Public Housing Nightmare: But a dream for socialist looters and social reformers

The Federal government is threatening to cut off federal money to communities that do not accept the spread of public housing development. Listen to Doc Thompson cover this fatal issue on 700 WLW.

This move is a progressive agenda item, the idea of public housing, loss of identification of towns and boundaries. The progressives are implementing the strategy of the 10 Planks of Communism which is like their Ten Commandments. They follow those 10 Planks of Communism very closely. Public housing is a progressive platform. Click here to see those Ten Planks of Communism if you are not aware of what they are.

The reality of public housing is it brings about the worst in human nature. Progressives have a fundamental lack of understanding of human nature and believe as many of the college professors who advocate the progressive platform do, that human nature can be engineered, and that the actions of the human being are not innate. They believe that through education that they provide they can control those innate desires.

History proves otherwise. Everywhere that there is public housing, there is failure. There are out-of-wedlock child births, welfare is endemic among the public welfare culture, drugs are a major problem, crime is up in almost every category, public housing is a dismal failure in public policy. That is unless that public policy is to weaken the human state of the participants to bring them down to the level of the rest of the world, which appears to be the desire.

As this video will show, public housing is filled with looters, not in the people who inhabit the homes, but in the people who run them.

This move by public housing advocates is precisely the same as that of the proposed health care bill otherwise known as Obama Care. They are the type that has been abusing the “commerce clause” of the 10th Amendment to impose congressional will on states and cities for decades. These are also the same people who claim there is a “supremacy clause” in the Constitution that claims a foreign treaty supersedes the wording of the United States Constitution. The threat to cut federal money to communities that resist the spread of public housing is a threat by the federal government to impose its socialist will on its citizens.

All governments by their nature will tend to flow toward socialism. This isn’t out of some sinister design by them, but simply out of survival. The government worker just like any worker just wants to work and get paid, like anybody else. The problem with government is that it is often unproductive and draws the weaker personality types that society has to offer. Without management controls, and given power, these people will vote themselves unlimited increases, unrestricted budgets and easy responsibilities and they’ll pay themselves top dollar to perform the task.

To feed this monster government will always be on a continuous push to justify their existence. They will over dramatize the jobs they perform. They’ll ask for more employees, and they will work as slow as possible in order to make their jobs seem more difficult. And politicians since they too are government workers are quick to give the tax money we send their way away to programs that expand government. They do it for survival, to increase their bloc voting ability.

Public housing is all about bloc voting and fulfilling the goals of the 10 Planks of Communism. It is strictly for the benefit of government. Not for the rest of us. Nobody wants to live near public housing. Public housing brings down home values. The people who live in those places tend to vote for higher taxes because they don’t have to pay as much tax as the rest of us, so they can only benefit from more handouts which politicians must take from the taxpayer to give to the politician in order to buy their votes in the next election.

For those of us that take care of our property, mow our grass, paint our homes, fix our decks, we don’t want public housing anywhere near us. But government doesn’t care because one of the 10 Planks of communism is to remove private property, so to their view, we’ll get used to it. They don’t care if we maintain our property or not because left to them, they’d hire government workers to do it for us. All we have to do is give up our property and turn it over to them.

So that’s the plan. That is what we are dealing with regarding public housing. Like public education, it is a big government plan to expand the role of government in everyday life, secure their livelihoods, drive up taxes to pay for everything and achieve the aims envisioned by Karl Marx which many, many academics adore. Many of those academics and experts that end up advising government are those Marx types, because they would not survive in a private sector economy not run by government. Government employees tend to be failures at life, so the products of their labor fail repeatedly. We see it in public education, we see it in public housing, we see it in every branch of government, every township, school board, and city council. Government fails at everything they do. Everything!

So why do we want more of it? Why would we allow government to dictate to us that we will have public housing in our communities? Why do we even need the federal money?

Forget socialism and their stupid square homes with corrupt politicians running them. Every American should embrace capitalism, because in America every person that works, saves their money and has an idea can strive for a home like the one in this next clip. If you want to see what democracy looks like, look at the riots of the poor looking for a hand out. If you want to see what a republic looks like, talk to someone who lives in a home like this one.

My answer to that is the same that I say for public education. If government at the federal level and the state level cuts the money to the schools, then we must cut the wages and number of government employees to balance the budget. We don’t raise taxes. And with public housing, we need less of it, not more, and all the people who support it should be removed from office. Because they are perpetuating a bad program that cost society in many more ways than just money. And if federal money is cut, then that means government jobs must be cut to balance the budget. That’s the only way to play this game, and that’s the answer to a domineering government that wants all the things that are bad for the rest of us, even if it is only for the naive desire of their own survival. Let the government workers perish so to save what is left of America, because like a cancer cell, government will always try to grow if allowed to impose themselves upon the taxpayer, because they feed off of what is healthy and thrive in what is broken and dying. That is why they fail.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

4 thoughts on “Public Housing Nightmare: But a dream for socialist looters and social reformers

  1. Communism is a perfect system??? These people feel they are owed something every day and something meaning everything. Who are these idiots?
    Do you move before the state heads pass such things and hope to sell?
    Do you just stay and live by the rule of there will be hell to pay if you rob or rape me? Because by that time you will never sell?
    Who wants to live like that?
    Is voting them out going to cut it off at the knees?
    These are the kinds of things that will go quickly and somewhat under the radar if it wasn’t for people like Doc and you getting it out there. Sure it’s in the local rag but sleepers will still sleep until they have to leave the garage door down while mowing and the windows closed on a warm breezy night. What those people don’t get from the government…they’ll take from you.
    Now that they are groomed for that life, why change?


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