Stacy Schuler is Bait in the Water: The greatest scam in 100 years is who holds the pole

As I was preparing this article Stacy Schuler, the Mason teacher covered extensively at this site confessed to the sex charges filed against her, by reason of insanity.  Since her arrest till now, most of the guilty parties who knew about the incident have left the Mason School District for jobs elsewhere.  Why?  Because it’s not the crime of sex that is the problem with that case of Stacy Schuler, it’s the cover-up.  And what is behind that cover-up is what this story is all about. We’ll cover Stacy in more detail later.  She’s not going anywhere. 

A friend of mine sent me the below list of the National Education Association resolutions established for the 2010 Convention held in New Orleans.  These are real strategies that the teacher’s organization is so popular for supporting. 

I was thinking about these issues as news came that Lakota, and Fairfield, along with many other school districts around the Greater Cincinnati area was going to pursue tax increases this upcoming fall.  Those huge national issues were on my mind as I did an interview with Doc Thompson on 700 WLW about the new Lakota Levy which you can hear at his link:

During that interview I received news that an out-of-town customer had showed up to see me in my office, so I found myself split, needing to be in two places at the same time.  Once the smoke cleared a few hours after that interview and my meeting my mind fell to these below resolutions from the NEA.  It is apparent to me that this NEA organization is openly supporting communism, even though they sell themselves as freedom fighters.  What they fail to understand is the freedom they are fighting to free themselves from is freedom from capitalism.  Whether the average member in the NEA realizes it or not, they are fighting capitalism and running toward socialism and much of the money that we are spending in education is supporting a structure that funds that war against the United States.   


The NEA’s Legislative Program that was adopted at the 2010 Convention in New Orleanssets forth the marching orders for NEA lobbyists and the authority for political donations. Here are some of the NEA’s major objectives:


Now, I’m sure you as the reader will ask, “What are those people thinking?  Don’t they know what they are advocating?  After all, they are part of the education class, they are supposed to be well-educated and wise…..right?  Here’s the deal, they are no different from most everyone else, who will compromise their personal belief system for the benefit of their income. 

Think about your own job, where your boss tells you to do something, or to wear something to satisfy the conditions of your employment.  Just about every human being who works on this planet experiences this.  The teachers of who belong to the public sector unions like the NEA are no different.  They are willing to trade away their personal beliefs for a well-paying job.  It’s that simple. 

The NEA knows that unless the teaching profession is extremely lucrative, where their members can make a great deal of money, then the employees are less likely to protest their membership.  Members will pay their union dues without complaint because they already make a lot of money, so a few bucks for their dues aren’t a big deal.  And just a few weeks ago the NEA passed a tax on their members, ten dollars to be exact to re-elect Barack Obama.  It doesn’t matter if every teacher who belongs to the NEA supports Obama or not, the NEA is taking their money to elect that big labor president.  The NEA knows that because teachers are making approximately 30% more than those in the private sector, any complaints will be kept to their members, because the teachers have summers off for the most part, a less strenuous work day, and extra money to actually take nice vacations.  The NEA have negotiated what equates to a pay-off of their members to convince them to turn the other way while the NEA advances their socialist agenda on the backs of their members. 

Guess who pays the teacher’s salary? 

We do. The greatest scam of all is that these teacher salaries have been artificially propped up with tax levies to fulfill a political agenda that is anti-American, and the property owners who simply want to educate the children of their community have been tricked into fulfilling the socialist agenda of these labor unions. 

The facts are right in front of us all, however, many people just don’t have the back-bone to do anything about it.  They would rather pay off a thug to avoid a fight, than to do the right thing and that’s to question the whole process, or better yet, to cut the financial support to this massive organization.  What is the real cost of educating a child in America?  We don’t know, because labor union costs using the money you give them for the kinds of agenda items seen above, have driven up the education cost to a level of inflation unprecedented in the history of any free people.  And just like the NEA uses it’s teachers to cover for their socialist march to the destruction of America and hide like cowards behind those members, the teachers themselves hide behind your children as they seek to hide their own intentions of a very comfortable living that isn’t nearly as difficult as they pretend. 

It’s a terrible game that is destructive to our culture in so many ways and it’s not going to go away, so long as people put up with it.  The first step is in recognizing the facts and not lying to themselves about the intentions of education. It can’t be fixed if we don’t have an honest conversation about it, and honesty, the NEA is a socialist organization.  That’s not an inflammatory statement.  It’s a fact, even if they don’t call it by that name.  All one has to do is understand the definitions to know what the facts are.  But the facts are hard to swallow, which is why these school boards just continue to ask for more and more money to support the whole structure, with no plan in sight to ever give anything back to the community or stop that socialist march.  If left unchecked, they’ll just ask for more money forever until nobody has anything left.  That’s the union way, take all the wealth till nobody has anything and use the greed of their members to undo America for their own socialist plans, so once the destruction has happened, the world can be rebuilt with their vision.  That’s what you do when you vote to pass a levy, or to repeal S.B.5.  You are putting another nail in the coffin of America, and you’re doing it with the belief that you are doing a good thing.  Welcome to the scam of the century!  You pay good money for your own demise.    

While we all work hard to pay all this money to our schools, people like Stacy Schuler, and her bosses are having a grand ol’ time, having sex with students and sending naked pictures of themselves to each other, like Stacy and her boss the assistant principal George Coates were doing.  He moved to a job in North Carolina, the Superintendent Kevin Bright took an assistant superintendent job up in Cleveland to avoid the embarrassing trial of pulling all these people into a court of law and embarrassing one of the most prestigious school districts in Ohio.  It’s all about the cover-up, so the money keeps on flowing.  The cover-up is to protect the funding that finds its way into the pockets of the NEA, even if that means hanging former teachers on the hook as bait while the real crimes continue, funded by our tax dollars.  

If I’ve learned anything about politics in over 40 years it’s that Stacy Schuler is nothing but bait in a nasty game played by those with phantom intentions.  And to see those phantom intentions, all you have to do is pay attention, and connect the dots.  And anyone who doesn’t think the legal profession isn’t part of the game, you’re kidding yourselves. 

No employee who takes tax money for their employment wants to see a public employee drag the whole system down the drain while on the stand.  Guilty by reason of insanity is the best chance to keep this case just about Stacy Schuler and not the gigantic machine that is politics and the funding that supports it.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

6 thoughts on “Stacy Schuler is Bait in the Water: The greatest scam in 100 years is who holds the pole

  1. Every point concise and precise. You nailed this one with truth to power. We are paying for the demise of our country. Our children have been and are on the front lines and they are innocent of what is happening to them.

    You are so right; the teachers like Stacy Schuler were once children on the front lines. They were indoctrinated by the “change agents,” went on to the “schools of education” and were further indoctrinated in the Humanist Philosophy. So to put it bluntly, they ARE mentally ill. Few of the younger teachers in our school systems were “vacinated” by knowing parents, with the serum of critical thinking skills. Few had parents that had a clue as the real end game of John Dewey, Horace Mann and the other traitors of the “modern” government educational systems.

    God help us save this nation. Thank you, Overmanwarrior, for your essays. You are educating people every day. Let us hope and pray they are opening their eyes and mind and passing this information around the world.


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