Casey Anthony is Walking Free: But the real murder is far worse than a drunk party girl

This is another one of those articles where the video is just as important at the text. So take your time.

No matter what you think about the Casey Anthony trial and her being found not guilty of murder for her 2-year-old daughter in Orlando, Florida there is more at stake than just the freedom of a Casey Anthony. The emotions of this case have proven to be too much for many people to take.

Interesting how the Judge went lighter on that lady after she claimed to be bi-polar and under medication. When Casey was found not guilty, the opinion of most in society was anger as a collective gasp swept the nation.

Casey was a party girl like so many young girls these days, and her paternal instincts were seriously compromised. Her priorities were obviously vacant in the events that led up to the death of her child.

Even Skyline Chili in Clearwater Florida is openly upset about the not guilty verdict and are protesting in their small little way.

700 WLW did a fantastic job of covering this trial, and once the verdict was read, the outrage emitted from the 50,000 watt flamethrower of the Midwest. Darryl Parks had some particularly riveting analysts.

Casey Anthony is a persistent liar. So much so, there is almost no way to tell which thing she says has any semblance of the truth.

The real trouble with this verdict is the indication that society, which the jurors represent, is having more difficulty thinking critically when given evidence that requires firm decision-making skills. This is a shocking tendency among young people who have been raised in a progressive society to expect experts to do their thinking for them. Listen to this juror explain her thinking. Imagine a room full of people just like this juror, who have been bred to accept what is told to them through commercials, TV shows, newspapers, tabloids and online media, they have lost the ability to think critically.

Here the prosecutor for the case speaks on The View about how shocked he was on the not guilty verdict.

I feel sorry for the retiring prosecutor. I’ll say what he refused to acknowledge, and that the system is irreparably broken. Casey, a young woman with her priorities obviously misplaced, coming from a family of poor value thinks nothing of telling lies. What good is she on the stand swearing an oath to God? If she doesn’t believe in God, or care about the ramifications of a lie, what good is her oath, and word on the stand? The jurors aren’t much better than Casey, they are people collected from across the state and sequestered and represent to the best ability of the law to provide a fair jury of Casey’s peers, but they have obviously lost that good old fashion sense of right and wrong, of the ability to make a moral decision, because they have been infected with progressivism. And the court system which is a good ol’ boy game of politics and manipulation proved completely inept for not the first time. It’s a tangled mess of broken people trying to find the truth in darkness but without a flashlight.

This trial looks to cost taxpayers over $4.5 million to achieve nothing. It was a trial in pursuit of the truth, that had a mountain of evidence, but even with all the money spent, and nearly three years of investigating, it lacked jurors who could ascertain the information and pass judgment. And that is the real crime which has been revealed and that criminal is progressivism. Every character in this drama is a victim of progressivism, a prophecy predicted by Ayn Rand in her book Atlas Shrugged. The very same neglect these jurors showed to the mountain of evidence presented by the prosecutor is the same neglect citizen’s show toward the government tendency toward socialism, or property owners toward their schools and the union manipulation of their tax dollars. When people lose faith in themselves, and look to professionals to tell them what to do, and in the Anthony trial it was two combative attorneys who told jurors conflicting stories, the jurors proved they had lost the ability to make a decision without being spoon feed the facts. And that is the travesty of this trail.

Casey Anthony will be back on the party circuit grinding away the night with other young sluts and their dyed hair, tattoos and alcohol fueled neglect as they seek to fill the spiritual emptiness of their lives with other empty people equally lost because progressivism has lied to them. They will therefore lie to everyone else, honor is no longer valued, and murder has little value because life has been cheapened by progressivism.

This all comes back to the opening comments of Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW. This party girl was putting her little girl to sleep with chloroform so she could party it up with her friends. In doing so it appears that the prosecution proved that Casey killed her little girl in this process, probably by accident. The dead girl was put into the back of the car and driven around for over a month while Casey tried to figure out what to do about the body. In the meantime, Casey was out partying, getting “wasted” and having sex with multiple partners, again, according to the prosecution. So the moral outrage from the general population is how Casey could do such a thing. And from the youth culture, people under age 35 who have been taught in public education that collective consensus is best over individual decisions, and that going to college means lots of cheap sex and excessive drinking while responsibility in life can be delayed until their mid-twenties. These young people are more and more just like Casey Anthony, liars, cheaters, and morally bankrupt children of a progressive nation who are numb to murder because their goals in life are focused on the party, and not the responsibility of living. That’s why this case is a case of national relevance and a thermometer of our current moral state.

