Innovation in our Ohio Schools: Bill Coley explains, and Lakota looks for new school board members

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If you want to meet the guy who brought this innovative program to Ohio, listen to Representative Bill Coley talk to Doc Thompson on 700 WLW.

I came on with Doc Thompson to support Coley, where I’ve been quite aware of what Bill was working on, so I am a big fan. Kids these days are so bored in the classroom, I know firsthand, my kids just graduated, and I know a lot of young people. The way they spend their leisure time, with video games, Facebook, smart phones, hundreds of channels on TV, computer web sites, the world has become incredibly interactive, and the idea of a teacher standing in front of a class and preaching to students that are just staring at the clock waiting for their life to begin at the end of the day is completely barbaric.

Yet school boards are still trying to hold on to the old way of learning. They are completely unable to think outside the box of tradition and embrace aspects of education reform that have been presented by Representative Coley. This is why Lakota, and many schools are floating the idea of another levy for November of 2011.

In the Pulse Journal, I gave a lengthy interview to Lindsey Hilty, about the group which is due out on Thursday, where I also provided an editorial. As a benefit to my readers here, I am going to provide you with a preview of my comment before its release in the paper. My frustration with the school board is in their expensive, and blind grip on the old “brick and mortar” cost of education. So my anger is evident. I see aspects of education like the Ohio Learning Network as some of the solutions to the extraordinary costs schools are seeing, and the school boards and teachers unions as expensive old models that have failed. So I don’t attempt to disguise my feelings since they are the enemies to a solution.


Wanted: New School Board Members

It is gravely unfortunate that the Lakota School Board has made it known that they intend place another school levy on the ballot in November of 2011. While the Teachers Union at Lakota had a much publicized wage freeze in August of 2010 mysteriously the wages for Lakota teachers crept up anyway.

Lakota has assured everyone that they have done their best to cut costs, they’ve cut busing, they made sports a pay for play program, they’ve cut electives, and teaching positions, but out of all those supposed reductions, not once did anyone address the problem of paying teachers too much.

Last year at the web site we brought out an article where 434 teachers made over 65K per year, that was in 2010. In 2011, there are over 625 teachers that make over 65K per year. Nobody is looking out for the tax payers in the Lakota School District.

The No Lakota Group met on this issue early last week, in anticipation of the school boards announcement. So here’s what we’re going to do. Any board member that votes in favor of another school levy will be looked at to be replaced with a new board member. If you are interested in becoming a school board member please contact us at We have several people who have spoken to us over the last couple of months, but we would like the opportunity to put the best candidates on the school board and would like to begin interviewing now. The best candidates would be over 55, preferably retired, or semi-retired and not looking to use the school board as a political platform for higher office, or to enhance their real estate professions. We want people who will not cave to the union, or pay 50K just to look for a superintendent that they intend to over-pay at 200K to 300K per year. We want people who have been successful at life, and therefore able to run our school system without corruption and abuse of the taxpayer.

Contact us today.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior