Superintendents Make More than the Governor: Changes and Corruption in Public School

Today was a significant day in the world of education reform. As cops are using a memorial service in Cincinnati to repeal the S.B.5 Bill, which public school teachers through their union organization worked hard at during the election last Tuesday to collect signatures for their referendum attempt, new innovative ideas that those same teachers stand against were discussed by Bill Coley and Doc Thompson on 700 WLW.

It was refreshing to hear Bill talk about an idea that he has worked hard on since 2007-2008 where he actually managed to get Ted Strickland to sign the bill allowing Online Classes for public education. This new form of learning will be implemented in Ohio which is further along than any state in the country at this point in education reforms that will not only save money to the school districts and the state, but also stimulate the children being educated. So there isn’t any downfall to the students of Bill’s Online Education Innovation for Public Education. The downfall is only in the employment of teachers in a brick and mortar style classroom where all classes must be under 30 students where a teacher stands in front of a class and teaches as society has taught since the age of the Greeks.

But the story doesn’t stop there. As we have worked very hard to bring to the surface, education as it stands now is not about teaching children. It’s about making money for the employees of the district. After I came on Doc’s show to provide my support for Representative Coley’s project, which will become a major part of Governor Kasich’s education reform agenda, and one of the reasons teachers are trying to repeal S.B.5, so they can maintain their iron grip on tax payer funds with no flexibility at all for innovation or budget reductions, Brendan Keefe came on Doc’s show to discuss the ground-breaking I Team Report that he has by now unleashed to the voting population.

If you missed the broadcast, just check it out at the top of this page. In that report, what quickly becomes evident is that superintendents and other members of school administrations are deeply corrupt, because they know that if you live in a district, and want your kids taught, and you want your property values to remain favorable, then you will pay these extortion artists whatever they demand because they are openly scamming all tax payers. They don’t even respect people enough to come on camera to explain the situation. They won’t come on because they can’t.

I know Doc has extended the offer to come on WLW to many superintendents to defend themselves and all of them rejected it. Brendan did the same, he extended the branch of journalistic peace to all administrators and nobody would speak. The reason is that they are guilty of what they are accused of, and they won’t go on the record to project a lie that will hurt them latter. They are playing politics, hoping that people will just go back to sleep and pass their levies, and that the education money machine will always take care of them.

These people are so crooked that even before the election results were over from Tuesday’s election, these superintendents are floating out more levy requests for this November. I know that in the Edgewood district, just to the north of Lakota, they are considering not even announcing it in the paper, hoping that only school supporters show up to vote, leaving everyone else in the dark. That’s the game we’re playing in education, and this is why kids are not learning more than they are, yet we are spending more money than ever on education. But that money is not finding itself to the kids, it is being scrapped off and placed into the pockets of the corrupt public servant.

We have no choice but to call these people thieves since they refuse to give an interview to Channel 9, or WLW to say otherwise, because all the evidence points to these people as first class crooks.

Click on the link below to get to Brendan’s page where you can look up your districts superintendent.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

37 thoughts on “Superintendents Make More than the Governor: Changes and Corruption in Public School

  1. Lakota hired Jenni Logan for $130,000 and paid a reported 30% fee to recruiting firm, Lovett and Lovett.

    The Lakota school board estimates that it will spend $60,000 to find a new superintendent.

    If Lakota is paying approximately the same percentage “finder’s fee” to Hudepohl, the $60,000 works out to a $200,000 salary for the new superintendent. Mike Taylor made about $140,000 a year. I am betting that Lakota will spend at least $165,000 for the new superintendent, not counting car, telephone, and other benefit allowances.


  2. The superintendents don’t seem capable of even answering any questions. When the Lebanon superintendent, MARK NORTH, held a public meeting at the high school to explain the need for the 8.2 mill levy increase, he refused to answer ANY questions. He announced the meeting as “informative.” It was not informative at all. He needed a couple of tele-prompters in his face to read his “oft repeated” paragraph about their “need.” Mostly half-truths with absolutely no justification of the need.

    Taxpayers now know that almost all of the money in the General Fund is “appropriated” for salaries and benefits. In many districts it is over 85%. That leaves 15% for everything else. When districts give the cost per pupil they do not include anything in the Permanent Improvement Fund and other funds. In most districts these costs would more than double the cost per pupil.

    Most superintendents like to be in the “new building” mode. In Lebanon we were told that the Ohio Facilities Commission would be paying most of the cost of our new buildings. Last summer I heard Mark North tell the board that the district had not filed the paper work necessary to qualify for the funds and so we would not be receiving the OFC funding. NICE! The taxpayers in our district will be stuck with the total cost. No mention in the news media.

    We pay these people high salaries, supposedly, to oversee our tax dollars. They cannot even fill out the forms necessary to receive reimbursement.

    Heck! I fill out forms all the time just to receive a “rebate” for a product that I purchased. This would be for small change compared to the millions of dollars our district lost due to the negligence of our superintendent and board. ALL SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET. THIS WOULD BE A CRIME IN ANY OTHER BUSINESS.


  3. Mark North told me on the phone he would NEVER entertain the idea of a town hall or a live Q&A.
    When I think about the fact that he is in persuit of Twinsburg, (nevermind the Cuyahoga which was the red flag), and surely using the car to commute that we pay for and the cell minutes that we pay for, I just freak out. Lame term, but that to me is the purest “In Your Face” theivery possible. And still paying his salary. I could care less if looks for work elsewhere..on his own damn dime! He is ripping off this community as we speak and to me this is his way of giving a big fat F/U to us all. And we’re bending over and taking it.


  4. For what it’s worth, superintendents aren’t in unions. Can you really blame unions for Education salaries when supers are making much more? Which side of your mouth are you talking out of now?


  5. That’s cute. Superintendents in most every case were brought up through the system. Such as at Lakota, the superintendent there had been a teacher for a long time. He had supported the union, paid into it and expected to be paid back. The pay scale is pushed up by unions, and superintendents are supposed to be out of the union to remain neutral, but they obviously aren’t. As seen in Lebanon, when North had the opportunity to negotiate on behalf of the community, he picked the union, because they are where his loyalties are. So I’m still, as I always do, talking out the same side of my mouth. The problem is, there are too many appoligists out there ready to explain away bad behavior to cover their own complacency.


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