Most of the viewers in this case are just as guilty as the woman who shouted out in court then pleaded with the judge to go easy on her. She wanted attention in a big national case for her own selfish reasons, but lacked the courage to stand by her convictions and fell to her knees before the law withering under the pressure of the law which only has the power to regulate the weak while the truly evil walk free to tyrannize again. So shout at the TV, protest at Skyline, and talk among yourselves about the injustice of this case, but when real courage is required to prevent these murders well before they ever happen, you will be the morally bankrupt souls that supports through your inner demons people like Casey Anthony, and contribute to the evil that rots our society. Casey killed her daughter with neglect, but American’s are doing the same to their country with the same type of neglect. So in the end, everyone is guilty, and that’s why Casey Anthony is being set free.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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11 thoughts on “Casey Anthony is Walking Free: But the real murder is far worse than a drunk party girl

  1. Well if you’re using this trial as a barometer..We are in a shitload of trouble. (sorry, the niceties have flown out the window)
    But I already knew that.
    Great perspective, as usual.


  2. Jose Baez called his client a slut and a liar as though it were a badge of honor. I found him to be a snickering “slimeball.” Throughtout the trial his only defense was to make up stories that threw her entire family “under the bus.” She blamed everyone except herself. She lied to everyone. Didn’t the jury ever wonder why she had to make up so many stories?

    It was mentioned over and over again that the jury was not taking notes. With a trial extending over a month and with so many experts with facts, it would seem to me that a conscientious juror would need to take notes. Juror number three expected Casey (or someone) to have a video of the crime. She couldn’t even find the slut and liar (and murderer) guilty of being a negligent parent. The fact that Caylee was missing for 31 days without being reported to the police is my idea of negligence. Even then, Casey’s mother called the police when the car was found.

    I thought the forensic evidence was overwhelming. The very fact that a “dead body” was carried around in her trunk was irrefutable evidence. Only she drove that car and only she ditched the car. The impound lot man said that the smell was overwhelming and so did George Anthony. Several people testified that once you had experienced that “smell” you would never forget it.

    So I guess a good mother would carry her dead child around in her trunk. All the time partying with various boyfriends. There was video after video of her shopping, walking arm in arm with her boyfriend at Blockbusters the very night that Caylee died. She lied about a fictious babysitter. The whole time knowing Caylee was either in her trunk or in the swamp. GUILTY!!!

    You are right on target. Her lifestyle is not different than many of our young people. She did what she wanted. Fun and games were the only things on her agenda. She partied so much she didn’t graduate from high school and lied about that. Had a baby out of wedlock, refused to name the father and let her parents
    get stuck with all of the expenses. Like our current president, she is a narcisstic personality. Her wishes and desires are all that matters.

    It is my belief that she killed her daughter. She injected her with chloroform, placed duct tape over her mouth to keep her quiet and put her in the car. With the heat in Florida the little girl died in the car. But Casey didn’t skip a beat.
    When the body started to decompose and the smell was overwhelming, she went home,
    bagged the body up in the garbage bags and tried to bury her in the yard. When she
    couldn’t do that, she dumped her in the swamp; which was deep in water. She didn’t waste any time taking her way into the woods. Time to party!!!!!!!!!!!! The jury was too stupid to think the whole series of events through. The circumstantial evidence was overwhelming.


    1. This is a tragic event. But, this was a progressive, and elusive case. Everyone was guilty. When a society cannot tell right from wrong, it’s over. The legacy of Ayn Rand is before us all. Who would have ever thought such an obvious case, like this, would have the result that it did. Not even I would have been so skeptical to think a modern jury could not digest evidence any better than this.

      When we were traveling through Florida last month we were in the middle of it. It was everywhere. I told my family, “she’s guilty. End of story.” This was about the time that the mistress was on the stand. To me, it was a slam dunk case. End of story, and not even worth discussion.

      Needless to say, I was stunned by the verdict. It took me a couple of days to get my mind around it.

      This is why people elected Obama, and why they vote for school levy issues, and can’t have a reasonable discussion about debt reduction, because our society has been destroyed at it’s very core. It has no value any longer and therefor has nothing to measure itself against. This leaves us all vulnerable to preditors. We are seen as mice in a glass cage, just food for a snake, which is the ruling political elite.


  3. Great and sad analogy; mice to feed the snakes in a glass cage. From all interviews with jury members; you would think her father was on trial. At least, he
    was looking for the child. The mother partied while everyone else was worried about the child. That alone, was enough for me. Casey Anthony is doomed. No one can escape the wrath of God Almighty. She will eventually push the button that will be her demise.


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