Shoudn’t Superintendents Go To Jail for the Crimes Against the Tax Payer: Yes, according to George W. Bush

With all the discussion about corruption in public education there are options that the tax payer can participate in. One of those options Representative Bill Coley talked about with Doc Thompson on 700 WLW. Click this link to listen to that broadcast. It’s the ability to expand education opportunities for both students and teachers in the future, and to emerge from the scandalous behavior that we are seeing more and more in public education. It’s not that these corruption problems weren’t always there, they have been for years, but now there are people who are willing to look at them. After Representative Coley came on to speak to Doc, I provided further testimony to the benefits of Coley’s congressional bill. But, it is obvious that something must be done to protect our schools from the kind of social reform that is being imposed on our kids, such as what was revealed at this Tuscan School Board meeting on Tuesday May 10, 2011

As parents learn that they have options, it is by using those options that they can be most instrumental in bringing about change. By voting down school levies, by using other forms of education to teach your kids, by taking advantage of every opportunity available, the parent of a child will go a long way to ending these massive public education debacles that are making a joke of education in the United States.

Keynesian economists like Barrack Obama believe that the more money you pour into a program, the better it is. Well, that’s not true, and Barrack reveals his inexperience at life by subscribing to a popular theory that circulates around universities all across the county. It circulates through academia because that’s the only place it works, because in academia tax payers and tuition increases cover the cost of such foolishness. In reality the more money you throw into a situation, the more corrupt it becomes. As shown in Brendan Keefe’s I-Team report, (click here to view) when a lot of money is supplied by the tax payers, there is no shortage of thieves that will line up to take that money for everything they can. We live in a culture that has learned to “game” the system, and our educators are teaching our children by example, and we are teaching our children its ok, because we continue to pass levies and feeding the corruption with our apathy. People like this woman are perfect examples of Keynesian economics. They just don’t understand how things work. They are a lost group of people who have been lied to by the kind of people who taught them in public education. She obviously learned from the same kind of people who put together the text-book in Tuscan.

I have to credit West Clermont that put their levy down in a spectacular way last week. The residents there are demanding change, yet their superintendent is defiant and toeing the line. (You can see that story by clicking here.) What’s happening is that Governor Kasich is trying to give districts like West Clermont the tools they need to manage their costs, but S.B.5 will have to withstand the repeal attempt by the type of people in the protest speech, well-intentioned people who have simply been taught incorrectly virtually everything the foundations of their lives are built on.

The solution to this kind of nonsense is in programs like what Bill Coley spoke about. When people start using them, the thugs that are embedded in public education can begin to be filtered out of the process. So take charge of your child’s education. Don’t just drop them off for baby-sitting convenience while you’re at work. The tools are available to you right now that give your children options to avoid the kind of bottom-feeders that are attracted to the lucrative business of public education. All people need to do is use them.

But doing nothing will only make the situation worse.

If you’re a CEO and you think you can fudge the books in order to make yourself look better, we’re going to find you, we’re going to arrest you, and we’re going to hold you to account.
–President George W. Bush, 2002

That’s tough talk for a president, but it’s only talk. Under his watch, corruption in public education exploded because he threw money at it. It looks like every superintendent in Ohio is guilty of doing exactly what President Bush declared CEO’s are doing. If superintendents want to be considered as CEO’s shouldn’t they go to jail when they get caught “cooking the books” commit “fraud” or participate in out-right “cover-ups?” Because it looks like the jails in Ohio would fill beyond capacity with those committing the crimes.

So why send children to such places, where criminals reside and pretend to be authority figures? Why do it when there are options such as the Online Options Bill Coley speaks about, or School Choice which is coming along under Governor Kasich’s reforms. By endorsing these criminals with your tax money, you are making the situation worse and are partially guilty of crimes against our society. By participating in competition you will force the best to survive and the crooked to be cast out, and that needs to happen quickly.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior