The Wisdom of Darryl Parks: What congress and the senate don’t want you to know

It was nice to see that Gabbie Gifford was able to make a vote on the house floor for the epic vote on raising the debt ceiling, but in the back of my mind there was something wrong with the timing and ceremony of the whole affair.  I didn’t want to admit it to myself, because I don’t want to believe that Congressman Gifford would participate in such a thing, but it seemed to me that Gifford’s return to the house was designed to take the edge off all the fighting that had been going on in congress about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling, and whether or not there would be “revenue” involved. 

Such a thought actually makes me feel bad, to question the honesty of congress.  I’m sure in her case she has probably wanted to come back for a while.  But it was her friends in the house who probably “encouraged” her to return for this big vote in order to show “unity” to the American people.  The games of politics are nasty and costly, but I think the treachery and manipulation that these people are capable of has been dramatically underestimated, and based on what I know now about their activities, I would not put it passed congress to attempt to use Gabby Gifford to help make the American people forget about how ugly business in government truly is.  When I think such things I wonder if I’m the only one who sees it, that is until I hear Darryl Parks talk on 700 WLW every Saturday morning from 9 AM to 11.  While all this government ugliness was unfolding over the weekend I was on my way to The Annie Oakley Festival and had the opportunity to listen to Darryl on my hour and a half trip to Darke County,Ohio. Darryl Parks thinks much the way I do about most things, so it was refreshing to hear him speak with incredible clarity about our nation’s problems as the summer sun began to heat up the day of that momentous broadcast.  I think this particular broadcast was so good, and so historic that it deserved over an hour of transition over to podcast for the convenience of those who haven’t heard it, or to be listened to again for those who did hear it and want to listen again.  So do yourself a favor and hit PLAY on the link below.  Grab a snack and sit back and listen with the clarity of hindsight, now that the crisis has been averted for the moment, and marvel at the wisdom of Darryl Parks. 

Politicians have been a joke for a number of years and culturally we have dismissed them as irrelevant aspects of our lives.  Seldom if ever whether it be a Looney Toons cartoon from the 30’s and 40’s, or a film, television show, or novel, is a politician portrayed in a trustworthy manner.  It is universally accepted that as a group, politicians are deceitful, life-sucking aspects of our society who have virtually no benefit to our culture.  They make rules that we all have to live by, and they make decisions that cost us money.  Yet we listen to the same speeches every election cycle and hope that somehow things will be different with the next politician.  Then we act surprised when we find out that politicians have enriched themselves greatly while working in public office.  This is the gist of what Darryl was talking about, how can a politician like Mitch McConnell get rich as a politician?  Or how does Barack Obama becomes a millionaire between the years of 2004 to 2008 while he was just another senator?  The answer is they are making deals, and benefiting from insider trading, many of the conditions they create legislation to help along, a practice that should be illegal, but isn’t because it is the law makers committing the crime who would have to create the law. 

Many politicians I believe start their public careers with good intentions, where they really want to help.  But the money and power available to them is just too lucrative and they quickly turn to corruption for that age-old pursuit of financial security.  There are always exceptions of course, but as a general rule in a governmental body that depends on majority rule, if a majority is corrupt, then the body itself is also corrupt, and that is the case with our general government.

I listened carefully to the complaints of politicians on both sides of the political spectrum as the debt ceiling issue came to a close.  They are grossly out of touch insisting on even more money to support a political system that is obviously full of thieves.  Those thieves don’t consider themselves looters of course, because they are the law.  They see themselves as citizens who deserve the highest respect for their service to their country, but by their actions they are simple thieves, seeking for themselves plunder at the expense of the people they represent no different from a pirate.

You can learn a lot by watching people under duress, and America learned a lot about its politicians as the debt crises unfolded.  The demand for more “revenue,” a term used to disguise the real meaning which is “taxes,” from the voting population as a way to manipulate the situation to their advantage from a public guilty of trusting them, rang out from many politicians like drug addicts crying for another hit of “speed.” 

The level of corruption and financial addiction has shocked even me, a long time big government skeptic. I did not know it was this bad, I simply suspected as much.  But the proof is there for all of us to see.  We have a big problem in America.  We have to rethink the whole political process and the kind of people we want to fill those seats. 

We know the enormity of the problem because the vote that just occurred over the debt ceiling increase amounts to nothing.  It solves no problems, it still allows government to spend more than it takes in, and the solution of these parasites is just to send more money to them to cover the gaps.  Yet there is praise among the thieves and much back slapping going on for all those law makers are proud of themselves and they cheered in unison when Gabby Gifford came to the chamber and changed the story in the media from a “combative congress finally passes a vote,” to “Congressman Gifford cast her first vote since her tragic accident.”  And the nation looked at the image of Mrs. Gifford waving her hand to the crowd, collectively all the fights of the last week dropped away from the memory of voters in favor of the more pleasant story of Gabby Gifford’s amazing recovery. 

While all this was going on the thieves took a deep breath of relief as the media attention focused on the recovering congressman and allowed them to scurry away to the cracks they all hide in to figure out some way to spin the situation to their advantage, and attack those darn “tea baggers,” “talk radio hosts,” and “TV personalities” who are telling the public all about the scam they have been employing for decades. 

Yet the whole structure is supported by the “revenue” that Americans give those thieves, so we are guilty of subsidizing criminal activity knowingly.  After this episode and the information available to the American public if they allow it to continue, they are guilty of a real crime, not one created by corrupt law making politicians, but one of the moral code of the human race, where we are supposed to treat each other fairly, and with honesty and not with the heart of a predator in favor of a life of respect and valor.  Because if that’s the case, then all those corrupt politicians are accurate representatives of the demons which reside inside each and every voter, which makes us all guilty in the eyes of the universe. 

Thank goodness people like Darryl Parks gets it…………what’s wrong with everyone else?

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

17 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Darryl Parks: What congress and the senate don’t want you to know

  1. RIch, I’ve got a couple of things I’ve been wanting to say and I think this is as good a time as any. I guess I’ll call it “Two Things That Changed My Life”. Feel free to comment, expand on, or steal from any ideas you may like in your future posts.

    The first thing is an article a good friend of mine turned me on to a while back. It’s called “America’s Ruling Class- and the Perils of Revolution” by Angelo M. Codevilla. Along with Atlas Shrugged, it’s one of two written works that changed my life forever. It’s a long article, but it’s well worth the read. Many times on the Internet people post things and say “read this!” and of course few read them. If you haven’t read this article I highly recommend it…it sums up everything that goes on in Washington and what we’re up against. If any article is a must-read this is it. It goes perfectly with what Darryl said last weekend on WLW.

    The second thing that changed my life was the movie “The Matrix”. I know you’ve referenced the “red pill/blue pill” analogy in previous posts. I’d like to expand on that. I’ll never forget the first time I saw the film back in 1999. I don’t know if the Wachowski brothers intended it to be an analogy for society, but that’s how I took it. I realized for the first time that we were being controlled by the Ruling Class politicians referenced in the Codevilla article much like the humans in the tanks in The Matrix. We’re kept busy by diversions, everything from reality TV to video games, Nancy Grace, class warfare, and on and on, while the fruits of our labors are siphoned off to make politicians and others rich much like the energy harvested from the humans by the machines. We’re unwitting pawns in a sick game. Morpheus touched on it in the movie when he told Neo “The Matrix is all around you…you can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church…when you pay your taxes…it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”. Almost everything you’re taught as a child about the way the world works is wrong, and most of what you see on the evening news is lies. The real machine that runs the world is behind the scenes, controlling everything we interact with every day. They want you to think you have some measure of control when in fact you have almost none. Many people cannot handle this idea; it’s too much to deal with. Many are like the character Cypher in the movie, who after being “woken up” by Morpheus and finding out about the Matrix wanted to return to the bliss of ignorance of being connected to the machine and live in the fantasy world as a rich and powerful man.

    A recent example- I’m right there with Darryl, Erick Erickson and others who believe that the entire debt “crisis” was phony- just another crisis to get bad legislation crammed through- and that there are virtually no real cuts in the bill. If there are, where are they? Now Obama wants another multi-trillion dollar stimulus bill- he’s calling it an “infrastructure bank”. He’ll get it. We’ll print more money. The “stimulus” will go to Obama’s union friends. Ben Bernanke will keep the Federal interest rates low, and “Wall Street” will continue to make huge profits. Taxes will go up, and the buying power of the working man’s dollar will shrink. Right now the Ruling Class is planning the next “crisis” to scare the populace and pass more freedom-sucking legislation to take more power. In the movie the energy harvested from the humans went to build more machines and grow the empire. In real life our tax money goes to build a bigger machine in Washington. The Tea Party threw a wrench in the works but ultimately the Machine goes on.

    I’ve often wondered why Obama did not pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan as he promised- when he became President did he find out that too many people were benefiting from those conflicts, and was told by the Ruling Class that he shall not pull them out? Do freshmen congressmen and senators get to Washington only to find out that the entire system is the Matrix, that they have no real power, the political machine that runs everything is just too big, but they stay anyway for the power, prestige, and money, much like Cypher? Darryl hit it right on the nose…virtually none of the politicians you think are working for you or the good of America are honest. They’re almost all there for self-enrichment and the acquisition of power. Do you really think that Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, or anyone else can save us from the huge progressive entrenched machine of politics and beauracrats that we have built up in this country in the last 200+ years? Is Sarah Palin fighting the machine like Neo or is she just benefitting from playing a role as being on the anti-machine bandwagon? Just something to think about.

    Remember Charlie Luken, former Mayor of Cincinnati? I’ve never agreed with him politically on almost any issue, but he may be my favorite congressman of all time. Why? Shortly after he won the race for Ohio’s District 1 in 1990 he announced he would not seek re-election and came home after one two year term. I believe he got to Washington and saw what I just described first-hand, and decided he could not be part of the machine.

    What it all adds up to is that it’s very easy to get discouraged and just give up. It seems that the “machine” is going to anoint Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee, and he will lose as the moochers rise up to vote for Obama to guarantee their government checks. Either way, we’ll get tax increases, cap and trade, national health care and more socialist polices, because we really never had any choice in the first place. They’ll tell us to work harder and longer just to keep the same standard of living while they take a greater percentage of our freedom. Maybe the 11% we were talking about last week are those of us whom people like Angelo Codevilla have freed from the Matrix and see the truth, as Neo did in the movie.


    1. I will read that Codevilla, because I haven’t. And I love your thoughts about the Matrix. I think that’s why that film worked, was because it touched people with a truth explored in that mythology. I think the brothers stole that idea from another writer, and it came apart in parts two and three when they tried to add to the trilogy on their own, but couldn’t, because they stole the concept.

      But as to the machine, you’re right, the machine will march on. The Tea Party did throw a wrench into that machine, only to make some noise but to no avail. The machine goes on.

      But all machines run on somethng and in this case, it is money that makes the machine work. Take away the money, and the machine will stop running. That is how we beat the machine. Figure out what your enemy eats, and starve them. In the Matrix, it was human energy that fed the machine. In America, it’s tax money. Cut that, and the machine won’t work.


  2. Funny, I thought the same thing when Gabby Gifford showed up for the vote. I thought that was a cruel hoax. It was a diversionary tactic for all of us. I just thought. how sad it was to fly in and out that poor woman. Guess who paid for the flights? Phillips comments are so precisely correct. The only way for “We the People” to have any impact on the government is to stop paying our taxes. There are consequences to that action and I doubt that many would join us. The problem being that most are so attached to their toys and material possessions that they would not take a chance for the good of the country. So in the end, we will all be traveling down the road to total socialism/communism. The philosophy is a total failure everywhere it has been tried. It has served only to breed misery and death of millions of people everywhere it has been tried. So we are stuck with our Hitler like narcissist. He has no experience, no credibility and yet he rules us without mercy. It is only going to get worse.


  3. Darryl Parks, by his active part in the WLW pro-Bush Iraq War operation, is partly responsible for the economic mess America is in. The Six Trilllion Dollar War (economist Joseph Stiglitz) which turned over Iraq to Iran. Parks might have privately opposed the war, but he bent over for Lowry Mays’ enforced Clear Channel “must support war on air” position and allowed McConnell and Cunningham to cheerlead and lie about its justification and status for eight years. (Host Roxanne Walker was fired in South Carolina for refusing to support same and won a lawsuit.)

    Now on the economy, nothing wrong with opposing school levies, but Parks is too much of an austerity freak.

    Here’s a more accurate view of what needs doing.

    Parks partially redeems himself by an occasional “Buy America” protectionist stand, as expressed here.


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