Revenue Enhancement Equation: The Great Police Scam, safety = money + POWER

I heard a story this morning that was deeply disturbing, a guy I know was harassed by a cop from Trenton last night because that particular cop is in a fight with his brother-in-law. The cop came to the home of this guy I know, walked into his garage and flashed his flashlight into the eyes of the guy and his wife, openly harassing them, but walking the thin blue line of the law. The harassment is that the brother-in-law had told the cop the night before, “don’t you have anything to do but harass us for a speeding ticket my wife got. Last week you pulled over an ice cream truck that rolled through a stop sign. Why don’t you arrest those drug dealers over by the factory? We all know what is going on over there. You know it, we know it, yet here you are, harassing the very people who pay your salary, because you know you can.”

Apparently the brother-in-law hit too close to the mark, so the cop chose to step up his harassment, instead of doing less of it, and now he chose to harass members of the brother-in-law’s family, to put peer pressure on the brother-in-law to cease the behavior of resistance. After all, in the eyes of the law, resistance is futile.

Darryl Parks of 700 WLW deals with a bit of this police tyranny during the Memorial Day weekend when police all around Cincinnati make the announcement of the “Click it or tick it” campaign. The only reason for those cops to pull over drivers for the seat belt campaign is to raise money. Listen to that broadcast here:

There is much evil in the world that is done under the disguise of “safety.” There are DUI checkpoints set up to make the rest of us “safe.” There are cops stationed along road ways all across this country to keep speed down, so we will all be “safe.” This is the same mentality we see in our schools where teachers proclaim that they are needed to keep our kids, “safe.” Administrators are needed to keep teachers “safe,” so that teachers can keep our kids, “safe.” Safety is the key word for tyranny. Give up your freedom for the safety we provide.

When you question this process, especially with police officers, they get very angry. Stories like the one this brother-in-law tells are not uncommon. There are officers like this dirty cop in every single community. Their superiors are very limited in what they can do because just like in the teachers union, the Fraternal Order of Police protects its members with a mob like presence. Not every cop is bad, but the bad ones just like in any group tend to be the leaders. It’s always the most aggressive that set the policies for the group, and aggressive cops set the standard.

I know personally two officers in Hamilton that were demanding sexual favors from women they pulled over. They offered the girls and women a warning in exchange for getting out of the ticket. The cops resigned before the investigation got underway which is a standard FOP trick which allows the officer to get another job later once the stories cool down. How do I know about it? I know one of the guys. After he resigned he called me to ask me for a job, hoping I didn’t know why he left the force. These are not isolated stories. They are epidemic. The power of the position invites corruption of that power. And when you have too many police, which politicians prop up and pander to so they can get the support of the powerful FOP for elections, the police are bored while on the job, so the weak ones tend to abuse their power. They pull over attractive woman because they can. They pull over speeders, especially speeders in nice cars, because they have nothing else to do, and they have to raise the proper amount of revenue to justify their existence. And they exist for purely political reasons, because the sheer numbers of officers provide the FOP with the political clout to influence elections. It’s a big scam, and just one more imposition on the tax payer. Again, we pay for our own demise, harassment, and erosion of freedom.

Every time I see a check-point set up by police officers I achieve new levels of rage. For the most part, DUI laws were created by politicians under the guise of “protection” to prop up the insurance industry and to give their FOP supporters something to do. It provides business for the courts and all the employees of the court. Meanwhile, DUI incidents still occur, because we have a drinking culture. Politicians know it. News reporters know it, we all know it, but yet we don’t do anything about it, because they are the “authority.”

The cops know it too, that’s why they think it OK to walk into a man’s garage and harass him and his wife only because they are related to a man the cop has a personal issue with. That’s abuse of power and it’s time to call it what it is. Not to hide the contemptible behavior behind the guise of “safety,” “protection,” and “public well-being.”

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior