Lebanon and Little Miami School Levy Defeats: GREAT JOB!

Congratulations those of you that voted down your school levy issues. To the rest of you that voted in favor of them……………you…………….are……………STUPID!

Here are the immediate articles from the Pulse Journal talking about the two big levy issues of Lebanon and Little Miami fresh off the defeat announcements.


Lebanon voters reject school tax proposal

By Richard Wilson, Staff Writer Updated 10:23 PM Tuesday, May 3, 2011
LEBANON – Voters soundly rejected a proposed tax to support Lebanon schools Tuesday, forcing officials to consider laying off teachers and cutting services.

With 100 percent of precincts counted, the numbers show 4,105 voters, or 56 percent, voted against the levy, while 3,202 voters, or 44 percent, were for it, according to final, unofficial results from the Warren County Board of Elections.

The defeat means the district could return to the ballot later this year with a similar proposal. If no new revenue is approved for next year, officials will be looking at cutting $6.5 million out of the district’s annual $44 million budget.

“We just lost by a pretty good margin. The results speak clearly. We have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Lebanon schools Superintendent Mark North.

As part of the defeated tax proposal, the district planned to make permanent annual cuts to the budget of $500,000, effective next school year. North said those cuts, primarily classroom teaching positions being eliminated through attrition, will still be made.

North said he and Treasurer Eric Sotzing have already recommended to the board to return to the ballot if the levy was rejected. North said Tuesday’s results did not change that recommendation.

“We can’t keep a district operating with cuts that would amount to $6.5 million,” he said.
Lebanon schools is not far behind what led to the demise of its neighbor, Little Miami schools, which is in state receivership because of an annual deficit of millions of dollars. Lebanon schools is projected to run out of cash reserves and be operating at a deficit by 2013.

That’s a scary thought for many voters, like Bryan Pennix, a district parent who is a teacher at Blanchester schools.
“I’d like for the schools not to go in the toilet,” Pennix said after exiting the polls. “If Little Miami folds, Blanchester will have to absorb some of those students. I’d hate for Lebanon to head down that path. I think the no voters are shortsighted on what that could do to a community.”

After exiting the polls at the Praise and Worship Center on Miller Road, Gary Conger of Lebanon said he voted against the proposal. He said school salaries are too high and district leaders have shown poor fiscal management.
“They need to work with the funds they got. The administrators are making too much money,” he said.

Voters narrowly defeat Little Miami levy

By Richard Wilson, Staff Writer Updated 9:50 PM Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HAMILTON TWP. — Voters narrowly rejected Issue 2 – a five year, 13.95-mill operating levy to support the Little Miami Local School District, according to early, unofficial results from the Warren County Board of Elections.

With 100 percent of precincts counted, the preliminary numbers show 51 percent voted against the levy, while 49 percent voted in favor of it.

The levy would have enabled the district to resolve its debt, balance the budget and eventually emerge from state receivership. Additional taxes would be necessary to bring back eliminated staff positions, reduced services, like high school busing, or to reopen any of three shuttered elementary buildings, school officials have said.

The school district has been forced by the state oversight commission to reduce services and staffing to state operating standards, amounting to more than $8 million being cut from the annual budget since 2008. Tuesday’s results mean the district has experienced its eighth consecutive defeat of a proposed new tax. The district is likely to return to the ballot later this year, as the key factor determining Little Miami’s future is getting a levy approved, according to the state commission’s financial recovery plan.


So, what’s next? Two things, School Choice would help Little Miami. And S.B.5 would help both of these schools bring their costs down. Until they use those tools and stop being pawns to union interest that reflect LBJ’s Great Society from the 60’s, the school levy issues need to fail.

And for those of you that worked hard to beat those levy attempts, here is the battle song that we started with! ENJOY!!

Rich Hoffman


17 thoughts on “Lebanon and Little Miami School Levy Defeats: GREAT JOB!

  1. Victory belongs to Lebanon, Little Miami, West Cleremont, Batavia, and the rest that know if you vote more taxation…of any kind…you are stupid.
    But the men behind the curtain will be relentless and I see want to lay down another one yet this year here in Lebanon. Stupid and a bad move. They really are so out of touch it boggles the mind. The class size and home values argument is just lame. We moved here from West Chester because of taxes. Period. Raising them is the hinderence of buying or selling, not value.
    So I guess Mr. North… people really can’t put food on the table or pay for their medication as you said. They took your advise and voted no..that won’t change in August or November.


  2. Actually, the STUPID ones are you who voted down the Little Miami levy. Your district has to borrow money from the state, which YOU will have to repay. And if the school district disolves YOU will be placed in a surrounding district like Kings, or Loveland with out YOUR consent. You see they won’t ask YOU. The result will be YOU will owe the borrowed tax money PLUS the taxes from the new district. Guess what brainiac, have fun paying BOTH taxes when the time comes. And, oh by the way thanks for voting no because while your property values plummet off the cliff, mine here in Loveland are through the roof and I CAN sell my home. Choosing to save a few hundred bucks while peeling THOUSANDS off your property values just doesn’t add up.


