Looters against Logic: The Thieves of Education!

I was on 700 WLW May 4, 2011 speaking to Doc Thompson about the Lakota School Levy situation, superintendent expectations, and the ridiculous way education is sold to mask larger social agendas by tricking tax payers into paying for things they’d consciously reject if they were aware of those issues.

This interview comes on the day after the illustrious attempt by several local school districts, namely Lebanon, Little Miami, and Batavia among others. Thankfully, those levies failed. It gives me hope that there are fewer stupid people in the world than I had feared, because if you vote for a school levy, you’re stupid.

As voters hit the polls yesterday there were petition booths set up to repeal S.B.5. I have to laugh at the type of people who are behind this movement. These are people that subscribe to Keynes economic theory, which in short believes that money spent equals value. This is a preposterous idea, one that is abysmally off center and has no grounding in reality.

S.B.5 is the only way school districts can get their costs under control and the unions are terrified that once the scheme is revealed to people, which is what is happening, that they’ll loose forever their power in politics, and they should lose that power. I don’t even recognize the right of a union to exist in the public sector. Unions have no place in American society. They are creatures of LBJ’s Great Society that reflected FDR’s Second Bill of Rights. Booth of those Presidents were ego driven fools that wanted to live on forever to memorialize their power and prestige in the minds of people deep into the future. It is these types of people the Constitution was designed to protect us from. The reason that Keynesian economic theories fail is that they don’t account for the faults of the human mind. They assume that the privileged few who rule are without corrupt intentions. Unfortunately, those who crave power are often prone to corruption. They might start off with good intentions, but the job and temptations often ruin their minds. That’s why term limits are so important.

What is terrifyingly obvious once a little investigation is applied to school systems is that superintendents as a group seem prone to fill empty aspects of their lives with the value of money. That’s where Keynes fails as an economist, it does not account for corruption and failures of the human heart.

In the story with Doc, we discussed how Lakota wanted to hire a superintendent at 300K per year, and the arguments are that Lakota is a massive school with a lot of students and that’s what a position with such responsibility merits. Well, traditionally, the President of the United States is the highest-paid public employee. President Obama currently earns $400,000 per year, along with a $150,000 expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment. The most recent raise in salary was approved by Congress and President Bill Clinton in 1999 and went into effect in 2001; prior to the change, the President earned $200,000, plus expense accounts. By the time you add up the car allowances of superintendents and all other benefits, they are getting paid too close to what the President of the United States is making for running the whole nation, not just a school district. So this gives some idea how far off base these numbers are for pay scales.

That’s why S.B.5 is important. It will allow communities to bring these types of corrupt costs under control and create a pay scale the tax payers can deal with. This is also why those people looking to repeal the law want to do so, because they seek to continue the theft they have been conducting on us for years. They want the spoils system of education to continue even when it’s obvious that the system is bankrupting itself just like every Keynesian theory does.

I am proud that WLW has covered this issue, and have done so boldly for quite some time. It also gives me great pleasure to know that these education stories are now being covered by television. To learn more, get ready for the I-Team report by Brendan Keefe on Monday, May 9, 2011 on Channel 9 at 6 PM. It will open your eyes, and close your wallet and teach you things you never thought were possible from the people we entrust with our children’s lives.

Rich Hoffman