THX-1138 A GREAT MOVIE: Where our current education system is taking us

“Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: if it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

Ronald Reagan August 1986.

Politicians have to have something to do. They have been elected to a job, and to their small minds, small because they crave the power of a position, but in order to perform that job they pass laws and regulation so people hopefully see through the smoke screen they create to hide their true intentions. Rules and regulations are created to prove that politicians are doing something valuable or at least perceived to be important. And when they don’t have rules to create, they attempt to change American ideology.

A free society cannot endure this type of corruption and history proves it. Creative people, like George Lucas, George Orwell, and Ayn Rand have taken history and projected the results into the future. That’s been done in books like Atlas Shrugged and Brave New World, and in films like THX-1138.

If you haven’t seen THX-1138 you have missed a great film. It’s available on Netflix under Science Fiction. The film directed by George Lucas well before Star Wars hit the screen is a great look at a future that we will have if we leave our fate in the hands of politicians and avoid the responsibility of handling our own lives. If our society trades freedom for security we will see a society very much like THX-1138.

Most people know THX as the sound system that is a Lucas property, and yes, the origin of that name comes from that epic, break-through film. Here’s a trip down memory lane for movie lovers.

When the film came out, Warner Brothers hated it. They had no idea how to market the picture. It was a strangely dark film that involved thinking so it was a bit too cerebral for Warner Brother executives back then, which is a usual story for any project that is forward thinking. The creative mind creating something new is often on a lonely island of understanding and it may take years for people to gain an understanding of what the visionary was trying to say. That’s the case with this film. Released in 1971 it was taken away of Lucas’s control out of sheer anger from Warner Brothers who proceeded to cut 5 minutes from the film just to show Lucas that they could. The experience was so bad that Lucas started Lucasfilm so he wouldn’t have to rely on Hollywood to make the movies he wanted to make. Thank goodness he did, because we would have never had Star Wars and Indian Jones. Hollywood is incapable of making films like that on their own for all the reasons they cut 5 minutes of film from THX-1138. It was all about politics and control.

The THX-1138 hatred from Warner Brothers pushed Francis Ford Coppola into financial ruin because he produced the film. It also put the production of Apocalypse Now in jeopardy, which eventually got ironed out to become the classic Vietnam era film. Coppola revived his reputation with the Godfather series. Lucas saved his image with American Graffiti and Star Wars, so it wasn’t talent that was the problem. The people involved in THX-1138 were the best that the field of filmmakers had to offer then and even to this very day.

THX-1138 had problems because it hit too close to the fears people have about the culture of spoils and looting that goes on in politics. It makes people inwardly who participate in this diabolical behavior feel guilt. That’s why the Warner Brothers executives didn’t like the movie. That’s why the audiences didn’t like the movie, initially. It’s not a movie that desires to make people feel good and eat popcorn. It’s a warning of a possible future of which we are quickly heading.

It is a warning that if America continues to trade away our freedoms, as we have been…if we continue to tax ourselves heavily which is the same as regulating our freedoms….if we continue to hold back our business development because each and every politician wants to include their “two meaningless cents” on every matter available trading their integrity for a vote, we will become what is shown in vivid detail the life of THX-1138. That is the future that we seem unwilling to prevent in a mindless pursuit of security and laziness.

We’re not all fighting for the same thing in America. Whoever wins decides the future.



Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior