Changing a Flat Tire in the Wasteland: Those who take away S.B.5 will be responsible

We have a real problem. Public officials have paid themselves too much. They don’t want to surrender any of that funding now that they’ve looted our tax money for everything that has been sent in their direction, so their solution is to increase taxes to pay for their “public service.” This is true of mayors, city council members, coroners, teachers, superintendents, virtually every public official. Listen to Doc Thompson of 700 WLW talk to a Lance Burton from Channel 9 about their latest investigation into public employee salary problems.

Toward the end of this broadcast I came on with Doc to give an update to the new contract concession made by the Lakota School System with the LEA. The LEA still needs to vote on the concession, but the process has started.

This is one of the key reasons that Senate Bill 5 was passed by the Ohio House and Senate and signed by Governor Kasich just over a month ago. Public employee costs have sky-rocketed in recent years. There is no management control of the public’s money, and the only solution those public officials can come up with is higher taxes. This is the primary reason school districts all over Ohio are failing.

They all have one thing in common; their labor costs are too high, and when those labor costs are analyzed, it is clear that the public officials have paid themselves 30%, or more, above the average wage of the non-public sector employee. It was their lack of discipline that led to the budget shortfalls, not a shortage of cash supplied by the community. Public officials seem to all share the same mentality, tax more to pay for their big spending.

Look at all the police cars escorting Joe Biden to a fundraiser for his boss. Seems like a waste of money to me.

This is certainly Todd Portune’s solution to the stadium shortfalls in Cincinnati. Portune is a commissioner of Hamilton County. He was warned years ago of the potential problems with the stadium deals, but everyone just kicked the can down the road. Now it’s time to pay up, so Todd wants a sales tax on the fans, as if the cost for a professional sports ticket wasn’t already high enough. Todd does this because he doesn’t understand any other option, tax and spend. Or spend then tax. Same difference.

It is on the back of all this news that a recent Quinnipiac poll of 1,370 voters reported that 54% of Ohioians support repealing S.B.5 as opposed to 36% that support keeping it the law of the land.

I am proudly one of those 36%. I think S.B.5 is the only hope for the future of the state. It is the only tool on the horizon that will allow citizens to get these out-of-control costs under control. It is because of the passage of that bill that Lakota and the LEA even met at the table in record time and made a deal to eliminate the step increases. It is the LEA through the OEA (Ohio Education Association) that decided that S.B.5 would destroy their grip on politics and communities so they made a concession now to take the edge off. Because not only do they seek a new levy in November, but they also want to put on a softer face so enough Ohioans will see things their way and vote to repeal S.B.5. But consider that without S.B.5 as a threat, nobody would be talking. The LEA, the OEA or any government employee wouldn’t even consider negotiating. They haven’t in the past, and based on the rates of pay they have given themselves under the generosity of Ohio’s communities they won’t in the future.

I can only conclude that of that 54% those are the people that either work in government or want to. They are the type of people who look to some “jack pot” to solve their problems in life. They are those types of people that crave a “government job” because of the high compensation and security that is unheard of in the private sector. They are the reason that having too many people work for government is dangerous. Having a government that is too big means democracy, or even a representative republic dies, because people will not vote against themselves, and if government is the way they make their living, they aren’t going to cut their own throat, even if that is what’s best for the state or nation.

It really comes down to this, if S.B.5 is repealed, and everything goes back to the way things were, then the situation we are seeing, where schools are going bankrupt, cities are struggling to avoid bankruptcy, and deficits are percolating in every government position for lack of tax money, yet the society paying the taxes are already spending 50% of all their income on taxes in some for or another, and it’s not enough, only bad things can happen. Those bad things will happen soon, before the 2012 presidential election. And when those bad things happen, if the state of Ohio does not have S.B.5 to protect ourselves, Ohio will fail miserably. It will push out its residence and business community with excessively high taxes to meet the greedy public employee expectations, or those public employees will bankrupt the whole system. And the devastation will be on the backs of those 54% who voted to repeal S.B.5.

It won’t be on my back or the back of the 36%. We are trying to fix the situation. Those who want to take away S.B.5 essentially want to take away the tool we have to fix the problem.

Imagine that you were trying to change a flat tire. And our funding problem is flat. People can’t afford higher taxes so the air is out of the tire. So you want to change the old tire to a new tire, one that doesn’t require so much air to fill it. Air of course is the taxes we pay. So we jack up the car to change that tire. Senate Bill 5 is the jack we use to raise the car and replace the flat tire with a new one. And along comes a bunch of people that want the tire to stay flat, because they don’t want the car to move. They want to be stuck, because they benefit from the car being stuck. So they take away the jack.

Without the jack, how do we change the tire? You can’t. The tire will remain flat.

That’s what’s at stake. There are a lot of people like me that are willing to change the tire so we can move the car down the road. But if the car stays stuck, and stranded, broke and useless, it will be because of the fools that took away the tools to fix the car.

If that happens, the blame will be solely on the backs of the idiots that took away our jack. (S.B.5) People like me will survive. I’ll do like a lot of productive people will do; I certainly won’t look to open a new restaurant or business. I may not even want to live in the state. I might move to another state like Texas or Florida that doesn’t have such high taxes. Or I might just do the minimum to live so I don’t get taxed too much, because what’s the use in doing the extra work if some scumbag, politician is just going to pad their pockets with my hard work. Meanwhile, the public officials striving to do almost nothing to earn a six figure income all off tax money will find themselves far worse underfunded than they do now. And it will be their entire fault. They will be kings of their own wasteland, a kingdom of their own bankrupt making left scratching their heads and crying about how they arrived there. That’s when I’ll laugh in their face and remind them that they took the jack, so the car couldn’t move. Now they are stuck and rotting along the side of the road in a wasteland of parasites and will only have themselves to blame.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior