feeling that everything I thought America to be was suddenly in jeopardy. I wasn’t sure why, but something about the guy told me America was in trouble. It’s kind of like watching a magician and knowing that the illusion they are performing is fake, but you can’t figure out how they performed the trick, so all you can do is clap and contemplate what they just did.

One of the criticisms of Bill Clinton was that he was always in campaign mode, which is one of the main criticisms of President Obama. Clinton never seemed to know how to do anything but run for election. The other aspect of Clinton which he shares with Obama is that neither man seemed committed to a sovereign nation of America before looking to other nations of the world. American priorities seemed always secondary to a world agenda, which gave rise to numerous conspiracy theories during the Clinton Presidency.

One of Shiva’s arms is obviously doing something that the rest of the American nation isn’t aware of, so I’ll go ahead and say it, because I’ve kept my eye on Clinton since that day in the Westin Hotel. Clinton, in a plot that Obama is a part of, is beginning to campaign for President of the United Nations. Both Clinton and Obama treat the Presidency of the United States as if it were a stepping stone to something “greater.” Both men also started their office in the United States during their 40’s, which means by their 60’s and 70’s, obtaining the one world ultimate leadership roll is certainly obtainable.

Currently the United Nations rotates the President of the General Assembly among the least powerful nations, so that a balance of power can be established. However, this will not last. Clinton and Obama by showing a commitment to world affairs hope to erase this apprehension in the future. They also believe that if the United States loses its status as a world power, then it will qualify the United States for the Presidency. If you don’t believe me look at the book that Obama is reading these days. The picture is at the end of the article. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Yes people are that power-hungry, and yes there are people in the world who think this way. Critics might say to me, “Rich Hoffman, how can you say such a thing! You have no proof!!!!”

Well, the proof will present itself in time, and this writing is my testimony to that claim. History will prove me correct. In the meantime I can see into the soul of these people, and I know the game they are playing. They are simpletons, con men, and I have known many. And of course if these types of people such as Clinton were asked what their true intentions were, he would deny it with the same vigor that he denied the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He will certainly attempt to mislead the public as to his real intentions. He’s done it before, and he will do it again.

But the most recent distraction of the media in believing that Clinton is some type of messiah, a seasoned political veteran, as though the title held some intrinsic value in and of itself, is the fact that Clinton is leading the world with his Clinton Global Initiative as a seductive campaign which disguises a quest for power and legacy in the form of altruism, of which leftists are so inclined. But there is much frustration because not everyone is falling for it, and they don’t wish to be drug into this global community with socialism as the foundation. I have no doubt that there will be a global community, but my vision differs from people like Clinton and Obama, or the men who move their mouths. My vision is that the world would be more like the United States with a similar constitution and a competitive nature the way our states are now. But the concept of a centrally planned global community is not attractive to me, or many others, so a philosophical divide is widening as the reality of what Clinton is up to becomes clearer, and he obviously doesn’t like it. Check out the 8:15 mark. He says America is the only country in the world that does not talk out their problems reasonably, which of course is a foolish statement.

What Clinton’s role is in this global push funded largely by people like George Soros is that of the facilitator using The Delphi Technique, only in this case it’s not being done on a community level, but a global one. The function is essentially the same. (To learn more about The Delphi Technique simply click this hotlink) In The Delphi Technique it is common to use peer pressure to achieve a “consensus” on any given idea. In this case Clinton is attempting to use peer pressure to shame Americans into having an open mind, and to turn a majority against this growing minority to stop the intensification of the Tea Party. That is the design of this discussion, almost exclusively. All the formal discussion in the first 8 minutes is to build up the credibility of Clinton in the minds of the viewer, but the intention is to arrive at the point where Clinton can discredit the Tea Party for their lack of reaching “consensus.” It’s The Delphi Technique, clearly.

Meanwhile, also funded by people like Soros, and the American taxpayer, the other arms of Shiva are working another angle to weaken the resolve of the average American. Here Stephen Lerner tells his union followers how to create a crisis so they can gain power, which is a strategy Clinton mastered during his presidency, and Obama has been successful as well. They’ve employed it well even when progressives did not even have a representative in the White House. Progressives have used this very strategy to completely baffle George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush overwhelming them strategically forcing them to act in foolish ways using these very same strategies in the legislative process.

Lerner now that the Tea Party has been exposing the progressive methods, is using outright intimidation as the next level of defense. After all, that’s how they advanced their position in the first place, through the 60’s radicalism. The Delphi Technique outlined by Saul Alinsky says that the middle-class, the true middle-class do not have the stomach for conflict and will avoid it at great cost. It is they who Lerner seeks to appeal to, by threatening them with violence, then by also appealing to their sensibilities. Lerner is basically saying to the middle-class, “We are you, and will fight on your behalf. So go back to sleep, we’ll take care of things.”

Meanwhile another arm of Shiva reaches for pursuits that can never be reached as yet another distraction to the overall objective. Enter Al Gore where he is equivocating global warming to racism. This is another strategy of The Delphi Technique. It puts an argument on the high ground and prevents discussion because nobody wants to be called a racist. So nobody is to question the high moral ground of green technology pursuits even if the color green turns out to be the new “RED.”

All these different arms of Shiva can be confusing and require all of us to develop the ability to watch all arms at the same time to understand what the intention of the whole magic trick is. Here my buddy Matt Clark explains how the left is using all this power to gain social change. Some of the big names he’s talking about are people like Bill Clinton, people like Al Gore, and people like Barry Obama to fulfill the agenda Stephen Lerner is advocating. The goal of that agenda is a weakening of the United States by yes, even a President, for the greater goal, or at least how progressives interpret it to be, which is a one world government that functions under socialism. That is why Bill Clinton refused to say that Democrats need to also learn to compromise. This is also why he mentioned that the Governor of Indiana was his friend even thought that particular Governor is a hard lined Republican. Clinton was showing that he can “compromise” and reach “consensus” but he did so by still painting one side as completely and morally wrong. That’s why we call him “Slick Willie.” Notice how Van Jones uses almost the same language as Bill Clinton. Is that an accident? No……..they all study the same literature and get their money from the same sources.

All these groups, these various arms of Shiva, are attacking the traditions of America for the reason of bringing America down to the level of the rest of the world, in an attempt to gain leadership ascension into the United Nations through the declined world power status of the United States. Clinton certainly has his eye on this goal and the men with real power are using him to achieve their agenda of world unified government. Clinton is simply another hired gun who fires ammunition from his legalism twisting of document language which allows the enemies of American to overtake our nation while keeping the infrastructure completely intact. That is the goal.

And if there is any doubt as to how to how low Bill Clinton will stoop, and what moral code he lives by, look beyond the sharp “blue” backdrops which are designed to appeal to the visual respectability of his Clinton Global Initiative to the real man behind the mouth.

In studying this particular arm of Shiva, know what that arm represents. So I am placing here for your convenience a review of the life of Bill Clinton for your enjoyment in a much-needed revisit to the lack of integrity that man has not only for himself, his family, but his nation. He only wants to be powerful, loved and remembered for something important. He is looking to the United Nations for some level of immortality in which to hide his many crimes over a great many years.

But Clinton is just an arm of this Shiva which truly seeks the destruction of American in order to give birth to something else. If you dare attempt as “they” do, those progressives, Shiva may be the destroyer to those of us who like America the way it’s been. But Shiva is also the transformer, the facilitator of rebirth which will bring the world to a new awakening of socialism. In their minds socialism will work if there isn’t any competition among any nation, for that has been the missing piece. Socialism could not work so long as all the nations of the world sought to come to the United States to live so they can be free. But if that freedom were removed, then the people of the world would have no choice but to stay put, and adopt for their own good, the socialism sponsored by the United Nations, by a President from the United States who will for the first time in history rise above his country to help lead the world to a greater good for all, the ultimate altruism of justice and compassion, where Shiva, and Mohammed, and even Jesus Christ will sit at a table together and be at peace.

It is disappointing to see such a strategy for what it is, the LSD vision induced from the hippie revolution where the brain distorted from drug induced splendor conceived this world peace led by used car salesman like Clinton and billionaires like Soros who will fund the whole enterprise to support the illusions that flash across their minds in hallucinogenic imagery. The Constitution of the United States was designed to protect us from these types of fools, and it is the long arm of tyranny which created America to begin with, so the shattering reality to this silly god of Shiva and the many arms of distraction will result in one ending, and that is a complete failure of their distorted vision for a world that only existed in the drug trips for which they all participated.

Only a low-life, scum bag high on drugs could conceive such a rainbow utopia as this One World Order under the Clinton Global Initiative. The hypocrisy of these fools is evident in their headquarters where they have their global conferences. Cancun, Mexico, Rio, Brazil, even Geneva Switzerland are all hotbeds of sex trafficking and all visitors to those cities know precisely where the activity is, yet these malcontents would have us all believe they can manage the world correctly when they can’t even manage their penises, because we all know those penises will be seeking out one of those women in the sex districts of these “enlightened” global communities. The world cannot be built by such infantile teenage minds as those who seek chemicals and sex to increase their perception beyond the limits of their own mortal imaginations. That is why they are failing and why the Tea Party will only grow stronger as this plot comes untangled, and rightfully so. Soon the drug induced nightmare will be over and society can then have a real discussion about the direction of the world, but it will not be the work of Marx that takes us there. It will be the United States Constitution and an American philosophy. The world deserves a beacon of hope and justice for which we all stand; a light that will outshine the illusions of the hippie era.

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