Thanks Glenn Beck: Good luck on the path of authenticity

Glenn Beck is one of those unique individuals, who no matter how he arrived at where he’s at is truly an authentic person. Because of his lack of willingness to play politics, social games, and his hunger for knowledge, he has been able to say and do on television what few people in the history of mankind have been able to achieve, he’s been able to pull out of civilization the good in their nature instead of playing to their fears. Tyrants typically achieve the kind of popularity that Beck has by playing to the worst in human nature. Beck has done the opposite, he has gained mass appeal by bringing out the good, and to me that is a phenomenal achievement.

It didn’t come as a surprise to me when Beck made the announcement that he wanted to back off. I saw him in Wilmington and he seemed tired. I couldn’t blame him; after all there had been so many people who threatened him and his family. Who in their right mind would want to put themselves out there like he has for all this time? But during his last episode when he spoke about why he wanted to leave his Fox show, he stated he wanted to leave with his soul, and I thought that was incredible.

Soul preservation has always been extremely important to me. I have made all my major decisions in my life with that concept in mind, including quitting college for the third time, because I did not feel I could be authentic to myself by kissing the ass of the college professors who controlled my grades. In my professional life I’ve done the same, I do not kiss ass, play games, or suck up in any way to people who consider themselves my superiors. I never have. Any success I have had is by default, where everyone else had failed and I was the only one standing that had a solution. And once the solution was presented and people are making money again, those services are highly sought after. But I never did it by playing golf with the boss, or telling the president he had on a nice tie. As a matter-of-fact, it was just yesterday that the president of a company that I have to deal with told me, “You are a piece of F**cking work, you know that!” He was furious with me because I do not pump his ego, which is something he is used to. I speak to him like he’s any other employee I have ever dealt with. I dread dealing with losers like that guy, because they are power-hungry fools that acquire those positions by default, by playing politics. Not by talent, but by the networks they build through socializing, and they disgust me. So I deeply appreciate a person like Glenn Beck who says, “You know, I’m at the top of my game, but I don’t want to lose my soul, so I’m going to take a chance to retain my creative ambition and not just settle into complacency because the money is good.” I wish every person in the world was like that. I’ve always been like that, but aside from Glenn Beck, and my wife, and maybe a few other people I’ve known over the years, nobody else is.

So I will miss Glenn Beck at 5 pm each day. But I wish him well on such an ambitious project such as what he is about to do in launching his own online network. I love what he is trying to do. I think giving up the Fox platform is a mistake, but I love his honesty and ambition.

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Only time will tell how successful Beck’s future endeavors will be. If he stopped right now and retired, the world would be far better off than it was, so anything he does in the future will only make it better, because the man himself is a good one. He may feel guilt about his past mistakes, but he has more than redeemed himself in his gifts to mankind. For too many years it has been the extremists on the far left that have moved The Overton Window so far to the left as it is today. And now because of Beck, whether he continues to have success or not, have pulled that window a bit more to the right, where people like me and an army of others can continue to drag the political spectrum back to the center where it has always belonged.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

9 thoughts on “Thanks Glenn Beck: Good luck on the path of authenticity

  1. You’re on fire lately Rich. I think the word that comes to mind is “prolific”. My wife asked me the other night, “Why does your phone keep beeping?” It’s my audible notification of a new e-mail on my iPhone… announcing a new Overman Warrior blog post!

    You’re right about Glenn…I will miss him as well. In my opinion, he did at times make nefarious connections of events or individuals that I thought were tenuous at best. However, I believe he is right far more times than he is wrong. I too wish him well in his new endeavor.


  2. Glenn said it cost him over a million dollars a year for protection. Imagine having that fear and fear for your family. The left will stop at nothing. You posted how far the unions are willing to go to intimidate and theaten those that they disagree with.
    Glenn is a force that will be there for a long time. He will not stop because his belief system is so deep. The more he learns, the more he is convinced that we must do everything possible to save our great nation. I am with Glenn and I was very optimistic at the end of his “last” show. He is going to forge new territory with his plans. I am excited and looking forward to his new adventure.
    Like Phil, I don’t always agree with Glenn, but he is far superior to any other person that I have heard.


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