All About the Stacy Schuler Sex Case: Who’s responsible?

For all those who think that the Stacy Schuler case is about sex, or the advantage that young high school boys had in being able to have sex with a teacher, a representative of authority for the Mason School District, one of the most prestigious in all of Ohio, you are mistaken.  The Stacy Schuler incident which she has now admitted to being guilty, and is now trying to prove that she was insane when the offenses were committed, is all about the cover-up.  You can hear all about the Stacy Schuler case from 700 WLW. 

On this site I have an article that was published just prior to the levy attempt in 2010 of which Stacy Schuler was interviewed, promoting emotional health and well-being.  You can read that article here:  Just click to view. 

It is clear that the school district did not judge Stacy Schuler as insane otherwise they would have been reckless in their employment of her, and they certainly wouldn’t have let her give interviews as a school employee to help promote the good will of the school district and participate as a face of the school to the community.  Maybe that’s because her boss, George Coates the assistant principal was sexting her himself.  After all, how did nude pictures of him end up on her school computer?  Other students were aware of what was going on, and this behavior went on for quite a long time but nobody did anything about it.  The superintendent himself, Kevin Bright, left town to take a job up in Cleveland, as an assistant.  Why?  George Coates resigned from the Bahamas when he learned Stacy had been arrested, and now he is working down in North Carolina.  Why? 

There is more to the story than just a sex addict that was being taken advantage of by sex hungry football players.  The facts of this case are that Schuler has admitted to the offenses, they took place in her home, at least most of the time, possibly on school grounds at times, and more than one sex partner was involved at the same time on occasion.  The problem was, if Schuler was insane, inviting young men to her house to satisfy her sex addiction, then why did the school district allow Schuler to be a representative of the district?  Are they going to claim they didn’t know, because they did?  George Coates knew because he was involved in a relationship with Schuler while all this was going on.  The district knew Coates was guilty of involvement with Schuler when he resigned, yet they pretended that this was all an isolated issue. So the acts of Schuler were known by other students because word had gotten around that she loved sex, and those kinds of rumors don’t get around without administrators knowing about it. If the administrators didn’t know about it then they are completely incompetent to administer anything.  If they did know about it, then they are guilty of doing nothing about it, which is even worse.

So which is it?

The reason for the anger which has emerged around this issue is that people suspect that Stacy Schuler is pleading insanity because she is so guilty that she has no other choice.  But the anger runs deeper than that.  Apologists will argue that if young men want to have sex with a sex starved teacher then they should be able to.  But that’s not the issue.  What we pay for in a teacher, a professional, who will frustrate the efforts of sex hungry young men, which nearly every high school aged male student is, is a person who will instill value into their students.  For the school district to knowingly allow a teacher like Stacy Schuler to be in a position of power with these students and to allow them to use her for their own pleasure is not what the schools are selling as a service to the community. 

When we send a child to school, we expect an education of some degree. We also expect our kids to be safe.  When a school teacher invites students to her house for sex, and buys them beer so they are partially intoxicated while doing the act, and these arrangements are made at school, the school itself has failed to employee a suitable representative. 

It is the job of the school, when it finds out about these kinds of issues, to act on the safety and behalf of the students and the parents who send their children to the school.  Allowing a teacher to seduce the sexual whims of young boys who should be learning to conduct themselves properly in the care of the school is an improper use of resources.  If it is discovered that the teacher employed by the district is in fact insane, then she should have never been used as a spokesman for The Cronline magazine where the district used Schuler as an example of their bright staff.  Schuler gave a competent interview about physical and mental health of all issues.  Who would even imagine that within 9 months of that article this person would be pleading insanity on a sex case.  But the worst issue of all to me is that when George Coates, her boss and superior administrator didn’t try to help Stacy.  Instead, he wanted a piece of the action and helped perpetuate the behavior. 

I understand that these things will happen.  Humans are after all human.  But when we are told by school districts that we need to spend more money on education, because these hired professionals, who are teachers and administrators, know what’s best for our children, and all we have to do is pay more money, and all our problems will be solved forever, the facts are misleading. 

I expect out of the tax money we spend on schools to not have activity like this going on.  Is that too much to ask?  We have a teacher who was a star at Mason High School pleading insanity in a trial that involved students and administrators at that school.   This case is not about the sex itself, it’s about accountability and responsibility, and when the school district simply moves around some staff members to shove all the dirt under the rug, and spins the whole situation around to play themselves as a victim, my question is, who is responsible for this woman’s actions?  If not herself, if not her employer, then who?  Are we to believe the students of the school itself are to blame?  Who’s going to take responsibility, because a lot of money is spent on education, and results are expected.  Not what we are seeing in this case, which reveals much of what is wrong and why it must be reformed before it’s too late. 

This is not isolated to the Mason School System.  Lakota, the other big prestigious school in theCincinnatiarea had an even worse case during 2010.  Click here to read all about that incident which was successfully contained before the story swelled to the level the Stacy Schuler case has.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

3 thoughts on “All About the Stacy Schuler Sex Case: Who’s responsible?

  1. I feel disturbed after having read about this stacy lady and not feeling surprised at all… This country is indeed screwed up… Good luck with the Tail of the Dragon… We need something to come by and help things along…. Ron Paul shout out! Got me some bumper stickers comin my way xD


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