Fraternity of Thieves: If the government runs it, you’ll meet the members

The usual reaction to the looter mentality, those people who seek to justify their existence by riding on the backs of the poor, the weak, the young, the minorities, so that they can cry injustice is being done, and they must help those people to create work for themselves.  These people remind me of the classic snake oil salesman that might sell a magic potion to frontier settlers to ease the minds of adventures always one decision away from death.  Looters are parasites that have nothing to offer but a false sense of security. 

Doc Thompson did an excellent report of public housing on 700 WLW.  Public housing is one of those programs provided by tax payers, created by politicians using tax payer money to leave their mark on the world by building something they couldn’t build themselves, and to help people who are down on their luck. 

What the looter mentality truly seeks to accomplish however is to make victims addicted to the service they provide, just as a drug dealer would do with highly addictive drugs.  Public housing is cheap, and provides very little incentive to the people who use it to care for the properties, making them tremendous failures.  Virtually everywhere public housing was created, they have only breed high crime, terrible real estate values, and created a class of people who are weaker than the generation that brought them into the world.  Weaker, because the ambition to create for themselves is vacant, the pride in not accepting help from someone else, especially government is gone.  Once these minds accept themselves as failures, their lives are greatly diminished.  The looter politician likes this, because now he has guaranteed voters in the next election because he has people addicted to his services.  And the tax payer becomes more of a serf because they are forced to fund programs they might morally disagree with. 

The strong and the brave know that to make a person stronger, you have to put opposition in front of that person.  For a body builder to make larger muscles, they must lift heavy weights.  “No pain no gain.”  For a football team to be good, they must have a coach that pushes the player beyond their limits.  They must be strong, lift weights and run all the drills required, and the best coached team in the end will win more games than the team that isn’t so well coached.  Being well coached means the coach has forced the players to reach a place deep inside to have a competitive edge.  A team that has a coach that panders to the players ends up with discipline problems, and victory seldom comes.  Case in point, the Cincinnati Bengals. 

The human being is built in such a way that they need to struggle to appreciate what is before them.  It has something to do with the way the brain creates neurons, how memory is written into the mind.  Memory and thought is created when the brain is forced to act to defend itself.  This is why poor managers and teachers believe that creating fear in their employees and students will make them better, but fear alone doesn’t work.  Fear breads contempt which gets in the way of respect, and without respect, the individual will fail to act on their own, but will wait for direction, which is counterproductive.  But those ill-advised managers and teachers are getting part of the process right, extreme circumstances do shock the mind into learning. 

This is why welfare doesn’t work.  This is why public workers are generally less competitive than private sector workers, and this is why public housing fails terribly.  This is also why public schools fail. 

I went to the Springboro School Board meeting on May 24th, 2011 to help my friend Kelly Kohls while she is struggling with a contentious contract negotiation with their teachers union.  The union there is adopting the same basic contract Lakota just passed.  It is obvious that the Ohio Education Association is working a strategy that is state-wide.  But to help sell the contract at the beginning of the meeting a parade of teachers came before the audience with selected children from their classes and awarded those children with awards of exceptionalism

I watched the various teachers proudly drape their arms about the shoulders of their students in great affection.  Flash bulbs filled the room often as proud parents took pictures to remember the event.  But I frowned in disappointment.  I looked into the eyes of those teachers, those bright-eyed young women in most cases, and I saw a looter.  They are looters because the traits they are celebrating in the young students were given to those students by their parents.  The teacher is just along for the ride, yet in the ceremony, the school system is taking credit for the success of the child exclusively.  This is being done to justify the existence of the education industry.  The teachers don’t know any better but to be looters.  They were taught to be in college, so their entire measuring system has its value in the heart of a looter.  They take from the community and they give back very little, something of limited value.  And they are actually the worst kind of looter, they use children to hide their actions even from themselves. 

I watched as each child received their award, the children can tell that something isn’t quite right.  Most of the kids were still under 10 years old, so their ability to tell the difference between right and wrong hasn’t been taught out of them yet, so they had blank looks on their faces.  But with each kid the superintendent stepped off the stage to shake the hand of the young student, as if the value of the superintendent had meaning.

The superintendent is a looter because his hand shake to the student has no meaning.  None what-so-ever.  But the superintendent wants to believe that his job is important, and he wants the parents to believe it too, because he wants them to be convinced they are getting the value for their education dollars spent by their property taxes.  Yet, the district is projecting a $40 million dollar deficit.  So somewhere in the awards ceremony, and the hand shake with the kids, the superintendent hopes to sell the image of importance to the parents so they can pass a levy.  That is why he is a looter, and why the teachers are looters.  They are using the parents children to sell their value as public employees to the tax payers when the value of the children and the money provided both come from the tax payer. 

Is that to say that the school does nothing for the child?  I suppose it does to some extent.  But in public school, like public housing, or even the BMV, they are all government-run and have very little incentive to succeed, because the culture of all are of the type that pander to the lowest, and weakest that participate.  So the strong children are held back.  The weak children are placed on a pedestal, and the tone of society takes a step back instead of a step forward. 

I have worked with weak, sick and even mentally deficient children.  To me, the worst thing you can do is pander down to them.  When I speak to such people, I always treat them with the same respect I’d give to the most intelligent person in the world.  When I have taken young people into the hard country and they fall, I help them get back on their feet and brush off the dust and keep walking without letting them complain that they are hurt.  When I’ve taken people rappelling and they are scared of heights I make them go with the promise that overcoming the fear will have more value than caving into their reluctance. 

When my daughters, who are very attractive young women, and I knew they would be, were little and a dog bit one of them in the ear almost tearing half the ear off, my wife and I superglue the ear back in place.  I looked at the wound and assessed that the experience of getting 25 stitches at the hospital might not only be traumatic for her and scare her worse than the blood running all over her, but it might even make her hate animals in the future and create an un-natural fear of dogs.  So I downplayed the whole thing, washed off the blood, put the skin back where everything was supposed to go and glued the ear in place. 

The natural reaction for many would be to run to the emergency room, but I was trying to teach her on that day many things.  One, not to fear dogs.  It was an accident.  Two, I didn’t want her brain to register the event as overly traumatic that might cause actual lifelong damage, and three, I wanted her to think in terms of self-reliance. 

The looter would seek to exploit a tragic situation like with my daughter.  They’d seek to comfort her, to make her trust them.  They’d go to elaborate measures to ease her mind.  But what they’d succeed in doing would be to draw her mind in the next tragedy to their comfort.  Instead of taking charge of her own situation, she’d seek them out.  This is how the health care industry has been operating, this is the cause of billions of dollars of insurance, and this is the impact of public education where information is spoon fed in comfort to the little human being.  What gets ignored is the pandering makes the child weaker while the true intention is to justify the employment of the public official. 

This is why public housing fails.  It breeds crime.  It breeds welfare recipients.  It breeds broken families because when real tragedies occur the people are left defenseless, because their brains did not go thought he exercise of struggle to obtain their position in life.  That is why they fail in virtually every way possible metaphorically and literally.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior