23 Years of Marriage: Fighting the Maoists, Marxists, and other parasites that want to undo our flag

I spent my twenties reading Joseph Campbell who was an intellectual very well-respected among virtually everyone no matter what the political affiliation. And after I read every Campbell book, some of them several times, I read his autobiography by Stephen and Robin Larsen called A Fire in the Mind, The Life of Joseph Campbell and I remembered with some surprise the quote from that book on page 466 paragraph 3, “Campbell believed in a great revolution of the spirit, and deplored the authority figures of the world who sought to keep human-kind in line. While he seemed to be siding with the powers that be, on the other hand he felt that the revolution of the Marxists and the Maoists was no real revolution but only the triumph of a new kind of collectivism, perhaps even worse than the old religious orthodoxies, because it had totally repudiated the spiritual element—and even worse, the celebration of individuality.” That comment came on March 10th in 1969. It made Campbell very upset that many of his students at Sara Lawrence College were missing class to protest the war and that is the context of his comments.

Well, those Marxists and Maoists that were skipping Joseph Campbell’s class are now the old hippies and idealists that are in public office now. In 1979 lobbyists committed to the 10 Planks of Communism finally convinced Jimmy Carter to begin a Department of Education founded by those Maoists and Marxists types and since then they have penetrated our schools with the ideology of collectivism instead of actual fundamental education. It was during this period that the United States went from ranking second in education to other countries to fourteenth in the 1990’s just 15 years after the start of The Department of Education. That’s quite a sharp decline.

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary with my wife. She knows what to give me, a guy that reads and writes continuously while watching the news and cutting hours of radio broadcasts into digestible bits so people who miss valuable information can hear them at their convenience. So she made me an American flag blanket which she gave me this morning.

She and I have fought through a lot to arrive at 23 years of marriage and we know what it takes to pull up the boot straps and accomplish a task. We’ve raised a couple of kids along the way and went on countless adventures. And it gives me great pride to look at each stitch on that blanket and think of the countless hours of quality she poured into it.

Those disgusting old hippies, goons, freaks, losers, Marxists, Maoists and thieving intellectuals that wish they encompassed just a fraction of the mind of someone like Joseph Campbell are now taking our nation on a path as seen in this chart by David Murrain, and this is something I take very personal, because it’s my country they’re attacking, and have been for a long time.

You can see more from the work of David Murrain at this link.
Who is David Murrain, check him out here:

Here is another bit from David on the devaluation of American currency.

The solution I see, as opposed to open warfare, is a candidate in 2012 that will punch hard those Marxists and Maoists that have entrenched themselves in our economy, our education, our politics at every level, our media, virtually everywhere. The next president will have to be combative, articulate, and a creator of magnificent proportions if we hope to avoid the decline of the over-extension portion of that chart, because Obama and his gang of Marxists and Maoists are taking us to an end quickly.

I agree with the Bull Dog from 700 WLW that Donald Trump is the kind of guy that can level out that curve. He may not be the guy everyone loves, but we need a media equivalent to the Marxists, Socialists, Maoists, radical extremists, union interests composed of the same elements, that are embedded in our culture and it will take someone like Trump to do it. If someone comes up with better candidate, fine, but the Bull Dog articulates the problem very well in this bit.

. To repair the nation it will take each and every person that makes up that nation to do their part, be good individuals and work toward the goal of renewal, and we’ll do it one stitch at a time, or one word at a time, but we will get there because I have committed myself to as much in this next phase of my marriage. That’s why my wife gave me that gift, to show her support of my effort.

Rich Hoffman