    1. Attaching property value to a school system is like saying you should live with cancer because it’s attached itself to your body.

      You cannot endorse bad behavior for your own selfish reasons of protecting property value that should be of enough value to stand on it’s own, and not attached to the political machine of education. We will have to break from that mentality soon.

      They won’t be able to move students to another district because those districts are broke too.

      Don’t be such a scaredy cat.



    2. By the way, here are the numbers from yesterday. These are the titles of my articles and the number of hits for each. This is just one day. There are on average about 2000 to 3000 per week on average.

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      1. So what,

        We already know there are 148 more selfish fools like yourself in Little Miami than intelligent thinkers. Just keep on banging your head against that post Rich, the hammer will fall. Maybe by that time your school district will owe 10, 20, 30 million on top of the taxes you’ll have to pay wherever new district you get rolled into.


      2. Now there you went and did it, you crossed the line. I can call you names too, like stupid, loser, mindless follower, blind idiot, but I won’t. Intelligent thinker? Now that’s a great comment. You think that your money truely finds its way to a child. Selfish? That is the last name calling refuge of a person that believes their own lies.

        And Guess what? The reason I’m doing all this now is because I won’t be paying those taxes you’re talking about while districts and politicians continue to rack up the bill when I said not to. I’d rather fight now with words than with other things later. But I won’t pay more taxes to cover the foolish thoughts of those you chose to support.

        And when I bang my head against something it breaks. And if it’s harder than my head, I’ll find another way. But I don’t continue to do the same stupid thing again and again, “banging my head against a post” as you put it.


  3. Gee Rich aren’t these your words?

    “You cannot endorse bad behavior for your own selfish reasons of protecting property value that should be of enough value to stand on it’s own, and not attached to the political machine of education. We will have to break from that mentality soon.”

    Hmmm….I see the word SELFISH in there.


    1. Selfish in that reference is toward those that would endorse bad policy just to protect their property value by some emotional value, and not the value of the property itself. How does that make me selfish, because I don’t place the value of my property in the hands of a school board, or even a local trustee? The term selfish was in reference to those who think the way you do.

      The name calling started in your first post, “brianiac,” “stupid,” and that kind of thing, so you set the pace. And you are asking people like me, to pay more taxes for something we don’t believe in, and then you have the audacity to call me selfish? That’s perposterous and misplaced.


  4. I see your continuation levy passed in Loveland Brian.
    Here’s a heads up…we did that last November and 3 months later, here we are. Did you look at the lebanonschoolfacts.com site? Are you so bitter and angry that the sheer amount of monies rolling out to salaries, benefits and pensions, and lets not forget double dipping, just eludes you? Or is it because you do see the numbers that you’re angry? We KNOW why we are. When is enough..enough? We have a massive problem in Ohio (and other states) that just can’t continue. The message was sent, and don’t be surprised if the next time Loveland gets on board, the result is the same as ours. Fantastic your home is “through the roof”, funny since the housing market is trashed far beyond the school issue. I bet we talk sooner than not. Let’s see if Loveland can maintain with what they got…Then we’ll see who’s selfish.


  5. Aren’t these the words of your boy Doc Thompson?

    Congratulations those of you that voted down your school levy issues. To the rest of you that voted in favor of them……………you…………….are……………STUPID!

    I guess it’s only name calling when it hurts YOUR feelings, huh.


    1. No, you couldn’t hurt my feelings. I’m just making sure you understand the form of word play you opened yourself up to, that you set the stage.

      Actually those are the words of Darryl Parks. Doc just decided that nothing else fit, even though he had thought about it at great length.

      I have no problem calling people names and meeting them on any terms they wish. In a debate I’m respectful till some fool crosses the line and I was just making sure you understood that you crossed it….punk.


      1. I really don’t think that you understand what you are talking about. I “get” that there is a lot of money that goes into school administrator’s hands, and I am absolutely NOT in favor of that. But to say that the solvency of a school district does not affect home values is foolish. While it may not affect what a house appraises or assesses for, it absolutely affects what someone will pay for it, and the real estate comps reflect that.

        Here are some facts about what has been cut out of the programs for our kids based on the Little Miami financial situation.

        The only foreign language that is offered is 2 years of Spanish. Do you know that most Ivy League and top tier colleges only accept kids with 4 years of a language? How is that acceptable?

        There is no gifted program, AP programs are being cut, and the honors program is a joke. Not to mention just about every sports or club event is pay to play. I don’t believe that you have a child in the program, and I also don’t think for a second that you hold education in a high regard. The fact of the matter is that we voted in a Levy for more police in Hamilton Township only to have a police car permanently parked off of Zoar Road, but we can’t vote in a levy for our kids education.

        Hopefully it passes tonight, it is long overdue


  6. Yes,
    We do need a school board here who is responsible. There were elections for that as well tonight. Voting down a levy is not the way to a new school board though, and it is irresponsible to think that that is the means to the end.


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